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February Stickers!

February Stickers!

Feb 11, 2021

Hello!! I'm sure most of you saw on discord but I want to make sure to post all stickers here as well!!

Here is February's physical/shipped sticker! Arcadia with a cute flower crown!

And here is the sketch for February's digital ych sticker! <3 Heart for valentines!

And I did already finish one sticker, this one is for @hyenya!

If you want these stickers there is still time to sign up ! As long as you sign up during February you can get them! <3

Thank you for your support!


PS I want to expand the kinds of stickers I do! So i'm going to start making some anime character stickers too! If you've signed up for a physical sticker and would prefer the month's anime sticker just let me know! Or if you have suggestions for future anime characters!!

Here is this month's anime sticker, Azuki from Nekopara! If you want this instead of the flower crown Arcadia, just let me know! Or if you want this one in addition just add $5 to your monthly pledge / buy me a riceball! And you'll get MOAR STICKER!!!!

side note: I will be selling extras of these on my etsy if you want them later!

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