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The Closing of the Window, My Nana's Fig ...

The Closing of the Window, My Nana's Fight with Alzheimer's Disease | Alzheimer's Awarenes

Nov 08, 2022

Originally posted to my YouTube Channel in 2019...

The Closing of the Window, My Nana's Fight with Alzheimer's Disease | Alzheimer's Awareness Month

 📝 In my second semester in college, I wrote a paper for my ENGL 1302 class about my Nana and her battle with Alzheimer's. I knew a little bit about it while she was dealing with the disease but since I was only 14 years old when she passed away, I didn't know what could have caused it. I threw myself into this paper and almost didn't think of anything else for weeks and weeks. Teepa Snow and her videos helped me understand the disease and were a great resource for this project I'm sharing with the world.

📌 My Nana was my Nana. She was fierce. She was smart. She was brave. But even with all of her amazing qualities, Alzheimer's Disease still found a way to steal her from us like chiseling at the stone, taking her piece by piece until she was a shell of the person she once was. In this video, I talk about what I believe could have caused her dementia, some of the early signs she had, and how my family handled taking care of her.
📌 My hope for this video is to just share my Nana's story -- along with my Granny's as she had vascular dementia, which is talked about in the video -- and raise awareness so that there could one day be a cure.

🎶Music -- the YouTube Audio Library🎶

Remember Me -- JR Tundra
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Family Album -- Magic in the Other
Mother's Son -- Topher Mohr & Alex Elena

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