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Gabriel Henrique | When You Believe -- A ...

Gabriel Henrique | When You Believe -- Another Video is Blocked

Dec 12, 2022

So, remember how I made a video of Gabriel Henrique singing "When You Believe" and I deleted the original reaction?

I re-reacted to it (something I don't EVER do) and SBT blocked it... I thought, no big deal, they always block reaction videos but they USUALLY release them.

For some reason, they didn't want to let this one go, so I mention in a future video that if they decide to not release the video then I will be posting it here FREE for you to view.

I downloaded the Portuguese srt. file so I could add in subtitles. I also lowered the "supporter" amount to $1 if anyone wanted to contribute to the channel -- don't feel obligated to, but I did this for when my BTS video got taken down too, plus if you become a supporter, you'll be able to see all of the blocked videos and any bonus content that I post here.

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