✏️ Copywriting at Social Media

✏️ Copywriting at Social Media

Mar 14, 2022

Summary of my lecture on copywriting at Social Media

Level: basic +

Copywriting rules:

#1. Simply but… write short.

The main task of copywriting is to convey the key message to the target audience. Do this, do not overload the texts unnecessarily.

There is statistically confirmed data that:

✏️ a sentence of 8 words is perceived by the reader 100%;

✏️ 8-14 words are perceived by 90%;

✏️ 40 and more words - only 10%

#2. Raise the problem and solve it.

«How to write a catchy text? The text should affect the target, not the people, in a vacuum. Therefore, the correct answer lies in the interests of the audience. So, first, ask yourself what interests have those who read you.»

That's so simple ⬆️⬆️

«How to be remarkable in the Instagram news feed? Stand out. This is key. Tons and tons of content have flooded users' devices. We need to create visible content.»

And so it is also possible ⬆️⬆️

First, the headline that raised the issue can capture the audience's attention.

Secondly, we motivate the reader to seek answers to questions subconsciously. If our views do not agree, the user will be able to communicate with us in addition.

Third, the declarative tone of the voice is dull, like a purchased third-year student. We can do better.

#3. Use facts. Fact is a powerful (I would say the only) tool of persuasion.

Try to base your statements on the facts supported by the source. It can be a study, an article, an interview, any evidence base of your statements.

But if you summarize the essential data concisely and efficiently, the text becomes easier to understand without losing the essence. In addition, the facts can be diluted by your attitude. In this way, the text acquires additional value, not just rewriting the fact but also your opinion.

#4. Format the text. Or do not write anything.

Okay, you can be a lousy copywriter, but you can't be a bad user of social media and the phone (laptop) if you want these social media have brought you a profit.

Common mistakes through do's and don'ts:

🚫 Excessive advertising ✅ Insights:

⚠️ «Have you always dreamed of the perfect make-up in 5 minutes?»

Nobody dreams about it every day. Look for real insights and «dreams» of the audience.

🚫 Clichés and stamps ✅ Insights:

⚠️ «Perfect makeup», «Dream work in the heart of the city.»

➡️ «Do you want to build your own business and gain financial independence?», «Beauty product at an affordable price for you»

🚫 Wishy-Washy text ✅ Specifics, pieces of evidence, sources

⚠️ «Unsurpassed, unique, innovative lipstick.» 

What is the real advantage of the product for your client?

🚫 Notations ✅ Personal experience and storytelling

⚠️ «Today, I will teach you how to avoid the common mistakes of a novice entrepreneur.»

➡️ «I started my career in the company 20 years ago. Of course, there were mistakes and fuckups. Looking back on this experience, I came up with a list of do’s and don'ts that will be useful to beginners:...»

🚫 Grammar mistakes ✅ Enabled auto-correction

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This short tutorial can help improve your texts a bit. I hope it was helpful and you will come back for new material.

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