Helping Out on the Zoom Community

Helping Out on the Zoom Community

Jul 16, 2022

With my "consulting/business" hat on, I'm a solo Zoom event producer, primarily for non-profit organizations and small businesses. I'm "semi-retired" so I'm not working full time, nor do I need a steady huge income stream to feed a family or pursue any expensive hobbies or anything. I do this mostly because I like to help people.

Since early 2022 I've been trying to spend some time each day helping people out on the Zoom Community, and while it's fun and rewarding helping people, the real bonus is that I learn so much each and every day, researching Zoom Support articles, trying things out in my "Zoom lab", and thinking through things I never thought of doing before.

If you've got a Zoom question, you've come to the right place. I don't require any payment for most of my "helpful work", I do charge to facilitate and produce events.

Some folks that I help have asked if they can pay me somehow for my helpful efforts. That's where BuyMeACoffee comes in. It's an easy way for you to send a few bucks my way -- if the spirit moves you. I do enjoy your kind words of appreciation the most, but I do also thank you if you are able to drop a few dollars in the bucket. Usually I put the money toward some additional gear for the office, which ultimately helps me help you better.

Thanks for trusting me to help you.

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