Oct 14, 2023

How dare you treat me like I'm some kind of scam artist showing off in a high-end car when I hardly make enough to even own a box of rice every month! How dare you not provide valuable support when I provide content for you that's not funded and pushed by these Globocommies, while you waste all of your hard-earned money on their woke "current day" slop just to complain about it on social media! And how you've treated your own kids on and off social media... Let's just say it boils my blood to no end. I've grown disgusted with how you've weaponized children to stifle constructive progression on technology and imprisoned the creativity of my fellow artists, authors, and musicians with your double standards while you allowed children to get raped EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY!

Yet you want to get artists banned just for drawing fictional underage characters engaged in various activities that you don't approve of, yet you force all of these PERVERTS in front of their faces and have the FUCKING NERVE to tell them that this behavior is something that they should aspire to be!? You would rather shut down video games for being violent and outlaw access to weapons and firearms to citizens who just wanted to defend themselves, their friends, and their FUCKING families, instead of addressing these mass shootings that the cops take too FUCKING LONG to respond to and arresting the good man/woman who utilizes the needed firepower to put a stop to that FUCKING MASSACRE! Making content for you ingrates is a job for these artists, authors, musicians, journalists, and content creators. Instead of providing a tip or a small subscription in exchange for the goods and services THEY BUSTED THEIR GODDAMN ASSES AND BRAIN CELLS to provide, you rather tell them they should get a "real job" working for these murderous corporations! You pieces of shit are RACISTS, MISANDRISTS, HEARTLESS, CENSORIOUS... The way you prioritize the false safety of fictional children over the real safety of the kids that get kidnapped and pimped out by these pedophiles EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY makes my spirit want to vomit all over your deceitful faces! The way you treat women who identify as women and men who identify as men and want to guard children who want nothing to do with this trans fuckery is a DISGRACE!

You won't help your peers prepare for decade-long crises when they have the instinctual need to do so; You don't want to fund small businesses; You treat almost every legitimate fundraiser made by those who hardly have any money like a scam; Instead of doing all of that, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU DO WITH THAT MONEY!? You give it all away to these WEF and UN mobsters who want to kill your asses; steal all of your heirlooms; throw your asses into FEMA camps, rape your wives, husbands, and children; and turn your entire bloodlines into slaves!

What does Bill Gates want you to eat? BUGS! What does George Soros want you to eat? BUGS! What does Ted Turner want you to eat? BUGS! What does Henry Kissinger want you to eat? BUGS! What does Larry Fink want you to eat? BUGS! What does Yuval Harari want you to eat? BUGS! What does Klaus Schwab want you to eat? BUGS! What do all of these hypocritical, totalitarian, sociopathic, murderous bastards what everyone below their asses to eat? FUCKING BUGS!!

I'VE HAD IT WITH THIS SHIT! This rant wasn't aimed at those who contribute their coins to at least one independent artist. I understand that you guys are having a hard time trying to keep yourselves above the water when it comes to paying your bills and preparing your families for the Hellstorm that's coming toward all of us, so this rant isn't aimed at you guys either. But to those ungrateful bastards, I just went the fuck off on... FUCK ALL OF Y'ALL!

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