The Psychopathic World

The Psychopathic World

Aug 19, 2023

This psychopathic world needs to come to an end.

The globocommunists have polluted the air, and poisoned the food and water.

They’ve massacred the animals and burned down our forests, homes, and crops to control humanity.

They’ve perverted our free-market economies in replaced them with centrally controlled economies.

They’ve morphed our education into immoral indoctrination and distorted the difference between fiction and reality until both worlds are controlled by them.

They’ve corrupted our political systems and emergency services and got them to push their agendas and reward the compliant and the evil ones, while the non-compliant, the innocent, and the virtuous suffer.

They’ve tainted our media by brainwashing the masses instead of informing and entertaining them.

They’ve shoved medications and medical procedures down our throats that worsen our conditions instead of aiding us in confronting the real source of our problems.

They’ve discouraged to prevent us from expressing ourselves in any method we want to while encouraging the regurgitation of their worldview.

They’ve deceived us into believing that the economy is going great, all while inflating our currencies to death and devaluing all investment vehicles that were established in the modern age.

They’re pushing us to fight each other over the lesser of two evils, and blind us to the evils both sides are collaborating on with the globocommunists.

So what can we do to weather this storm?

There’s only one solution I know…

That’s to start forming survival budgets that include everything we need for the next decade or four to maintain our standard of living and sever our dependencies on their Beast System for ANYTHING we want or need.

Then afterward, we should pool our monetary resources and spend them according to our proposed budgets and then form an economy that utilizes the object that has maintained its value ever since the dawn of society: precious metals.

If we are to utilize cryptocurrencies, then we must produce self-reliant energy sources to secure our independence that way the crypto economy can separate itself from the globocommunist grid and guarantee its protection from centralized manipulation.

Some people believe that becoming a nomad when the World Goes to Hell will be difficult, but difficult paths need to be taken to develop this parallel economy and keep it running while the old economy collapses.

Others believe that growing and raising our own food and medical sources when the Shit Hits the Fan will be difficult, but homesteaders will be a necessity to feed those who choose to stay on the nomadic path and raise the livestock the nomads bring to them.

The costs are simply too high to isolate each other in small communities, however, an entire network of them independent of the Beast's grid is far more rewarding than permanent isolation.

Simply put, we all will have to play a role in a new parallel economy that truly values the libertarian free market and free enterprise instead of the manipulated totalitarian perversions.

Some will educate future generations on the values of the parallel economy, while others entertain to keep the morale high.

Some will manufacture the weapons, armor, tools, and components that are going to be needed to build, maintain and defend this parallel economy.

After we establish this economy, we’re gonna have to defend it at all costs from all of their attacks because evil will not go down without a fight and evil will not destroy itself.

In order to bring this psychopathic world to an end, we need to bring forth a new freer one while the old one burns to ashes.

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