Jian Chuan

Feb 06, 2023

Jian Chuan (Chinese Literal Translation: Sword Fist) is a fabled fighting style that originated in Tibet. It was developed by the ancient Wushu prodigy Kai Jian who taught his sons and grandsons the art to help defend themselves and their hometown from outside and inside threats. Practitioners of the art use their spiritual minds to either restrain themselves from injuring their opponents or unleash their full potential to dismember their assailants. The Kai family were the sole practitioners of Jian Chuan until 2030 when Kai Zhu passed on the art to a Norse orphan boy named Brynjar who became known as the Tyr of Jian Chuan after defending his adoptive father from a corrupt military platoon that attempted to raid and plunder the Kai Estate under false pretenses of Child Sex Trafficking. Realizing the importance of the civilian population to defend themselves, Brynjar has dedicated his adult, middle-aged, and elderly life to passing on the teachings of Jian Chuan to the generations that would eventually succeed him. Some of his notable students include Neo-Los Angeles Police Detective Melissa Cortez, the aspiring Tommy Xao, and his own son Bjorn who left his training hall in pursuit of his native heritage. As Brynjar begins to age, he seeks his son, Bjorn to become the next Tyr of Jian Chuan before he eventually dies of old age.

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