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I'm Coming Back

I'm Coming Back

Jul 06, 2023

Hello, internet friends and CROpod loyalists. I figured after my months of hibernation and fruitless attempts to help people who cannot be helped, I might as well get back to doing what I actually enjoy: talking into microphones with good people and writing things all for the good people like yourselves to consume.

It's been a hectic nine months or so here on the banks of the Rock River, most of which I'd like to have back. This will all make for interesting fodder on the CROpod once I get back up and running, but in the interim, I plan on getting back on the keyboard as I plan out exactly what I want to do with the show. Obviously, the pod was humming along in the summer and autumn of 2022 prior to my throwing all my time and effort into an industry that has sucked energy from me at a relentless pace. Don't work in bars, folks. (Sorry, Marshall.)

By and large, the show(s) will return much the same. At least that is my current plan. I would like some input from longtime listeners and supporters though, and to that end invite you to let me know what you want when I get back to full speed here. I'm aware that a number of episodes of the show were scrubbed by Spotify following their new music industry agreements coming into effect at the beginning of 2023, so my first step will be to figure out what all is missing and returning them to the archives (in particular, any special series shows like the Watergate serial or the Rangers in North America spots). And I'm gonna dig through the archives to get a few things out there as I get back to a point where I can fly out regular episodes.

So yeah, hi again. Leave a comment below if you've got some ideas or shoot me an email: [email protected]. Talk soon.


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