Octopus Movement Method

Octopus Movement Method

Jan 18, 2022

  1. Core Practice: Develop strength, protecting joints, and improving basic mobility. (You need a proper foundation to move well)

  2. Isolation (Words) - Learning basic movement patterns (Rolling, Crawling, Flow work, inversions, Squat, 90/90)

  3. Integration (Sentences) - Integration builds on the physical preparation from isolation training. Pre-planned movement sequences make up part of the Integration phase. A squat, is no longer just a squat. A squat fuses itself into a seamless flow with another movement pattern, with no gaps between the two.

  4. Improvisation - Improvisation is the combination of isolation and integration. You're essentially making it up as you go, or "nuturally flowing". You have the words, you can put them into sentences now you are freely writing, whatever comes into your head. 

Note: To be completely transparent with you - I did not invent anything new here :) I guess this method comes from the world of dance, but we movers mostly know it from Ido Portal.

(source: http://bit.ly/3iMethod)

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