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Sabre Trading Group Trading Results 1/13 ...

Sabre Trading Group Trading Results 1/13/2021

Jan 15, 2021

Hello Traders! We had a great morning session yesterday where EVERY ONE of our trades hit with a WIN! On the 1 Hour charts our crew went through all our currency pairs that we track during our 2-hour sessions, and together we were able to map out with 4 trading opportunities based on our 3-part analysis of Formation, Location, and Destination.

Every trade was set with a pre-determined 3R profit, so if you were to have had 4 winning 3R trades in a row and you followed the 1% Rule as outlined in my Trade Like a Pirate article, that would result in a 12.5% gain in our accounts for the day... (not too shabby!) So if you took these trades on a $10K account, that was potentially $1,250 for the day!

I'm very proud of our crew as some of these trades were a team effort, as 2 of our Crew had already identified 2 of these trades in their own analysis.

If you aren't part of a trading group, or want to learn trading in general, I would welcome you to join our Crew at!

I've posted screenshots of our trades from our Monday session below... (and yes, I'm really digging the new TradingView Signpost tool!) :-)

Trade well! Let's have an AWESOME 2021! For our Crew, I'll See you on tomorrow's session...



EURJPY with a 3R Profit (back to back with a 3R profit from our Monday Session!)


EURCHF with another 3R profit, back to back from our session on 3/8


AUDUSD, 3R Profit


GBPCHF, 3R Profit

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