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Official launch !

Official launch !

Nov 07, 2022

This is it, my new support page is online, along with others improvements !

You'll find here the same things you've found earlier with tipeee but with some twists :

  • You can support me ponctually without creating any account. 🤩

  • You can choose a monthly membership which will give you access to special advantages like reductions, freebies, special stream access and more. And if you prefer a yearly subscription, it's ok, you can. 😁

  • Even if you can't support me, please follow me, this way you'll be notified of each news, illustrations and post here. A great way for me to communicate with all of you easilly ! 🥰

I'll probably add more and more stuffs as I'll use this plateform, but I hope you're as thrilled as me !

About other major improvements :

  • an online commission page is officially launched too : Artistree. And guess what ? This plateform will plant a tree for each order you'll make using it. 🌍

  • my EU webshop is updated with lots and lots of new stuff, stocks up to date, and more surprises, like a Spreadshirt section where you'll find clothes and other goods I can't produce by myself. The Spreadshirt section will be updated this week.👕

  • my worldwide society6 account will be updated too this week.📣

  • The streams will resume shortly this week too !🎞

Hope you'll love it as much as I do, I'm thrilled to know your thoughts about all the changes and improvements !

See you soon, my little Mydrians ! 🖤🧡

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