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I don't smoke cigarettes...

I don't smoke cigarettes...

Mar 19, 2024

Why is this a dream I had? It started with one, then I had no problem having another, then another... before you know it, I was a full fledged chain smoker with a raspy voice.

What the fuck?

Then the next dream I was "settling" with girls that I knew I wasn't attracted to. But hey, the sex was good.

Also - what the fuck?

No clue what these mean, but we can derive a few things from them...
First, we are not our dreams. These fantasies come and go, they are not reality. Reality is our choices and what we make of them. I can choose to pick up a pack of Marlboro reds and start puffing while picking up some bar flies from the local watering hole, but I don't. I choose to aim up. I choose to follow my moral compass and obey my health.
Secondly, just as we choose to chase our dreams, we can easily choose to fall victim to our nightmares. Temptation sits around each and every corner. It is our job to neglect it and stay focused on the task at hand... whatever that may be for you. You choose what to give power to.
Lastly, we can laugh at this shit. It's a couple dreams that probably had something to do with me noticing the price of cigarettes is absurdly high and scrolling through too many dating apps. Now my mind is working to take some of the information and put some in the long-term memory banks and throw out the rest. Not everything is some "message from the universe." We're all going to die one day, make the most of this life and laugh at the absurd... because it's fucking absurd. Nothing more.

Dreams, nightmares, just general "thoughts" are just that... they are thoughts. These thoughts can be energies we've picked up from our day to day, it can be our creative mind interpreting something from our own perspective, or it could be genius. Regardless, these thoughts are nothing more than fleeting images/ideas until they are put into action. Do we really think that Rob Zombie is as sadistic as his movies are? From people that have met him, he is one of the friendliest humans in existence. His movies will haunt my dreams for years to come and leave my bed urine-soaked... but they are just that - movies. His thoughts never became action, just film. He took some of the absurd and, being aware enough to recognize its' absurdity, made movies about it. Subsequently, his hauntings helped make him a millionaire.

Taking your thoughts and creating action are what make your dreams tangible. Just like being a chain smoker, I could decide to zone in on writing more consistently to travel the world and document it. Just like choosing to become a victim of temptation, I could also choose to fall victim to discipline and become something greater of myself. We all make choices. Choose to feel the pain of discipline or temptation and regret. I choose to show up every day and do the work... I hope you do the same. Listen to all those dreams and nightmares, but remember... YOU choose what becomes reality. The universe/Tao/higher power may present us with forks in the road, but YOU choose to go left or right... and live with the consequences. Take the left and you're a millionaire, go right and you're a serial killer. Doing either is better than doing nothing. Well... kind of.

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