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Wild Young season 2

Wild Young season 2

Jul 05, 2023

. Plot

“Age 17 is when someone taught me how painful life really is, and when I learned how warm friendship is.”

Duy Khai and Vu Lam have dated for a year… The love of youth always goes with sexual relations, Khai and Lam are no exception, the two always give each other sweet kisses, hours of burning make-love… Because he wanted to keep those moments, Khai always came back by phone to make memories.

The night before the exam and the morning before the exam, Khai was controlled by his stepmother (Mrs. Trang), forcing him to have sex, making Khai's spirit unstable, confused, made it impossible for him to concentrate on the test, leading to his test results not exceeding the average. Because of understanding the mentality of rich people that always pay attention to achievements. The vice-principal (Mr. Hiep) took advantage of this to threaten and force Khai to spoil him, the score would be adjusted according to Khai's wishes.

In this world, Khai is not afraid of anyone, except his father (Mr. Ly). And the person being bullied threatens others - if Lam doesn't help Khai pamper Mr. Hiep, the video of the two having sex will be spread on social networks. Lam disagreed, Khai fell into a deadlock, he knew what he wanted was wrong, so he asked Lam out to apologize. At the same time, he confessed to his father… The plan was unsuccessful because before he could do anything, Khai was stopped by Mrs. Trang and forced to have sex. Right after that, it was also Mrs. Trang who faked Khai texting to cancel the appointment and because Lam was so angry, Lam went to school to find Khai to talk about it. Because of this action, Lam was raped and raped by Mr. Hiep at the school and died soon after.

To be continued...

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