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Takapu Photos from Muriwai

Takapu Photos from Muriwai

Jun 20, 2022

One of the photographic genres I used to indulge in, was bird photography. But it is something that takes a lot of time. Birds don't sit around for National Geographic type poses. They move around a lot. They like cover from predators. It also takes long telephoto lenses and these tend to be rather expensive.

With the shift to a mirrorless camera system however, some things have changed. The tracking algorithms on a modern mirrorless camera are much better than the systems I started with. And good, long telephoto lenses can be had for a more economical price. My main telephoto is now the Tamron 150-500mm zoom lens. It's not quite as good as a premium prime lens, but in the right conditions will do almost as well.

So by way of examples, here's a couple of Takapu (Australasian gannet) I photographed while flying at Muriwai.

These can move very quickly and along the cliffs, their speed can abruptly change. They hit an updraft and soar higher, or a head wind and slow down. Nonetheless, I got quite a few hits and keepers with this new system


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