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New flower photos uploaded

New flower photos uploaded

Sep 03, 2021

I have uploaded more flower photos (daffodils, irises and Alstroemeria) to my online flower gallery

These photos are all photographed using image-stacking. I've taken many different photos of the flowers, each with a different region in focus, then stacked and combined them.

This gives the final image much more depth in the flowers, than could be captured in a single photo. I can also use a lens aperture for each shot, that maximises the image quality.

For these photos I'm using a Sony a7Riii camera (42MP fullframe sensor) with a Sigma 70/2.8 ART macro lens. They can if desired, be printed large.

All photos in the gallery can be purchased directly from local printers in N America, Europe (yes, that also means the UK) and Australia. For anyone interested in other regions (included NZ), I can usually find a local printer to instead.

The benefit of using local printers is it saves a massive amount on postage costs, you get the prints much sooner and there's less risk of damage.

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