On Being Multi passionate

On Being Multi passionate

Oct 27, 2021

Being a multi-passionate differ for everyone yet they do run along the same idealogy like there is this time bomb in you with a desire to do something different every now and then sometime, every month sometimes weekly, quarterly or yearly and when you do have that desire you have to abandon the previous thing and start all over again that which can be painful to do.

As a multi-passionate, there is never a size fit all of having a clear path or seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, along this journey I realized that what work for me this month might not work for me next month, yet I found myself writing this post to all the multi-passionate one out there of what I have done to gain a clear path and what am currently doing, therefore; I would be sharing random tips, life struggle and resources that working for me and I know you would also learn from.

My goal is to show you how am working on making novellisteer a reality while interlinking my different idea into one brand, so join me on the website novellisteer.com to read my post, listen to my podcast and work with me.

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