Encyption and Cryptography 101 | TryHack ...

Encyption and Cryptography 101 | TryHackMe Encryption - Crypto 101

Feb 25, 2024

We covered basics of Encryption and Cryptography by answering the questions in TryHackMe Encryption - Crypto 101 under complete beginner pathway.

Cryptography is used to protect confidentiality, ensure integrity, ensure authenticity. You use cryptography every day most likely, and you’re almost certainly reading this now over an encrypted connection.

When logging into TryHackMe, your credentials were sent to the server. These were encrypted, otherwise someone would be able to capture them by snooping on your connection.

When you connect to SSH, your client and the server establish an encrypted tunnel so that no one can snoop on your session.

When you connect to your bank, there’s a certificate that uses cryptography to prove that it is actually your bank rather than a hacker.

When you download a file, how do you check if it downloaded right? You can use cryptography here to verify a checksum of the data.

You rarely have to interact directly with cryptography, but it silently protects almost everything you do digitally.

Full Writeup is here.

Video Walk-through

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