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Medical Marajuana purchased

Medical Marajuana purchased

Nov 05, 2022

Seriously, thank G-d Florida has this program. I did my homework on cannabis. Its much less addictive and toxic to the body than any other pain meds the establishment doles out like candy. I picked up 10 containers of the 1:1 edibles. I cannot smoke because my lung muscles are weak. I wouldnt want to damage my lungs or make my muscles worse. I split the edibles in half also. So I can dose it better for me. I rarely use any of this. The pain has to be enormous. If it doesnt go away, I have a CT scheduled for my lower left side of my back on Tues. Its hard to take a breathe as I am so restricted. The half edible and 1 alleve taken at 6 am has 1/2’d the pain.

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