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My computer is broken!

My computer is broken!

Feb 17, 2021

For about 6 months my computer has been dealing with screen flickering and random shutdowns.

I’d kind of gotten used to it, used various hacky workarounds, and just dealt with the fact that half way through doing anything, my computer will decide to shut down.

All personal tests, as well as Apple Genius diagnostics turned up “no errors” too...

It’s been a frustrating journey and starting last week my computer began shutting down straight after booting up, making any kind of use entirely impossible.

It’s currently at a repair shop where they’re swapping out pieces to find the best solution, but it’s almost definitely a logic board issue.

Expensive enough that it seriously hurts my wallet, but not expensive enough that it warrants a whole new computer. So as I need a computer to work, it’s kind of the only option right now!

Any “film” you might buy at the moment, goes directly to this few-hundred euro repair.

Buy me a logic board 😉

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