Chapter 9 - Tragic Knight and The Shitty ...

Chapter 9 - Tragic Knight and The Shitty Priest

Apr 09, 2022

In the backyard,

Everyone was wearing a tracksuit; Asia and Koneko were wearing bloomers.

Rias swung the bat striking the ball, "Issei, this one is for you!"

Issei raised his hand, taking a few steps, keeping his eye on the ball, "I got it!"

"Nice catch!" Rias shouted when he caught it.

"Asia next is you!" She shouted.

"Uwa! Yeah! I am ready!" She raised her glove, but the ball slipped from beneath her legs.

"It's ok; keep trying!!" Rias shouted in encouragement.

Rias shot another ball, making Decimo take a few steps back, catching the ball, "Got it!"

The training continued for a while before Rias stopped, and everyone went back to the classroom.

But rather than going to the classroom,

Decimo sat against the clubhouse, feeling the grass under his feet and teleporting the book in hand, reading in peace.

When he turned the book's last page, it was already evening. Decimo stood up at the setting sun, going inside the clubroom.

His eyes went around the room, looking at the filled with people, "This is?"

His eyes went to the girl sitting on the sofa even when Akeno was standing.

The girl cleared her throat, "I am Sona Sitri, the student council president. You would know that if you stop skipping school."

Decimo walked near Sona, sniffing, "A devil?"

Sona glared at him, "Yes, I am a devil."

Suddenly, there was a loud interruption, "Huh!!! Why is the student council president a devil!!"

The boy that came with Sona rubbed the back of his head, "Come on, Rias-senpai, did you not tell Hyoudou anything about us?"

Sona glanced back, "Saji, you know we are the school's face; our interaction with them is limited. Hyoudou, Asia, and Decimo had been recently turned; it makes sense that they don't know about us."

Akeno chuckled, "Lady Sona Sitri is the Heir of a high-ranking devil house. The house of Sitri."

Decimo scrutinized Sona Sitri from top to bottom, "Hmm, another Heiress."

Sona gave him a sharp glare, "The house of Sitri was one of the houses that survived the great war. Although the house of Gremory owns the school, the house of Sitri was tasked with being the public face of the school. To maintain the school as the student council."

She glanced back at the boy, "This is Genshirou Saji, a second-year serving as the secretary for the student council and a pawn in Sitri's peerage."

Decimo stopped the introduction, "So, you are here for an introduction?"

Sona stopped turning towards him, "Yes, we thought it was about time to meet. After all, the next week, we have the athlete's meet."

Decimo stood in front of her, staring into her eyes, "Mmm, would you like to spend a night together with me."

Saji looked at him slackjawed, "What the hell do you think you are asking the student council president!!"

Decimo ignored him, watching Sona's eyes close as she said, "No."

Decimo nodded, "I see, maybe some other time."

Saji had a lot to say about it, but Sona glared at him; they greeted others and left.

After she left, Rias stroked his back, "You want her?"

Decimo glanced back, "I guess, maybe a little. But I think I am satisfied with Asia for now; no need to hurry. There is much that I want to do to her."

Rias sighed with a smile, glancing towards Asia with her pure smile on her face, "Oh, I can't wait to see."

At night,

Decimo was sitting in his room, on his study table with his laptop in front of him.

On the laptop screen, moans of Asia resounded. He watched her face while she got double penetrated.

He smiled, seeing her face getting covered in pleasure and guilt.

He was about to post the video online when his fingers stopped.

"Hmm, there's progress." He spoke to himself. He shut the laptop down with a different, much warmer smile.

He walked to his bed, lay down, closing his eyes. It was probably the most peaceful sleep since the day he lost his emotions.

The next morning,

Decimo woke up feeling the sunshine on his face. He was about to turn, but something was in the way. He stopped before he crushed the soft body under his weight.

He glanced down, seeing golden hairs, "Asia?"

Raising her body, the little head moved; Asia rubbed her eyes, "Decimo-sama?"

Decimo smiled, glancing towards her, "Good morning."

Asia fell into his arm, hugging Decimo, "Good morning, Decimo-sama."

A week later,

Decimo was sitting in the rain with his back arched, looking at the dark clouds, "Finally, it's over."

Today was the day that the athlete's meet was.

Rias was fired up for the meet. It was a close match, but Rias's peerage won at the end of the day.

But although they won, something upset Kiba, causing him to wander off alone.

He seemed depressed and confused when he left. Although it didn't matter much, Decimo always knew something was wrong with the boy, a tragic past.

Decimo asked Rias about it once, about Kiba's backstory. But according to her, it wasn't her place to tell.

Even while he peacefully felt the raindrops falling on his face, the sounds of swords clashing entered his ear.

Decimo opened his eyes, glancing in that direction, "Too much to ask for a peaceful rain…."

In the distance,

Kiba defended himself against Freed, who madly slashed the sword at Kiba.

"Yahoo!! Long time no see!! Freed Sellzen is back in the city! Are you wiping tears off our reunion!!"

Kiba glanced towards Freed, but his eyes soon fell on the sword that Freed held, "That sword is!!!"

Freed licked the sword, "How about we test? Which one is better, you Devil sword or my Excalibur?"

Kiba clashed with Freed; after a few hits, his sword broke, but he created a new one with his sacred gear sword birth and clashed again.

Freed laughed crazily, "It seems my Excalibur is stronger!!"

Suddenly, there were sounds of footsteps splashing against the water puddles.

It caused both of them to stop and glance towards where the sound came from.

Kiba widened his eyes, "Decimo?"

Freed looked at him and laughed, "Another one that I can cut!!!"

He sped up, slashing toward unarmed Decimo.

But Decimo kept walking, for a moment,

Freed thought that he got him and blood in the air.

But when the boy's voice came from behind him, it made him look again. There was nothing but fog in front of him.

Decimo stood in front of Kiba, "How are you doing?"

Kiba glared at Freed before bowing, "This is my fight; can you let me deal with it?"

Decimo blinked, walking towards the wall, "Have fun."

Kiba glanced at Decimo sitting against the wall, looking forward to the fight.

Freed used the chance to attack him just when he was distracted, but Kiba blocked it, "I knew someone despicable like you wouldn't let the chance go."

Even though Kiba was acting tough, Decimo could see the cracks in the Devil's sword that he was defending with.

Freed didn't have any style or pattern; he waved the sword around. For someone like Kiba, who trained suitably with the sword, it was something that threw him off guard.

Suddenly, Freed stopped and jumped back, "Hahahaha, it seems like it's time for me to go!! I will see you again!!!"

Once Freed left, Kiba kneeled on the ground, with Decimo looking at him, "that one is obsessed with you?"

The next day,

Decimo was sitting in the clubroom, sitting beside the window open.

He stared out the window, feeling the fresh air hit his face.

It was afternoon when his eyes shook, "Why are they going there?"

Decimo stood up, and a magic circle appeared, teleporting in front of a house.

He walked inside the house, surprising the people there, "Aunt Miki."

Issei's mother glanced behind, "Oh if it's Decimo. It's so nice to see you."

Decimo smiled, glancing toward the two girls sitting with Issei's mother, "I am sorry if I came at the wrong time. It seems you have guests?"

Decimo's eyes went towards the sword wrapped in a cloth behind the two girls and the cross on their necks.

While Decimo was examining them, the door behind him burst open, "Mom!"

Decimo glanced back at the two that entered, "Issei, Asia, the two of you are home." He said with a smile.

Even though the two live in the same building as him, they usually come here to meet Issei's mom and dad. After all, Issei's parents treat Asia like their own child, something that makes Asia happy.

But today, when they were near their home, Issei felt the same dread he had before. From the church, from the cross, and all those things. He and Asia rushed in, scared that some mad exorcist like Freed would come and hurt his family.

"Asia, Issei, you are home." Issei's mom smiled happily, "What with that look?"

Issei looked at everyone with wide eyes, "Decimo? Mom?"

One of the girls stood up, "Hi there, Issei-Kun!"

"Nice to meet you," Issei said with narrowed, sharp eyes that were unlike him.

Decimo wondered if he should be proud that Issei could make a face like that.

"Oh, you don't remember me?"

Issei's mom took out a picture book, showing it to Issei; this girl here, Irina Shidou-chan. She was quite a tomboy as a kid, but she has grown into a lady."

"Huh!!!!! I was so sure you were a boy!" Issei pointed at her as he spoke.

Irina waved her hand, closing one of her eyes, "Well, I guess it can't be helped. I used to play with boys, and I was a trouble-maker. But a lot has happened since I left. It's true; you never know what would happen when people reunite."

Issei was freaking out the more Irina spoke. He was sure that she had figured out his identity. Decimo put his hand on the shoulder just when he shook, "Do not worry. It's fine."

Irina smiled with her hands behind her back, "Don't worry; we are heading out now."

"It's been a while since I have been in Japan, so I got nostalgic. We should go Xenovia."

"Yes," The girl named Xenovia said.

Issei's mother looked disappointed, "Oh, I wish you could have stayed longer."

Irina waved her hands, "Oh, we'll probably be by again at some point. But until then, see you, Issei-Kun."

Once they left, Issei let out a sigh of relief, "Hah, finally, they are gone.…."

"Yes!" Miki hugged Decimo, wrapping her arms around him, "Decimo came to see me?!"

Decimo put his palm on the housewife's ass, even though the two couldn't see, "Yes."

The next day,

Decimo was seated between Akeno and Rias, with Irina and Xenovia sitting in front of them.

The others were standing on the right, near the gate.

Irina was the first to say, "Three of the Excalibur maintained by the church were recently stolen."

Decimo narrowed his eyes, "Multiple Excalibur's? Replica's?"

Irina shook her head, "No, the original Excalibur was broken; seven pieces were used to make seven new Excalibur."

Xenovia removed the cloth from the sword, "This is one of the seven forged, Excalibur Destruction."

Xenovia put back into the cloth, "The catholic church is responsible for this one."

Irina removed a thin cloth band, which turned into a Katana, "This is mine, Excalibur mimic."

Decimo rubbed his chin, "I see, that is very interesting. But they lack what the original had."

"Mm..." Rias paused, glancing towards Decimo, "What does the original have?"

Seeing every eye in the room turn towards him,

A smile appeared on Decimo's face, "Hmm, the power to bring victory."

Decimo glanced towards the sword, "These have been severely downgraded when it comes to pure power. But they are tricky...that's for sure. That is why I said what they did with them."

Xenovia narrowed her eyes, "You talk like you have seen the original..."

Decimo narrowed his eyes, "You are just imagining it."

Rias saw Xenovia stare at Decimo, so she changed the topic, "So what do you two want from us?"

Xenovia raised her hand, raising two fingers, "the catholic protestant and orthodox churches. Each possesses two of the seventh sword; the seventh one went missing after the great war between the three powers.

Irina explained, "Each denomination had one of its swords stolen from them. We believe that it was brought to this area."

Rias frowned after hearing the whole story, "That was careless; who do they suspect is the thief?"

Xenovia looked at Rias solemnly, "An executive of Grigori, a fallen angel organization - Kokabiel!"

Rias opened her mouth in surprise, "What, Kokabiel? His name appears in the bible a few times!"

Xenovia gazed at her, "The other day, he completely wiped out a group of exorcists dispatched here."

Irina continued, "Which brings me to our demand, No our request, rather."

"We ask you, devils, not to intervene in this fight between Grigori and us over the Excalibur's. In other words, stay out of this."

Rias narrowed her eyes, "No need for such tone; you are worried-"

"Rias..." Just as she was talking, Decimo interrupted her.

He looked toward Xenovia and Irina, "We won't be staying out of this."

Xenovia frowned, "what is that supposed to mean?"

Decimo leaned back, "Ours is a growing peerage, going against someone like Kokabiel, who had been mentioned in the bible. It would be good training."

Xenovia frowned, "Us allying would cause a great upset to three-way balance."

Decimo shook his head, "Don't get wrong; we are not planning on allying with you. You can do whatever you want; we'll beat you up if you get in our way. Nothing more, nothing less."

Irina stared at him, "are you trying to make this a race?"

Decimo leaned back, sighing, "You still don't understand; did you ever start to wonder? Why did Kokabiel choose this town? When you get the answer to that, we can talk. Till then, we have nothing to talk about."

Xenovia started removing the cloth from her sword, "I should have known that it would come to this."

Decimo put his left hand on it when the blade was revealed, stopping Xenovia, "There is no need. Now is not the time for us to fight."

Xenovia glanced towards his hand when her eyes widened, "A cross?"

She jumped back, staring at Decimo, shocking Irina, "Why do you have a cross on your hand?!"

Decimo raised his left hand, smiling at them, "Oh, this? Don't worry about it. Like I said, how about we stop today?"

Decimo didn't wait for them to answer,

He walked to the table, took a pen and paper, and drew a map on the paper.

He gave it to Irina, "Here, this is a map to my house. Get a bath and have something to eat. You can't beat Kokabiel if you aren't well-rested."

Xenovia glared at him, "Why would you think we would take anything from a devil."

Decimo raised his left hand, "Well, in the name of the cross. I am asking you to trust me." The smile hanging on his lips didn't disappear.

Irina took the paper and the keys, "Thank you; we will use them." She smiled, "Even though it must pain you every moment. But you still have that cross; in respect to that, I will trust you."

She and Xenovia walked toward the exit when Xenovia stopped and looked towards Asia.

"I had had my suspicion when I met you at Hyoudou residence. But you are the witch Asia Argento, aren't you?"

Irina rubbed her chin as she got a closer look at Asia, "So you're the saint, huh. I have heard rumors about you."

"They say you were excommunicated and wound up roaming the world. Never thought that you would become a devil, though."

Asia looked uncomfortable as the two scrutinized her, "Oh, well, I..."

Xenovia looked at her with pity, "Don't worry; we won't tell anyone we found you here."

Irina put her hand on her chest, sighing in pain, "I'm sure it would shock those who knew as the saint Asia to find out how you ended up."

Xenovia looked at her, "But a devil? Really? How far can a saint fall? Do you still believe in our one true God?"

Irina whispered, "how can a devil possibly maintain her belief in the Lord?"

Xenovia tilted her head with narrowed eyes, "that said, there are those who have betrayed the Lord and chosen to live in Sin. But have not forgotten their faith...I feel that you may be one such individual."

Asia looked down, "I could never forget my faith; it brought me this far."

Xenovia pulled out her sword, "Is that so? Then it's only fitting that we should end our life. Show your conviction in the name of the Lord. Sinful though you may be, the Lord will reach out and save your soul."

Just when Xenovia took out a sword, she became stunned. A white-gloved hand was on her cheeks; her face became flushed red. The only part of her body that could move was her eyes. She turned her eyes, meeting the scarlet eyes staring back at her.

"Please do not do that. It would be troublesome for me if you kill Asia, and I don't like trouble."

Xenovia gazed at him with hazy eyes, "I won't...hurt her..."

Decimo smiled, stroking her head, "Thank you."

Irina jumped in between, "What are you doing to her?!!!"

Decimo took a step back, raising his hand, "Sorry, my tends to have a certain effect on humans."

Suddenly, she felt the hand on top of her head, "See, the effect is nothing harmful."

Irina closed her eyes; her body shivered, "What is this feeling?" She took a step back, opening her eyes.

Decimo glanced at her, "Why don't you two go and rest?"

Xenovia held Irina's hand, "We'll be leaving!"

She rushed out of the door, leaving the clubhouse, before sitting down on the ground and taking a deep breath.

Irina sat in front of her, "Are you ok?"

Xenovia glanced up, "I always thought about it...what being saved by the Lord feel like. Somehow, I have a feeling this is what it would be like. But how could it be...he's a devil."

Irina helped her stand up, "Let's just go to the address and get some rest; I am hungry."

Once the two from the church had left the room, Rias glanced at Decimo, "Are you serious? Fighting against Kokabiel? There is no way we could win!"

Decimo walked towards the window, glancing at the two young women leave, "Mmm, that's why this is interesting."

Kiba turned towards Decimo, "What is that supposed to mean?"

"If Kokabiel is so powerful, then do you think those two little girls can stop him? With just two Excalibur's? Kokabiel not only has more than three Excalibur's but also fallen priests working for him. Those two are outmatched and outnumbered." Decimo said, thinking about Freed and the Excalibur in his hand.

Akeno narrowed her eyes, "Ara-ara, you think this is a suicide mission."

"Yeah, but I can't understand what the church is thinking. It's like multiple factions are trying to fulfill their agenda. And they all agreed to sacrifice these girls."

Kiba frowned, "I don't understand."

Decimo glanced back, leaning against the wall, "Think of it like this, if Kokabiel stole the Excalibur's, then it's obvious that he needs Excalibur's -"

"Then why send the other two carrying the Excaliburs," Rias said with narrowed eyes. A worried expression appeared on her face.

"Yes, that means a part of the church's faction wants to see what Kokabiel will do with the seven pieces of Excalibur. They might even hope that he somehow has a way to put the seven together again and create the one true Excalibur." Decimo said, rubbing his chin.

Kiba clenched his fist, his body shaking, "So they are sacrificial lambs? Even when they believe in God so much?!"

Akeno sighed, rubbing his shoulder, "Shh..."

Rias suddenly frowned, "Why would you think there is another faction."

"About that, I would need to meet Kokabiel to confirm my hypothesis. I'll tell you then?"

He opened the windows, preparing to jump out, when Kiba shouted, "Wait! Let me come with you!"

Decimo glanced at him, looking at his burning eyes, "Follow me then."

While walking on the town's streets, Decimo asked Kiba, "So? What is all this hate about?"

"Lady Rias didn't tell you?" Kiba almost seemed surprised.

"No, she said it would be better if I heard it from you."

Kiba hesitated before saying, "Behind the scene, Catholic Church conducted an operation known as Holy Sword Project. They experimented with producing individuals capable of wielding the Holy Swords at a certain facility. The test subjects were young men and women, in possession of sacred gear or unusual talent for swordsmanship."

He clenched his fist, "Painful inhuman experiments were performed daily. Believing that we might achieve greatness, we endured the experiment. They all died, all killed by the so-called agent of God. Simply because we couldn't synthesize with the holy sword."

He let go of his fist, "After watching my comrades die and managing to escape. I was about to draw my last breath when I met the president. I want to ease their regret; I need to make their death mean something. I am living for them; that is why I have to prove I am stronger than any holy sword!"

Once Kiba completed his story, the two walked in silence.

After a while, Kiba smiled on his face, "It doesn't affect you one bit, does it?"

Decimo stopped, looking at the sky, "No, it's just another piece of data that I could put in the equation to understand the situation."

Kiba's shoulder twitched, "May I ask, how...did you lose your emotions?"

Decimo looked at Kiba, watching the look in his eyes, "One day, when you and the other can beat me...I'll tell you."

In the evening,

Decimo and Kiba had to wear raincoats because of the rain. The two of them made rounds in the possible locations that the fallen angels and fallen priests could be.

Just as they were walking around, their paths crossed with the two young girls in one of the alleys, "Xenovia, Asia, it's nice to see the two of you again." Decimo said with a smile on his face.

Xenovia's hand was about to reach the sword, but she stopped.

She bowed, "Thank you for giving us food and a place to stay."

"Hohoho!! Quite a party we have!! Devils and Bitches from Church mixing!"

"Freed!!" Kiba grounded his teeth, creating a devil sword in his hand.

Freed gazed at them, laughing, his sight turned towards Decimo, "And even you are here!"

Decimo tilted his head, "Who are you?"

Freed had a vein pop in his head, "Hahahaha, I will make sure to carve my name on your dead body!!"

Decimo stood at the side, watching the fighting between the three.

It was a losing battle even though they had two Excalibur on their side. Kiba's devil's swords were fragile; they didn't stand a chance against the Excaliburs.

Although Xenovia had Excalibur destruction, she wasn't fast enough to land a hit on Freed.

While Irina was barely able to keep up with him.

Freed looked toward Decimo, clicking his tongue. A voice interrupted them, "Oh, if it isn't sword birth."

"Old man Valper!"

Kiba widened his eyes, "That man, he looks familiar."

Irina narrowed her eyes, "He is Valper Galilei, a man known as archbishop of the massacre. He was excommunicated from the church and currently runs with fallen angels. He is also the man behind the Holy Sword Project that you were a part of."

"Valper Galilei!" Kiba looked towards him, filled with hatred.

Valper didn't pay attention to anyone, "Freed, we are returning to Kokabiel; leave them now."

Freed jumped up to escape, "Gotta take my leave, kiddo; next time, we will have a grand battle!"

"You are not going anywhere!" Irina, Xenovia, and Kiba chased after him while Decimo watched.

Once they disappeared from his sight, Decimo breathed, "Troublesome kids."

"Crown Clown." The cowl and the mask materialized in front of him. Watching the mask,

Decimo said, "Go, protect them if needed."

The crown clown floated there before following the route that the three had taken.

Decimo walked back, and a magic circle appeared before him, which he crossed. On the other side was his home.

"Decimo? Are you home?!" Rias peeked out of the kitchen, looking at him.

"Yeah, although Kiba is still chasing after Freed and his boss." He said, sitting down on the dining table, leaning back his body, resting his body.

He created a magic seal, getting hold of the novel.

While he got lost in the novel, Issei walked over, sitting at the dining table. Decimo glanced at him for a moment, noticing the outline of a slap on his face.

He ignored it, looking down, reading the book.

It didn't take long before Rias and Akeno came in the room with food, wearing naked aprons. Asia followed right after them with a shy smile on her face.

"Where's Koneko?" Decimo looked around, searching for her.

"Ara-ara, aren't we enough for you?" Akeno giggled while Rias gave him a straight answer, "She's taking a bath. She'll be here in a moment."

Decimo pointed at Issei, "And what happened to him?"

Asia blushed after hearing that. Issei looked down in shame, almost scared.

Akeno narrowed her eyes, "Well, Issei tried to touch Asia. But Asia didn't want that; hence you see the result."

Decimo glanced down at Asia sitting on his lap; he raised her face, kissing her, while his eyes looked towards Issei, "She's mine; no touching without my permission."

Asia blushed in shame but leaned her back on Decimo's chest.

Decimo patted her back, "Now get to your seat."

After dinner,

Decimo was sitting on the sofa, lost in the world of novels.

Akeno was lying on the sofa, using his lap as a pillow. Rias was sitting on the sofa pouting.

Rias opened her mouth, "It's bedtime; we should go to bed!"

Akeno opened her eyes, saying soothingly, "You just want to hog him to yourself."

Issei stood up, "President! You can hog me too!"

Rias shot a look at Issei, "Issei! Sit!"                                                                                 

Issei sat down like a trained puppy. 

She turned her gaze towards Akeno, but Akeno closed her eyes, adjusting her body.

Just when they were fighting, Rias jumped up while Akeno stood up.

The two rushed towards the window, with Koneko and Issei following them.

Asia was confused about what was happening, so she asked Decimo, "Is something wrong?"

Decimo closed his eyes, "Such bad timing; I was getting sleepy."

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