Chapter 8 - Asia and Her Owership

Chapter 8 - Asia and Her Owership

Apr 09, 2022

A few days later,

Decimo entered his house, but his footsteps stopped when he stepped in. He walked back a few steps, looking at the residence that looked the same from the outside. But when he walked in, there was a massive room, with a sofa, a tv, doors to a different room, even floors above.

Decimo walked over to the blue tiles, shouting the person's name that he thought was behind this, "Rias!"

Shortly, there were sounds of footsteps, and Rias appeared in front of him, wearing an apron.

Decimo narrowed his eyes, "Naked apron?"

"Like it?"

Decimo let out a sigh, "Yeah, it's good."

Rias chuckled, "Why don't you take the seat at the table; dinner is ready." She rushed off towards the kitchen.

Decimo took out his shoes, trying to find the dining area. But he didn't have to; the voices guided him towards it.

When he looked at the table, everyone from the clubhouse was sitting there.

Kiba smiled and waved his hand, "Welcome home."

Decimo looked towards him, turning his eyes towards Akeno, "What is going on?"

Akeno chuckled, pointing at the empty chair in front of her, "It would be better if President explained it to you."

Decimo sat down in front of Akeno, glancing at Asia sitting beside him with a cheerful smile on her face.

Everyone was quiet, seemingly waiting for Rias to come. It didn't take long before Rias came over with the dishes. Akeno stood up, going over to help her get all the food.

Once everything was in place, Rias sat down on the master seat, wearing nothing but the naked apron.

Decimo glanced at her, "Will you tell me now?"

Rias's eyes twinkled, "You must have figured it out by now, right?"

Decimo rubbed his head, hoping for it not to be accurate, "Just tell me."

Rias giggled, "We will all be living here; brother thought it was a good idea that we live and train together."

Decimo leaned back, taking food for himself, "Whatever you want."

Decimo heard everyone sighing in relief as he took a spoonful of rice.

The next morning,

Decimo opened his eyes, feeling the sunshine on his face. He could hear the vibration coming from downstairs.

He stood up, looking at the mirror. He wore a dark blue hoody and black track pants, adjusting his platinum hair before leaving his room for the elevator and taking it to the underground floor.


Everyone from the peerage was sparring against each other.

While he was standing there, Issei crawled to his legs, filled with sweat and dead eyes, "Save me..."

He raised his hand, hoping Decimo would save him from Akeno's deadly training.

Decimo glanced at him, walking by him. Akeno walked by him, but not before kissing his cheek and wishing him morning.

Asia came running to him, "Decimo-sama!! Good morning!"

Decimo leaned in, kissing her lips; his tongue went inside her mouth, tangling around hers.

Asia had a red face while her hands moved without knowing where to put them.

Behind, they heard Issei shout, "Not fair!! Why does he get to kiss Asia while I got through devilish training!!"

Suddenly Asia's body tightened in Decimo's arms, making him break the kiss and stare at Asia, "That was an interesting reaction. I think I have an idea."

Asia glanced up, "Please...Decimo-sama!!!" She seemed to feel what was going to happen to her.

Decimo stroked her head, "Keep training."

Asia looked at his back, chewing on a handkerchief.

Decimo glanced towards Kiba, slashing the sword in his hand repeatedly, before shaking his head, "Maybe this is not the right path for you. How about you try developing your Sacred Gear?"

Kiba stopped, taking a deep breath, "Maybe, I will."

Decimo's sight turned to Koneko, training in martial arts. But he knew that wasn't her problem; it was something else just like Kiba's was.

He finally reached Rias, who was releasing massive magic power. Decimo walked inside the magic power as if it was never there, standing in front of her, "Rias."

Rias nearly jumped out of her skin; her magic power dispersed. She opened her eyes in surprise, "Decimo! Don't scare me like that!"

"Your magic, its vibration is coming to my room; can you put a magic barrier around?"

Rias pulled her hair back, "Sorry, my magic erases that."

Decimo narrowed his eyes, "Are you sure that is all?"

Rias raised her toes, patting his head, "Well, it's also, so you stop being lazy."

Decimo curled his lips, "Want me to train with you? The way you are doing it, you won't get strong."

Rias tilted her head, wondering, "Fight? here?"

"Mmm, let's see...." Decimo was lost in thought, and crown clown appendages appeared from the ground, roof, and air, creating a square cage around them, "This should be fine."

Akeno looked at the changes and clapped while looking toward Issei. She had a sadistic smile, "How wonderful, now the rounds you take are bigger without worrying about Rias."

Issei looked up and cried out, "No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why me!!!!"

Decimo glanced back, smiling, turning towards Rias, "Shall we begin?"

Rias blinked, glancing around the room, "Sure."

Just as she said, a thick shock ran through her body, pushing her backward. Her back collided against the ground; when she stood up, her body was naked, "Sneak attack?"

Decimo curled his lips, "That wasn't an attack; I just wanted a better view of you."

Rias looked down at her naked body, "If you think this will stop me, you are wrong."

She created a black org, a beam darted out of the orb, about to collide against Decimo. But Decimo's left hand turned black claws; he raised his hand, catching the beam, stopping it in its place, "Such a don't even understand the core of your power."


Rias was on her knees, with severe injuries on her body. She broadened her eyes, watching the man with the enormous black claw move towards her. She opened her mouth, asking the question in her mind, "Why?"

Decimo's claws caressed her face, "Why are you so powerless?"

Rias shivered; it was like being touched by something she had been seeking her whole life; her blood boiled when the claw touched her; his voice entered her ears, "You lost because you are holding back. You have not mastered the power you wield; you throw it around."

Rias looked downcast, "Will you teach to wield my power?"

Decimo stroked her head, "Well, I can't have a weak president. It would be shameful."

Rias chuckled, brightening up after hearing that.

After some time,

Decimo was sitting on the sofa in the clubroom, reading the novel. When it opened, he turned his eyes towards the door, "Asia, you are here."

Asia walked in with a red face, "Decimo-sama..."

Decimo closed the novel he was reading, looking toward Asia, "Come here."

Asia walked with small steps, stepping in front of him. She fidgeted in the place where she was standing.

Decimo watched her, "Show me."

Asia blushed, raising her skirt, and Decimo tilted his head; he leaned in, touching her wet vagina, "It seems you enjoyed going commando. Did you think your classmate noticed?"

Asia shook her head, "Hopefully not."

Decimo rubbed her breasts, "I bed Kiryuu noticed that you came without a bra."

Asia gave a short, embarrassed nod, "Yeah..."

Decimo's eyes shined even more, "Did she announce it in the class?"

By now, Asia was dripping with shame, "Yeah."

Decimo pulled open his chain, pulling his dick out, stroking it until it was hard.

"Come, sit..."

Asia walked over, putting her hand on his shoulder. But Decimo touched her abdomen, "the other side, we will be having guests soon."

Asia turned her body, spreading her legs as she sat down. Slowly, she felt it going inside her, "Uhhh!! Yeah!! Lord is in me!!!"

Decimo squeezed her breasts, nibbling on her shoulder, "Mmm, you are a delicious little treat."

Asia moved her hips, feeling the cock reach the deepest parts. She put her hand on her stomach, "Ahh, Lord is in me..."

Decimo kissed the back of her neck, "That's the will accept whatever I do to you."

Asia closed her eyes, "Yes, My Lord."

Decimo held her body tightly, fucking her as hard as possible, making her moans echo in the room.

Decimo breathed heavily while moving faster and faster, holding her more tightly.

Asia squirmed in his arms, trying to get free, before climaxing. He held her body; she squirted with her back arched.

Slowly, she lost all her strength, falling back on Decimo.

Decimo smiled, raising her body and pulling out his cock from her vagina. He put it inside the other hole, slowly spreading it, "Oh! Lord!!!!!!!!!!No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Asia screamed as it went inside her.

Decimo nibbled on her ears, "It seems weeks of preparation worked; it's stretched enough."

"Ara-ara, that's what I did..." Akeno walked in with a smile on her face.

Watching Asia, her eyes shined; she caressed Asia's cheeks, "Quite a face you are making. It's beautiful."

She looked up at Decimo, "What do you plan to do with her?"

Decimo had a cold smile, looking towards her, "Break her."

Akeno narrowed her eyes, "I thought you said she's devoted to you?"

Decimo kissed Asia's nape of the neck, "True, I can't break Asia, but I know how to."

While they were talking, other club members entered the room. Koneko's face turned red, and she turned around the moment she saw what was going on.

But she didn't leave the room once that happened. Rias curled her lips, walking towards Decimo, "What are you doing to poor Asia?"

"Just watch the show."

Kiba politely smiled, "Hello, it seems you have started your good morning."

"Asia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Issei shouted the moment he entered the room.

Suddenly, Asia's body tightened, glancing at him, "Issei-san?!"

Decimo smiled, spreading her legs, "Issei; you are here...I have been waiting for you."       

Issei glanced up with shaking eyes, "Me, waiting for me?"

Decimo smiled, stretching Asia's pussy with his fingers, "Yeah, do you want to do it?"

Issei's eyes widened like a lightbulb, "Me! Really!!"

Akeno wrapped her hands around Issei's neck from behind, "Oh, interesting!"

She moved her hand down, opening the zip of Issei's pants, whispering in his ear, "Do you need some help?"

Issie gulped, looking at Asia's moan; her breasts jumped, feeling Akenos breasts on his back.

Akeno took out his dick from his pant, rubbing it to make it hard, but it was already erect.

She pushed him in front of Asia, "Come on, do it!"

Every part of Akeno's being was shivering; the sadist inside her couldn't face seeing Asia broken.

Issei shivered, putting his hand on Asia's shoulder, tears coming out of her eyes, "Issei-san!!! No!!! Don't do it!!! Not! Not now!!"

Decimo narrowed with a glow in his scarlet eyes, watching Issei look at Asia like an animal. He shoved his cock in her pussy, arching his back, "Ahhh!!! Finally, this is a dream come true!!!!!"

There were sounds of chuckling in the room after hearing Issei's shout.

Decimo held Asia in place, turning her face, kissing her lips, his tongue intertwined with hers.

He slowly adjusted the rhythm of his thrusts while Issei fucked her pussy like a beast.

Asia closed her eyes as tears dripped from her eyes. She opened her eyes, staring inside Decimo's eyes, muttering, "I belong to the Lord...I belong to the Lord...I belong to the Lord..."

Decimo stared back into her eyes, "I know; you belong to me. You are mine to use, my to play with, and mine to break."

In the afternoon,

Decimo sat on the long sofa with Asia's head on his lap. She was getting her much-deserved rest. Most of the club members had gone to their classes.

Asia slowly opened her eyes, looking toward Decimo, "My Lord."

Decimo caressed her cheeks, "How was it? Your first experience with another man?"

Asia held his shirt tightly, "I only belong to you."

Decimo stroked her waists, "Yeah, I know. That is why answer my question, how was it."

Asia blushed, holding his shirt even more tightly, "Unlike anything I have felt before."

Decimo stroked her head, "So you enjoyed it?"

Asia closed her eyes in shame, "Yeah."

A smile appeared on Decimo's face, "That's good; Akeno even took a video of you if you want to see it."

Asia shook her head, "No!"

Decimo leaned back, closing his eyes, "That's fine..."

Once the classes were over, the room started filling again. Rias and Akeno were the first ones to come back.

Decimo opened his eyes, taking a deep breath, "Welcome back."

Rias had a fired-up look on her face, "Get up! The next week is the athlete's meet!! We have to train to beat the student council's team!"

Before Decimo could react, Rias picked up Asia, "Come on, no time to sleep!! We need to train."

Decimo glanced towards Akeno, who had a wry smile as she shrugged.

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