Chapter 6 - Rating Games and Sacred Gear

Chapter 6 - Rating Games and Sacred Gear

Apr 09, 2022

Decimo watched Rias undressing, supporting his body on his elbows, "What are you doing?"

Rias climbed on his body, her naked breasts rubbing his chest, her pink lips near his, her eyes staring into his, "Decimo...take me tonight."

Decimo ran his fingers through her hair, narrowing his eyes, "I take you every night. What is so special now?"

Rias moaned, raising her leg as Decimo's hand moved across her naked waist, reaching her breasts without answering him.

Decimo squeezed them, making her moan even more. Decimo wanted to ease her into it, but Rias had different ideas.

Rias gazed at him, "Just do it; we don't have much time."

Decimo started in her eyes for a moment; seeing her determination, he pulled off her panty.

Decimo opened his pants, taking out his dick. He spread her legs, putting his fingers inside her pussy to check the wetness, and even he was surprised that she wasn't as wet as he had expected, "It will hurt." 

Rias bit her lips, "I don't mind the pain, hurry."

Decimo put the tip of his cock in her pussy, stretching her wall.

But suddenly, a portal appeared in the room, making him stop. 

"Did you plan to break it off by doing something like this," Decimo gazed towards the woman wearing the maid uniform, appearing from the magic circle.

Rias glanced toward the maid with narrowed eyes, "My Father and Brother wouldn't even hear me out if I don't do something like this. Right, Grayfia."

The woman with silver hair, red eyes, and a voluptuous body wearing the maid uniform looked toward Decimo.

"If they knew you are giving your chastity to this commoner, they would be disappointed."

Decimo glanced at her without any change in his expression. Instead, he held Rias's jaw in his fingers, turning her face towards him, "Her chastity?"

He put his palm on her back, forcing her down, spreading her walls even though Grayfia was in the room, watching her moan and blush in shame, "It's already mine. But what did you want to break?"

Rias curled forward, biting down on his shoulder, "Marriage contract."

Decimo sat up on the bed, pulling Rias's face closer; leaning in, he whispered in her ear, "Oh, you could have told me sooner, and I would have sent a video to your fiancée." 

Rias shivered, "Yeah..."

Grayfia narrowed her eyes, watching Decimo, "Can you not treat the heiress of Gremory House like she is your property?"

Decimo hugged Rias, with his cock rubbing the inside of her pussy, locked between her thighs, making her moan, "Well, Rias is the head of the peerage. We, the members of the peerage, have our rights over her. And she has duties towards us. Like keeping us satisfied."

Grayfia frowned, "That might be, but this is unbecoming of her."

Decimo squeezed Rias's breasts, playing with her nipples, making her moan in front of Grayfia.

He nibbled on her ears while his other hand grabbed her ass, forcing her to jump harder on his cock, even though it filled her with shame, "What? Like a whore?" 

While Decimo was stimulating Rias to her limits, there was another magic circle, and Akeno appeared in the room.

"Ahhhh!!! No!! Decimo!!! Not in front of Grayfia!!!" Rias turned her head backward, moaning; her body shivered before squirting.

Decimo let her drop on top of him; his dick slowly got dragged out of her pussy, "Akeno, clean your Prez's mess."

"Yes, gladly," She bowed towards Grayfia, leaning forward to lick Decimo's dick, cleaning Rias.'

Decimo turned Rias over, hugging her from behind, caressing her skin as he spread Rias's legs further, pointing at the wet, dripping pussy.

Grayfia frowned; a cloth appeared in her hand, wrapped around Rias, "I'll be taking her; there is much we have to talk about."

Akeno kissed Decimo's cheek, "I have to go too."

Decimo smiled, waving his hand, "Bye."

The next day,

Decimo, Akeno, Koneko, Rias, and Grayfia were in the clubroom. Other than Rias, sitting and Decimo, lying on the sofa with his head on Rias's lap. Only Koneko was sitting on the chair. Akeno and Grayfia were standing, waiting for other members.

Shortly, the door opened, and Issei, Asia, and Kiba walked in. They stood there, shocked by the tense atmosphere.

"Oh, Brother," Kiba said, looking at the situation.

"Good, now that everyone is here, we need to talk," Rias said while stroking Decimo's hair.

"My lady, Shall I begin?" Grayfia volunteered, but Rias raised her hand, stopping her.

"The truth is -" Just as Rias was about to talk, a magic circle appeared in the room.

"Hmph, long time no see the human world. I have come for you, my dear Rias." An arrogant voice appeared from the fire that covered the magic circle.

Rias held her head, glancing toward Grayfia. Her eyes seemed to be asking why this man was here.

Grayfia lightly shook her head with a frown on her face.

"Come on; I'll show you where the ceremony will be held-" Riser, the man from the Pheonix family, was about to say something. But his words got stuck in his throat when he saw Decimo's head on Rias's lap.

He pointed at Decimo, "Hey! How dare you lie down on Rias's lap?!"

Decimo glanced toward the man, "Well, Rias is the property of Peerage; we can use her body as we like."

Riser seemed pissed off, "Rias is not the property of the peerage. She's mine!"

Issei jumped in between, "What kind of nonsense are you spouting! How did President become yours?!"

Riser looked at the few blank faces in the room and started laughing, "Hahahahahaah, She hadn't told you? She is my fiancée and future wife!"

Rias glared up, "Enough! I have already said I will not marry you!"

"But isn't your family already at their wits end over this," Riser glanced at her like she was talking nonsense.

Rias glanced away with visible irk in her eyes, "They worry too much. I should have my freedom until I get to college."

"Well, everyone is worried about the survival of your family. With the death of purebloods and your brother leaving your house, you are the only successor left in the family. So it is only natural that other name-bearing pure-blood join together and preserve our family. New blood like your servants is good, but we can't let pureblood die, right?"

"I won't let my house fall to the ruin."

"Then marry -"

"No, I'll marry the man of my choice. As a member of a reputable family, I have the right."

Riser frowned, "I won't let the reputation of Pheonix house be sullied. I don't care much about the human world; if need be, I'll turn your servants to ash and drag you from here."

Decimo rubbed his ear, feigning annoyance, sitting up on the couch. His eyes went towards Riser, putting his palm on Rias's, pulling her over, ordering her, "Sit."

"Huh?" Rias felt her stomach churn, but she sat down on the couch, only for him to push her forward, forcing her to sit on the ground.

"You bastard!! How dare you-!!" Riser shouted, only for white vines came out from the ground, trapping his hands and legs, forcing him on his knees, making him watch as Decimo's palm traced her cheek, moving up her forehead, his thumb brushing against her tempting lips. He forced her mouth open, taking out the giant dick, even when it was partially hard, "Lick."

Rias gulped, ashamed and aroused, "Yes…".

Riser glanced at him, "I will kill you!! I will kill you bastard!!!"

He tried to burn the vines, but his fire couldn't do anything to the vines. 

Decimo narrowed his eyes, about to force Rias to suck, even though he didn't have to, but, Grayfia pulled on her, putting clothes on his lap, "Please stop here; if you go any further, I would have to interfere. In the name of Sirzechs-sama, I won't hold back."

Her eyes were staring at Decimo, warning him to back down and warning Riser.

"You have another solution?"

Suddenly, all eyes were on Grayfia, watching her as she nodded, "Yes."

Devils had their kind of entertainment; it was called a rating game. The rules weren't all that hard to understand. The servants of each side were pitted against each other.

These games weren't only for play; they decided the hierarchy in devil society.

But Rias couldn't participate in it; since it was only open to fully grown devils.

"As you say, young lady can't participate in official games, but she can in unofficial ones."

Rias looked defeated, "These games are played during a family feud or something like that. Father not only anticipated my refusal, but he also went ahead and prepared for the games."

She sighed, "Will they ever stop interfering in my life."

Grayfia spoke again, "My Lady, Do I take it you refuse to participate in the game?"

Rias fired up, "Of course not; I will never get a chance like this again! I will consent to Rating Game with Riser!!"

"Hmm, you are going to go for it? Makes no difference. Do you know I participated in official games and won? Still so eager, Rias?" Riser saw the appendages of pure energy burn under his fire, and confidence appeared in his eyes.

"Of course, I am going to blow you away!" Rias said with a confident face.

"Fine then, should you win, do as you please. You will marry me without a fight if I win, and I get to kill this one!"

Rias furrowed her brows, and the room's mood became tense, putting everyone on edge.

Decimo stood up, patting Rias's shoulder, kissing her cheek, "Very well, but the bet as it is now is not fair. How about we make it fair?"

Riser frowned, "What are you talking about, commoner?"

Decimo said, "If you win, you'd own Rias, which means you would own us."

He put his arm around Asia's neck, raising her chin, kissing her; his tongue invaded her mouth.

Asia looked toward others with a blush on her face; when he let her go, he looked up, "See, she was a nun, quite a catch, huh?"

Riser glared at Asia; anyone could tell there was lust in his eyes. He moved towards Akeno's back, squeezing her breasts. She moaned louder, arching her body, displaying her sexy figure, "Or someone like her..."

He smiled, stroking Koneko's head, "Or even her."

Koneko slapped away his hand, "She's feisty."

Decimo narrowed his eyes, "If we lose, they would willingly serve you."

Riser glared at him, "What do you want?"

Decimo curled his lips, "All women in your peerage for a week?"

Suddenly, there was fire around Riser; he wanted to burn Decimo where he stood.

But Grayfia raised her hand, stopping the fire in its place, and Decimo observed him with interest, "I see; that's jealousy."

Rias slapped his hand, "Don't provoke other people's emotions like that."

Riser calmed down, even though there was some dread in his eyes when he looked toward Grayfia. After all, she was the queen of Demon King. She was known as the Strongest Queen.

He looked towards Decimo, "You don't have enough women to exchange."

Decimo shrugged, "True, but you can exchange use men with someone else? Get some girls you always wanted. Trust me; we have some rare Sacred Gears that would be popular."

Riser narrowed his eyes; from his point of view, the game was in his bag. There was no point in this discussion. He waved his hand, "Fine, if you want to become slaves that badly, I'll oblige you."

Rias rubbed her forehead, whispering in his ear, "We need to talk."

Decimo shrugged his shoulder and sat back down on the sofa, picking up his coffee cup.

Issei watched the whole thing, "It seems it has become a big thing. We have to participate too?"

Grayfia looked toward the two parties, "With the consent from both sides, I will inform both houses."

Riser glanced towards the servants, "Rias, I suppose that this rag-tag group of brats are your servants?"

Rias frowned, "So what if they are?"

Riser laughed, snapping his finger; a magic circle appeared, "Hahahaha, Only your queen measure's up to my Servants. Allow me to show you, my dear servants!"

Shortly, the room was filled with ladies; just when Riser was about to boast - a voice interrupted him, "Oh, so many. A week might not be enough to have my way with them; should we change that to a month?"

Riser felt veins appear on his forehead; he created a fireball throwing it at Decimo. But this time, Grayfia didn't stop it, just watched Decimo with narrowed eyes.

She wanted to see why this boy was so confident in provoking a high-ranking devil.

Decimo didn't stop the fire; soon, the fire covered his whole body. But Riser didn't hear his scream. Instead, it was an amused laugh, "I see your flames do convey your feelings. Sadly, it does me no good."

Just as he said that, there was a white light, and the flames disappeared. Decimo turned the book page that didn't have single damage while picking up his coffee cup.

Suddenly, there was a surprised expression on his face. He raised his cup, "You warmed my coffee; I am grateful for your services."

Decimo said with a kind smile on his face.

A short laugh slipped from Grafiya's lips, much to Riser's embarrassment, but she held herself together, clearing her throat, "Please do not escalate this further."

Decimo looked toward the ladies, "Yes, let's stop; I can't wait for the rating game. I will see you, ladies, soon."

Decimo had a smile on his face that seemed enough to charm anyone.

Rizer looked back, seeing a few of his girls blushing, "We are leaving!"

He snapped his finger, and their group disappeared.

Grayfia bowed with a slight blush on her face, "Then I will take my leave."

Rias nodded, "How much time do I have?"

Grayfia gazed at her with solemn eyes, "10 days."

She said and teleported away.

Rias looked at everyone, "We are canceling club activities for today. Decimo, Akeno, come with me."

Decimo stood up, putting down his things, following after the two. ......….

In the early morning, the sun rose a few moments ago. Decimo was lying on the grass in front of the large summer house, watching the sky light up.

He closed his eyes, his senses removed from his head to his left hand.

They got sucked inside the cross that was etched in his hand.

When he next opened his eyes, he was face to face with the white cowl he created with his power and memories, from nothingness, a non-existent object. The white pieces of sharp clothes shot from the cowl, wrapping themselves around Decimo.

It pulled him close, and it almost seemed there were eyes behind the mask for a moment.

The cloth tightened around Decimo's body, and the smell of burning and smoke appeared in the black void.

Decimo glanced down, looking at his burning body, "I see, becoming a Devil has its side effects."

The smile hanging on the corner of his lips didn't falter, and he turned his gaze towards the cowl. He moved his hand, freeing itself from the cloth, touching the cowl mask, "Your strength is good, and your nature is better, but when it comes to this world. It's lacking. If I want to hide my true nature, you have to better my mask. Fr that, I need to make a few improvements. First, let's get you a better sword, shall we?"

The void broke down like mirrors, seamlessly surrounding the cowl, and cosmos appeared within them. He thought of two things that he needed, one this and the other, "Hm, let's go with that."

When he opened his eyes, there was a burning feeling on his right hand, making him raise it to see. There was a mark there, in the shape of J, italics, and its mirror image. It almost seemed that it was forming an A without the dash.

He closed his eyes, "That mark again…very well."

"Why are you sleeping here on the ground."

Decimo took a deep breath, glancing at the sky, "It's blue..."

Rias tilted her head, "What?"

"Your panties…"

He stood up, stretching his body, yawning, ignoring a blushing

His eyes went towards others; Kiba and Koneko didn't have any problem carrying bags three times their size. Issei was sprawled on the ground; Asia didn't have to do this training. At the same time, Akeno and Rias were fresh and ready to train.

Decimo gazed at them, wondering. He could train them now or after they were utterly defeated. He wasn't worried about the rating game; no one in that bird brains servant or the bird brain could beat him.

Rias moved towards the house, "We will go change."

Issei regained his energy, "You are going to change!"

Kiba glanced at him shyly, "Issei, I will change too. No peeking."

Issei clenched his fist, "Don't make me hit you."

Decimo watched them with a smile; once they started training, Decimo went inside to read his novel in peace.

It was at night that someone knocked on his door.

"Come in."

The door opened, revealing Issei covered in bandages. Decimo glanced at him, "Sorry, I am not interested in a man."

Issei had a vein popping on his forehead, "That's not why I am here!"

"Hmm, then why are you here?"

Issei looked down, clenching his fist, "I want to get stronger."


Issei bit his lips, "Can you train me?"

Decimo stared at him, "No..." A blast of airwave threw Issei out of the room and closed the door behind him.

"You didn't have to be so harsh." Decimo gazed at the door without looking away, even though he heard Rias's voice.

"I want to know what sadness and despair feel like...I am looking forward to it."

Rias wrapped her hands around his head, hugging him, "Why are you chasing after emotions?"

Decimo blinked, "Because I have none...I don't have feelings, empathy, or sympathy. Watching others' feelings, a drop of paint dropped on my painting. One day, there would be enough paint to make me feel something. Or that is my hope."

Decimo felt Rias's breast wrapped around his head, her hands caressing his hair, "Sweety, you are the most broken of my servants, aren't you."

Decimo closed his eyes, "Not broken, incomplete."

Rias lay him on the bed, removing her clothes; she lay down beside him, "Incomplete it is."

The next morning,

Decimo woke up feeling a tongue all over him. He opened his eyes, glancing down; Asia was licking his chest and neck. His eyes went towards the side. Rias supported her head with one hand, watching Asia with a smile.

Rias stroked Asia's head, "She's getting better at it, isn't she?"

Decimo closed his eyes, causing what he was sensing to amplify, "Yeah."

Asia dragged her body down, putting both her hands on his cock, putting it inside her mouth.

Decimo felt the soft lips wrap around his cock; her tongue got in the way as she pushed it deeper in, her inner walls enveloping themselves around him.

Rias stroked Decimo's hair, "Only nines days left…."

Even though Decimo heard Rias's voice, his body fell deeper and deeper into the void.

He opened his eyes, looking at the light on the surface, "I need to get out..."

"I want to get out!!" For once, there was a strong will in his being. He wanted to get out.

On the bed,

Decimo sat up, opening his eyes, his chest heaving. He raised his head to meet Asia's worried eyes, patting her head. He leaned against the headboard, ordering, "Asia, put it in you."

Asia smiled as if she had been blessed, "Yes, Lord."

She held his cock, putting it in her pussy. She shoved her body down, taking it in one go, "Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Her body trembled in pleasure, but she wanted more to please him. She wanted his eyes to stay on her more, to touch her more. He leaned forward, dropping her on the bed, yet she swayed her hips. He started matching his rhythm with hers, and Asia moaned loud enough that her voice filled the house.

Shortly, her pussy was filled with his cum even when she climaxed. Asia gazed at him with dazed eyes, "Thank you for Lord's gift."

Rias patted Asia's head, raising her as Decimo moved away, helping her get dressed while she got dressed.

He stood up, "Let's go get cleaned."

"No need," Rias put her palm together, and a magic circle appeared under their feet, raising, cleaning the three, "We have more work to do."

The three walked out of the room, but when they opened the door, everyone stood there with an expression that told the three that everyone knew.

Issei walked over with a worried look, holding Asia's shoulder, "Asia, are you ok?"

Asia smiled brightly, "Yes, Issei-san, why wouldn't I be?"

Ten days passed since the training began. Around eleven at night, there was a knock on his room.


The door opened, and Asia peeked inside, "Lord, Can I come in?"

Decimo gazed at her with soft eyes, "Yeah, come in."

Asia walked in with small steps, stepping in front of him, putting her head on his body, "Lord..."

Decimo stroked her head, "I told you not to call me that."

Asia hugged him tighter, "Sorry, Master."

Decimo looked at her soft body wrapped around his, patting her back, "Worried about the games?"

Asia nodded, "Yeah..."

"Don''ll do fine. Even if you don't, you have me to train you later."

Asia looked up with sparkling eyes, "Really?"

Decimo smiled, "Yeah, but that is a secret between us. Just for a little while."

"Yeah," Asia said with a smile on her face.

Around 11:40, everyone was sitting in the main room, waiting for the time to come, preparing for the fight.

Rias and Akeno were going over the plan while Decimo was sitting, reading a new novel he had recently picked up.

"President," In the silence, Issei's voice attracted everyone's attention.

"Don't you have another bishop?"

Rias looked troubled, "Sadly, my other bishop can't join us now. I will tell you more some other time."

A magic circle shined, and Grayfia appeared in the room as she said that.

"The game will begin in ten minutes, is your preparation done?" Seeing that everyone seemed ready, she continued, "The rating game will be broadcasted to the members of both families. The Devil King Lucifer will also be watching, do not forget that."

Rias narrowed her eyes, "So, Onii-sama will see this first."

"Onii-sama?" Issei asked in a confused voice.

Kiba explained, "President's older brother is Devil King Lucifer."

Decimo sat up, looking at Ria with interest, "Ohh, no wonder you are always under such pressure."

Rias crossed her arms, denying the acquisition, "It's not like that."

But she wasn't fooling anyone.

Akeno chuckled, "In the last great war, the four great devils perished; their titles were granted to mighty devils. Rias's brother is also known as the Crimson Satan. He is also the strongest of the devil kings."

"It's time; please move to the magic seal. In a moment, I will send you to the alternate plane; in that plane, everything is expandable, so fight to your heart's content. Moreover, once you arrive, teleporting via magic seal is impossible."

"Wait," Before they teleported, Decimo stopped them.

Grayfia looked at him, "Do you have a question?"

Decimo narrowed his eyes, "How far the game's image will spread?"

Grayfia blinked, "Well, the two houses and their allies. Although others might hear rumors of the game."

There was a bright light, and they appeared in the club room, "Huh, the club room? Did it not work?"

[Greeting, I am Grayfia, Servant to the house of Gremory. I will be the referee of your games. In the name of my master, I will closely observe the game. For the battlefield, we have prepared a Rias-sama schools replica.]

Once Grayfia started announcing the rules, Decimo disappeared from the room. He appeared on top of a school building, "Mm, this is a nice view."

Decimo glanced towards the gym, and a monocle appeared in his right eye. His sight passed through walls, watching Issei and Koneko fight against four opponents.

"Dress break," an unusual attack, though it was useless on women who had a resolve to fight.

He glanced up at the sky; Akeno rained down thunder and lightning once they had immobilized the enemy.

[Three of Riser's Pawn and one of his Rook have been retired.]

Suddenly, an explosion attracted Decimo's sight, "Koneko..." He whispered.

He looked towards the Riser queen, "Fu-Fu-Fu, all your struggles are for nothing."

Shortly, the battle between Akeno and Riser's Queen started. Decimo glanced towards Kiba's fight against the knight before walking towards Riser's base's new school building.

He opened the door, seeing Rizer and his sister Ravel sitting together.

"Oh, you dare come here?"

Decimo looked at the screens, "Hmm, you plan on leaving?"

Decimo looked towards Ravel.

Ravel gazed at him with worry. She had to leave, but now she couldn't go. Ravel was worried about her brother's safety. She stood there without saying anything.

"Since you are here," Riser glared at him, "let me kill you first."

Decimo walked over and sat down on the sofa, waving his hand, "I am here to watch."

Riser frowned, "Watch what?"

"What despair looks likes; there is no way they could defeat you...I want to see them fall in despair." Decimo said, opening the book he had started reading recently, ignoring Riser and Ravel.

Riser glanced at him like he was sick, "What the hell is wrong with you?"

Even amongst the fallen devils that he had seen. There seemed something wrong with the guy in front of him.

Decimo glanced at him with a cold smile, "Nothing; It's just a hobby I recently picked."

For some reason, Riser didn't pick a fight with him. Instead, he let him sit until a guest was at the door.

The room's gate was blasted open Rias walked inside the room, "It's about time we settle this Riser!"

Riser stood up with a laugh; he threw a large fire toward Rias that she canceled out with ruin magic. Shee was pushed out; she flapped her wings, landing on the top of the building.

Riser walked out of fire and smoke, staring at Rias. Rias shot ruin lightning, destroying Riser's head, but fire appeared, and it regenerated.

"Just Resign, Rias; you are only shaming yourself before your brother and father."

"President!! Issei Hyoudou, reporting for duty!"

Rias glanced back in surprise, "Issei!!"

Issei rushed towards the front, "Asia, stand back while you are healing me."

Riser's Queen raised her hand, pointing at Asia, "I can't let you do that." There was a purple light, and Asia's magic got sealed.

Issei glared at Riser, shouting with passion, "We maybe be backed in the corner, but I can still make a fist!! This isn't over yet! Did you hear that Sacred Gear!! Burst!" The moment he said that his body halted, and blood burst forth from his body.


On top of the new school building, Rias was kneeling on the ground, with Issei's bleeding body on her lap, tears in her eyes.

Riser gazed at her, rubbing his head, "Give up, Rias."

Just then, sounds of footsteps resounded on the top of the building. They were slight, but they impacted everyone for some reason.

When Rias looked up, Decimo was standing in front of her, holding a book in his hand.

He knelt in front of her, holding her chin, "Do you feel despair?"

Rias's eyes shivered, "No..."

Decimo blinked, "Why not? You are about to lose this match. Your servants have been defeated; you are not his opponent - why don't you fall in despair."

Rias smiled through tears, watching him closely, "Because I have you...I know you will not lose."

Decimo sighed, "That's a crappy answer. I wanted to see despair..."

He stroked Issei's head, "Nut, the kid showed me I guess I'll make a move."

Yubelluna frowned, "If you want to interfere now, I won't let you."

She raised her hand, and suddenly, there was a large explosion where they stood.

But it caused Yubelluna and Riser to frown because there wasn't an announcement that Rias and others had retired.

The two of them started at the fire, seeing it. The first thing that came into Riser and Yubelluna's sight was a shining silver mask.

When the fire cleared, there was a cowl of silver fur and white light. It seemed to have stretched and protected Rias, Issie, and Asia.

Decimo turned back in the fire, with a silver monocle in his right eye and wearing the cowl on his body.

His platinum hair had a trace of silver in them, and there was a glow in his scarlet eyes.

"So, shall we begin? The Climax?"

Riser frowned, "Is that your Sacred Gear?"

Decimo smiled, " be careful."

Riser created a massive fireball above his head, "I'll take care of you in one go."

He threw numerous fireballs toward Decimo, and in response, Decimo slashed his left claw; a beam of black light destroyed the fireball, continuing towards Riser.

Yubelluna interfered by attacking the beam, causing a massive blast that threw the two of them backward. They barely came to a stop at the edge of the room, dragging their feet against the tiles.

Decimo didn't immediately chase. He sat down in front of Rias and Issie, creating a white cross with his left hand, which fell into their bodies, healing them.

Rias looked at her and Issei's wounds, "This is?"

Decimo smiled, "I have two Sacred Gears, not one. This was the first, and now for the second."

He patted Asia's head, freeing her from the seal, letting a confused Issie hold her.

Decimo walked towards Riser and Yubelluna, and the black claws of his right hand twitched. Purplish strings, beautiful to behold, came out from the center of his palm, "Don't get in my way. Now, this is my fight."

Riser and Yubelluna stood up with various injuries on their bodies. The injuries on Riser's body were healing, but Yubelluna wasn't that lucky. The two of them looked at him, the air ruffling his platinum silver hair, the cowl covering him, the scarlet eyes, and the purplish-metallic strings that covered the right side of his body, forming a long sword, nearly two meters, "Meet the Singer's Sword."

Riser held his breath, "I didn't realize that Rias had a servant like you under her."

"Well, I am new to the group," Decimo said, glancing towards Yubelluna, who threw her magic energy at him.

The cowl moved, protecting Decimo from any attack from Yubelluna. Just as Decimo removed the cowl, Riser appeared in front of him, covered in fire, with unbearable heat, "Take this!"

Decimo fired a thin metallic-like energy wave, cutting Riser into two.

Yubelluna stared at him with wide eyes, "What did you do?"

Her eyes widened; there were black claws on her face, a voice near her ear, "Hmm, you should worry more about yourself."

The claws went through her head, and slowly, her body dematerialized, followed by an announcement.

Decimo walked towards Riser, fallen on the floor, still healing, the flames connecting the two parts of his body, "Still alive...huh. That's quite the healing power you have there."

Decimo raised the Singers Sword, touching its sharp edge, letting a drop of his blood fall on it.

Riser stared at him, waiting for him to cut him with the sword. But Decimo slashed towards the other side of the battlefield. The wave fired, landing on the ground, getting absorbed. . For a moment, it was like nothing had happened.

"My Second Sacred Gear, Void Genome. The Power of Kings is strong. But at the same time, it turns my blood poisonous," Decimo said, pointing towards the building and sharp purple crystals started appearing, devouring the energy, the battlefield, "It has the power to end everything, the power to start an apocalypse from a single drop of blood. I am interested, surrounded by such an environment, with your death near you and your immortal flames useless. Tell me, will you fall into despair?"

Decimo sat down at the edge of the wall, watching Riser heal with a smile.

Riser got on his knees, staring at him with a crazy look, "You are insane!! What the hell!! You are insane!!"

Decimo watched him, controlling the purple crystals that had already devoured half the battlefield, moving towards Riser, surrounding him. Still, just as they were about to move towards him, Grayfia appeared, tying up Riser, "This match is over!"

Riser glared at her, "This isn't over!! I haven't given up yet!"

Grayfia glanced at him, "If this fight continues, Riser-sama will die. Both houses have decided this; that is why I have been asked to stop this match."

"Absurd!!! How can I lose to a commoner!!!"

Grayfia frowned, "You can throw a tantrum later. For now, we need to evacuate."

Decimo looked over his shoulder, seeing the apocalypse spread out of his control, "Evacuate?"

Grayfia pointed in a direction, "Your ability is destroying this plane."

"Hmm, I'll remember not to use this ability carelessly."

Grayfia narrowed her eyes, "You better not."

Shortly, Grayfia created the magic seal, bringing everyone still on the field to the magic seal.

By the time they teleported, more than half of the plane had been devoured, and Satan appeared on the battlefield, "I must destroy it all after all."

He let loose, and his crimson energy spread, fighting against the Apocalyptic powers of the virus, destroying it.


Rias, Issei, Asia, and Decimo appeared back in their clubroom while the others were in the medical ward.

Three bodies hugged him before Decimo could even react, "We won!!!!"

Decimo closed his eyes with a smile on his face. A feeling in his heart seemed familiar, "Yeah, we won."

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