Chapter 3 - Nun and Fallen Angels

Chapter 3 - Nun and Fallen Angels

Apr 09, 2022


When Decimo reached back to the clubhouse, everyone was entering.

But Rias had a grave expression on her face.

He glanced over, "Did something happen?"

Rias sighed, glancing up, "There are fallen angels in our territory. But I can't seem to pinpoint where they are."

"Hmm...are they trouble?"

Rias sighed, "I don't know...let's just hope not."

Decimo walked behind her, massaging her shoulder, "Everything will be fine." Rias leaned back with her head to his stomach, "Yeah."

Kiba walked over, bowing, "Does President needs my services."

Rias glanced up at Decimo, her eyes starting in his, "Yeah." She spread her legs.

Kiba sat down between her legs, putting his head inside her skirt. Decimo watched Rias with a smile as her face slowly turned red. Her moans came out, and her upper body squirmed.

But her hands kept holding Decimo's body, moving her hands over her body. Her moans became louder and louder; she put her hand down, pulling Kiba close.

She looked up, "Decimo...Decimo...his tongue is inside me...his hands are on my thighs. He's licking me...doesn't that make you feel anything? Seeing me being licked by another guy, having my pussy ravished with another tongue?"

Her words and moans became even louder before they turned into a scream as she climaxed.

Rias used her last strength to pull Decimo's body closer, with his face above her, whispering, "Seeing someone else make me climax."

Decimo curled his lips, whispering, "No..."

Kiba raised his body, bowing and sitting down on the chair. Rias took a deep breath, "Thank you...I needed that release."

Decimo smiled, "Should we go on patrol, looking for the fallen angels?"

Rias smiled and nodded, "Good Idea..."

"I'll be with...Koneko." Decimo said.

Koneko covered her body, "No!"

Decimo walked over to Koneko, picking her face up and making her look in his eyes, "What don't want me to pamper you?"

Koneko's breathing turned hard; she could feel his hand over her body.

She wanted to resist, but there was no strength; just when she thought about saying yes, President pulled her away.

Rias sat with Koneko on her lap, "No, Koneko is not big enough for this stuff. Go with Kiba."

"That's no fun." Decimo lay back down on the sofa, closing his eyes.

Akeno chuckled, getting on her knees near Decimo's waist, and giving him the blowjob.

Decimo opened his eyes, glancing over, "Don't you have anything better to do?"

Akeno smiled, "Not really...I like sucking you."

Decimo lay back down, closing his eyes, "Whatever."


Kiba smiled awkwardly, "I know you don't want to patrol with me...but I would like to become friends."

Decimo walked the road in the evening, glancing over with a confused smile, "What are you talking about...we are friends. I hoped to bring Akeno out and record the slimes having their way with her."

Kiba rubbed the back of his head, "You like making videos?"

Decimo shook his head, "Not really; I make some, so I don’t forget."

He looked towards the park, sitting on the swing with Kiba beside him, "I am bored."

Kiba smiled, looking around, "Hey, isn't that boy from our school from one of your videos?"

Decimo glanced over, "Oh, it's Issie...and that too on a date." He said, glancing towards the woman beside Issei.

But soon, they looked away, not wanting to interfere with the affairs. It happened in that instance that the two of them looked away.

Issei's body flew against the air, crashing against the ground. The bleeding wouldn't stop, making Decimo and Kiba startled.

"A fallen angel..." Kiba muttered, rushing towards the girl floating in the air with a sword in his hand.

The girl clicked her tongue, flying away.

Decimo walked over, standing over Issei's dying body, watching his eyes that were losing his life.

Decimo put his hand on his chest, blinking, "Still nothing..."

He wondered if watching someone lose their life would change something, but there was no change now seeing one. Before he lost his emotion, he used to be someone who fought for humans and every living creature, but now, even watching someone die in front of him, their lives slipping away, he felt nothing.

While he was thinking, there was a flash of light, and Rias appeared in front of them.

"Why are you here?" Decimo asked, poking Issei's cheek.

Rias glanced down towards Issei, "He has a sacred gear."

Decimo glanced down, looking at Issei's dying face with a smile, "I see, lucky aren't you, boy. You get to live."

The next day,

Everyone was waiting in the clubhouse. The moment Rias entered the door, Decimo waved at her with a smile.

Rias smiled back, sitting down on the long sofa. Decimo lay down, putting his head on her lap, "So, how was last night?"

Rias stroked his head, "Well, the usual, fainted after he turned. I woke up in the morning, shocked by the circumstances. He'll be coming over in the evening after the classes are done."

"Mmm..." Decimo said, looking at Rias’s - his eyes stared at her until she couldn't take it anymore, "What?"

Decimo shook his head, "Just thinking about it, how many evil pieces did you use?"

Rias narrowed her eyes, "All of my pawns, it's that Sacred Gear of his; it's a powerful one."

"Sacred Gear...huh..." Decimo looked towards the sign of the cross on his left hand.

Rias's eyes went towards that; she caressed it, "That's so weird; usually devils can't go near church and crosses. But you have one in your hand, and it doesn't affect you?"

Akeno sat down on the sofa, with her butts pushing against Decimo's waists, "Yeah, I noticed that too; what kind of Sacred Gear is it?"

Decimo smiled, thinking about it. His power was nothingness, and he embodied nothingness, which allowed him to give partial existence to anything he wanted. This sacred gear or a copy of it was from another world, "I think it's the coolest one."

Rias chuckled, gazing into his eyes, "I am looking forward to seeing it in action."

Decimo smiled, raising his hand in the air; Rias took a book from the side table, putting it in his hand.

"Thank you," Decimo turned the page, reading the book with a smile.

Rias stroked his hair, "Anytime."

In the evening,

Their new member joined them - at first, Issei was surprised that Decimo was the devil. But remembering the things he did made him feel that it seemed to match his behavior.

But other than that, he was a bit hurt that his friends didn't tell him about being a devil.

Decimo lay there with his head on Rias's lap, enjoying her pampering while she gave Issei the same lecture that she gave him after becoming the devil.

But after trying to teleport Issei, it didn't work, "He doesn't have enough magic energy." Akeno said, rubbing her chin.

Decimo looked over, "There is something like that? What about me?"

Rias looked down with a troubled look, "You have nothing at all, which surprises me. Issie has less, but there is some…as for you…?”

Decimo raised his hand, gazing at the cross, “That makes sense.”

“Does it?”

"Maybe I can help with about we have a battle?"

"No way!!"

Some time later,

Decimo stood ten meters away from Issei, whose right hand had turned into a gauntlet.

"This is my Sacred Gear?" Issei said, looking towards his hand that had turned into a red gauntlet with a green gem.


"Ohhh!!! I can feel the power!!" Issei said; with a massive grin, he rushed towards Decimo. But when he raised his eyes, Decimo had disappeared; when he tried to find him, he couldn’t. It was as if there was no one like that, and then his eyes widened, his body lost control, and he fell to the ground.

Decimo walked towards the other, "I know how his gear works. It needs time to bring out strength; otherwise, it's useless. You need to train him."

Rias smiled, "How about we start by letting him make a pact first."

Issei nodded, lying on the ground hopelessly, "I can do that!!"

And so a week passed,

Decimo was sleeping when he heard the sound of someone entering the clubroom.


"Oh, I didn't think anyone was here..." Issei said, dragging his body and sitting down on the chair.

"What happened; you look down."

Issei sighed, "Well, I am useless; I can't even make a pact. Rias-Senpai must be so disappointed in me."

"Not really," Suddenly, Issei nearly jumped at the voice.

"Rias-Senpai!" He glanced back, watching Rias walk with a smile on her face.

She raised Decimo's head, sitting down before putting his head back on her lap.

She titled her head, “But it seems you need some motivation."

Issei looked at her smile towards him; a blush appeared.

But the next moment, Issei's eyes widened.

Decimo was squeezing Rias's breasts, "Your breasts should be about letting him touch it if he gets a contract."

Rias let out a soft moan, glancing down at Decimo, "Is that what you want?"

Decimo narrowed his eyes, squeezing her breasts harder, "I want nothing. It's just a suggestion. Knowing Issei, it would work on him..."

Rias glanced up, looking at Issei, "Fine, if you make a contract, you can use my breasts as Decimo does."

Issei stood up with an excited look, "I'll go now!!"

Not long after he left, the other club members came.

The club was peaceful; everyone was doing their own thing. Kiba was outside, training with Koneko. They had tried fighting Decimo, but they couldn't land a hit. 

That was why they started training under Decimo's tutelage. 

Akeno was sitting on the armchair, reading the same magazine that Rias was reading. 

While Decimo lay on the sofa using Rias's thigh as his pillow. 

It was then that something suddenly changed. Rias narrowed her eyes, "There is some trouble at the client's house." 

Akeno jumped up, walking towards the window, "I'll take the two of them there." 

Decimo opens his eyes with a flash of light, "Do we have to go?" 

Rias chuckled, "Yes." 

Decimo raised his body, "Ok...let's go." There was another magic circle, and the two of them disappeared from the room. 

When Decimo reached the destined location, his eyes looked around. There was a dead body on the wall, upside down; too much blood to recognize it. 

Kiba was standing with two swords in his hand and facing a white-haired priest with a gun and sword in one hand each. 

Issei was on the other side of the room, his body filled with wounds. 

He and Rias walked over towards Issei, seeing his wounded body. 

Rias got down on her knees, "Sorry, Issei, we never expected an exorcist at the client's house. Are you hurt?" 

"Forgive me - I got hurt." Issei rubbed the back of his head with a goofy smile. 

Rias angrily glanced down, "You have been rough with my minion." 

The priest had a twisted smile, "Yes, I was. I was planning to carve every inch of his body!" 


Decimo watched Rias raise her hand and fire a red ball of energy. It shot past the priest, erasing the part of the wall beside him. 

"I can't forgive anyone that harms my property! Especially not a vulgar person like you." 


Decimo glanced towards Akeno, who seemed worried about something. 

"There are a lot of fallen angel signatures!!! This way, we'll be at a disadvantage!!" 

Rias clicked her tongue, "Akeno, we are taking Issei out of her - prepare for the jump!" 

Issei stood up in shock, going towards the blonde-haired girl, "President! We must take her with me!" 

Rias shook her head, "Only people of Gremory Peerage can jump through the magic seal!" 

"But she's my friend! I can't leave like this! I can protect her!" 

Rias slapped Issei's cheek, "Listen, Issei, that girl is an enemy. You will die pointless death! Don't worry; the fallen angels won't hurt her; we need to leave!" 

She dragged him towards the magic seal that Akeno was preparing. 

"Like Hell, I am letting your leave!!" The priest threw a couch at them, but all of them teleported. All of them but the platinum-haired boy, standing right there. The couch that was about to collide with him got erased from its existence.

Decimo watched the priest, turning his eyes towards the blonde, before walking inside the room.

“Hey, I can’t smell you?! What the hell are you?!” The bad-mouthing priest sliced through his body, but white appendages came out from the cross, wrapping themselves around the blade, stopping it from hurting him.

Decimo reached into the room, seeing the body of the human handing on the wall, “He’s…dead?”

“Huh?! Who cares about that?! That guy dared to befriend the devils?! I had to cleanse him!” Freed tried his hardest to free the sword from the appendages.

“Hmm,” Decimo looked at the man, dying or dead for having contacted the devils. He raised his hand, touching the bloody carved cheek, “I wonder….”

“Hahahaha!! I carved his well, didn’t I?!”

Decimo ignored the foul-mouthed man, but his thoughts drifted to the time when he used to be a protector, when he used to care, “Logically, if I don’t do anything to help him. I’d lose who I was, but, on the other hand…it doesn’t matter if I lose who I was.”

“Don’t…don’t lose yourself! It matters!!”

Decimo was about to step back and leave, but the girl’s cry attracted his attention.

“Hey, you bitch! Shut up!!! Shut upp!!!!”

Decimo looked into her tearful eyes, hearing her breaking voice as she spoke, “It would be sad…if you lost yourself….”

“Is that so…” Decimo looked over his shoulder, “That would mean…this would have never happened, and you would have forgotten everything…that happened here today. Even meeting a friend….”

Asia wiped her tears, smiling, “I…I don’t mind….”

“Fine,” Decimo’s scarlet eyes glowed, watching her, “Then, I give you a boon…you will never forget.”

He pivoted to face the man that died, “And you…you never died.”

“Huh?! He’s dead!! Dead!! I killed him! You can do nothing?! Wait, what is going on?! Why am I disappeared?! Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Not only Freed, but Asia and the blood were disappearing, and the man that died started coming back to life. It was only a moment, but everything had disappeared, and the young man was sitting on the sofa, watching tv.

He didn’t realize there was a presence behind him, the boy that walked out of the now well-arranged room without any slashes, blood, or broken doors.

He moved towards the school, past the confused Freed, who couldn’t seem to find the human that he had to cleanse, and then Issei came across Freed and fought with him before Rias teleported with her penetrate to save him.

Finally, he came across the blonde girl with green eyes, wiping her tears, smiling, “I wasn’t dreaming…my name…is Asia….”

Decimo patted her head, wiping her tears, “I am…Decimo.”

Decimo took her hand, making her stand, "Are the fallen angels good to you?" 

Asia was startled for a moment before looking down, "Yeah..." 

Decimo faked a chuckle, stroking her head, "You are not very good a lying, are you?"

Asia's face turned red; her hands squeezed together. 

Decimo smiled, wrapping his hand around her and raising her chin. Asia's eyes shook when she looked into his eyes. 

Decimo leaned in, kissing her lips, tears came out of her eyes, but he didn't stop, "From now on, you belong to a devil." 

Suddenly, there were sonic booms and fallen angels everywhere the eyes could see, "Get away from her, you Devil! That bitch is our property!" The one in the front shouted. 

Decimo smiled with his hand wrapped around Asia; he raised his left hand, putting it in front of Asia. 

"That's a...cross..." She muttered, looking at his hand. 

Decimo narrowed his eyes, whispering, "Crowned Clown - The Crown of God." 

Asia widened her eyes, and there was a burst of white light in the next second. 

After a while, 

Rias appeared near him with the whole peerage, ready to fight. But when she looked around, there was no fight. Her heart hurt, wondering if something had happened to Decimo, but soon something attracted her sight. 

There was a large pile of dead bodies, bodies of fallen angels. And on top of this pile was Decimo, sitting without a drop of blood on his face or body. As she ran towards him, her sight went towards Asia, sitting in his lap with a look of reverence in her eyes. 

"Decimo!" Rias wrapped her hand around his body, "I am so glad you are ok!! Don't do anything like that again." 

Issei also rushed towards her, "Asia!!" 

Asia smiled confused for a moment since she though that Issei wouldn't remember, waving at him, "Issei-san...I am fine." 

Issei let out a breath, smiling, "Thank the devil." He had learned his lesson of saying thank god. 

Asia shook her head, "It's thanks to god!" Her eyes stared at Decimo, making Rias raise her head, "What is going on?" 

Decimo chuckled, "I'll explain later." 

He too was wondering about something. He was so sure that everyone would forget, and yet Issei remembered, "Evil Pieces?"

He whispered under his breath.

While others couldn’t see, he could; in the nothingness were trapped four souls that he stopped from going to wherever they went—hopelessly wandering in the darkness.

Reaching back to the clubroom, everyone sprawled on whatever place they found. Everyone was tired after today's drama, though Rias was worried about what would happen now that so many fallen angels were killed. 

But that was for tomorrow, for today, it was the new girl she had to deal with. How did Decimo kill all those fallen angels? 

Decimo sat on his bed, looking at the girl with a stubborn expression on her face. 

She wanted to know what happened, 

How did he defeat the fallen angels; how strong was he. 

It was alright; it wasn't like she was interfering in his privacy. But it was hard to make someone understand without showing his Sacred Gear. 

At first, when he chose his Sacred Gear, it was because it was fantastic. But after knowing the history of this world, it seemed more troublesome to possess such a Sacred Gear. 

He narrowed his eyes, pulling Rias close, "I will show you later."

Rias raised her eyebrows before turning her eyes towards the little girl sleeping, "Why did you save her?" 

Decimo stroked Asia's head, "Well, Issei seems to have a crush on her; it would be good for him. After all, his first girlfriend experience didn't go well. And…”

She cried for him. It didn’t matter or affect him, but it did make him wonder if that was what he needed. Someone to cry for him, feel for him since he couldn’t.

Rias frowned, "But she's the enemy." 

Decimo pulled Rias closer, pulling her into the hug, "Will you trust me?" 

Rias glanced up, looking at him with shimmering eyes, "Should I?" 


Once Rias was asleep, Decimo walked towards the balcony, looking towards the city with his eyes closed. Decimo remembered the massacre that he had launched a few hours ago. 

But even then, it didn't make him feel disgusted, evil, or anything. All it made him sense was how weak these creatures were. Moreover, they weren’t entirely dead. Since he wanted to keep them as pets, he trapped their souls.

Nothing changed for him today since it was just like every other day, but there was something different. The fiery feelings that Issei held, and the tragic sadness of Asia, those feelings made him feel something. Although it was only for a moment, he did feel something. 

Maybe strong emotion would make him feel something, or that was something he had hoped for. 

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