Chapter 21 - Issie's Mother's and Friend ...

Chapter 21 - Issie's Mother's and Friends

Apr 10, 2022

“Finally, we are home!!” Rias sprawled down on the couch, relaxing, like others who sat down where they were standing.

“I guess it was hard work, trying to play the part and looking worried about the world’s end when there wasn’t any. Harder than I thought,” Kiba sighed, rubbing his shoulder.

“Fufufu, I bet they all feel stupid now.”

“Maybe, but thank you. I know it was hard for you not to say anything when you saw your family worry over it,” Decimo sat down on the floor, leaning on Rias, and felt her arm around his neck.

“You never ask for anything. This was the least we could do.”

“I’ll do anything for you, Decimo Onii-sama,” Asia hugged Decimo, resting in his arms.

Decimo caressed her head, gazing into a distance, lost in thought. Even though the world had started merging, the time in the other was starting to slow down, but the way things were developing here, he needed to make the other one go faster. From his memories of the past, he learned of the time and events and the order of how they happened. There were a few things he could stop, others he could change, but more so, he had to arrange—the order of how things happened.

The first one, the nearest, was to make sure everything went according to plan, and Ichigo Kurosaki was born. And Ichigo’s twin brother, Decimo’s Third Fragment, Jun Kurosaki.

Aizen had already prepared the Vasto Lorde, and he would use this confusion to his advantage. What mattered was making sure to guide Isshin to that juncture, especially now that the morality of the worlds had changed.


“Mm?” Decimo looked at Koneko, stroking her cat ear, watching her moan, “We should rest. From tomorrow, we should have peace for the weak before someone jumps out to start a new end of the world.”

“That’s true,” Rias breathed out, “Let’s rest today.”

Soul Society, Tenth Division Barracks,

“Yo! Captain Shiba! You there!”

“In here!”

Jay walked into the Captain’s Office, peeking inside, “Hey, I brought some news.”

Isshin was sitting on the chair, holding the armrests tightly, with sweat dripping, “Oh, is it urgent?”

Jay raised his eyebrows, letting out a sigh as he walked into the room, “Not as urgent as you.”

He held the table by its side, moving it away to reveal a mature and voluptuous woman, sucking on Isshin’s cock, “Rangiku…is she sucking you off, so you don’t make her do the work?”

Rangiku pulled her mouth away, letting go of the cock dripping from her drool and saliva, “Why would you say something so rude? There is no way I would do something like this just to don’t have to work!”

Jay rolled his eyes at her, “Please, hell would have to freeze over for me to believe you.”

Rangiku glared up at him, rubbing her palm on his groin and licking her lips. She took out his semi-hard dick, licking it, putting it in her mouth as she felt it harden inside, jerking off her Captain’s, “Shwat bup!”

Jay breathed out, stroking Rangiku’s head, “Fine, fine.”

Isshin felt relief, leaning back to look at Jay, “So? Other than using my dear Vice-Captain’s mouth, why are you here?”

“Oh, you haven’t heard. There have been a few Shinigami who went missing from Karakura Town. Ever since the incident with Kaien, haven’t you been looking for these strange incidents?”

Rangiku shot a lookup, sucking him harder, taking more of it in her mouth before pulling out to take in her Captain’s, “Mmm, mmm, mmm.”

Isshin patted her head, smiling, knowing what she was thinking, narrowing his eyes, “Karakura Town, thank you for telling me.”


DxD Universe, Hyoudou Household,

“Decimo, are you here?”

“Aunt Miki, I am here,” Decimo said, enjoying the sunlight on the balcony.

Issei’s Mother, Miki, walked up to him, “Didn’t you go to school?”

Decimo opened his eyes, looking at the middle-aged woman, who looked much younger now, “Not in the mood today. Did you and Uncle plan to go somewhere today?”

“Well, Issei’s father did go…I…I had something to do, so I stayed behind….”

“Oh, do what?” Decimo asked the question, even though he knew the answer very well.

“Oh, Decimo, you tease me too much,” Miki let out a hot breath, straddling him, resting her palm on his stomach, “You know what I want.”

Decimo rested his palm on her waist, swaying his hips a little, hearing her moan gently. Even before the Reset, there were many times when he used Miki and helped her look younger through his powers. This was probably why she couldn’t resist the way he smelled when he started living here, and this time came onto him.

He knew that her husband or son wouldn’t mind even if they knew, but she loved that she was such a slut behind their backs, so she didn’t tell them. He leaned forward, nibbling on her hard nipple through her clothes, running his tongue over it, even though he tasted the dress more than her.

He started massaging her ass, dragging his fingers in her flesh, kissing her breasts, and licking the visible cleavage.

She hugged his head, moaning dearly, humping him, “Decimo…Decimo…Decimo…Mama loves you so much….”

Decimo sat up before standing on his feet, resting his hand on her back to hold her up, “Right, that’s why I prepared a surprise for you.”

“Surprise, for me?” Miki grinningly hugged him, “I would love it no matter what.”

Decimo took her in the elevator, putting her against the wall, passionately kissing her, sucking on her tongue, feeling her hips lewdly rub against him. He cupped her ass, turning her around when the elevator opened on the first floor, taking her to her bedroom.

“My bedroom?”

Decimo put her down, turning her over, “There, see.”

Mother Miki turned around, gasping, when she saw what was going on in the bed. Her adopted daughter, Asia, was lying on the bed with a boy ravaging her innocent place. She stroked the young cocks of two boys, who touched her breasts, “Asia?!”

Decimo pushed her forward, holding her arms behind her back, ensuring she didn’t run to the daughter she dotes on so much, “Asia, why don’t you introduce them?”

Asia, blushing, sat up, and the boy helped her, making her cup their cheek, introducing the one with the glasses first and the nearly bald next, “Mother, these two are, Motohama and Matsuda; they are Issei Onii-chan’s best friends….”

Motohama and Matsuda ran their eyes over Miki, groping Asia’s breasts, grinning, “Aunt! It’s good to meet you! We love Issei, and as his best friends, we take care of Asia the best!”

“Right, right! We won’t let just any guy approach her!”

Asia nibbled her lip, letting them grope her grown breasts, pulling her nipple, rubbing their cocks over her face. She wanted to say something when the third boy pulled her away with force, making her squeal. Her body got turned by him before he pulled her up by her arms, forcing his cock in her, holding her while facing her mother.

“I am Saji! Also, Issei’s rival! It’s only fair that I take good care of his little sister!”

“Ahhh~!! Ahh~!! Ahh~!!! Ahhh~~!!! Ahhh~!!!”

Asia couldn’t hold back moaning, being pounded by Saji, showing her mother the side she never wanted to show them.

“Asia…” Miki felt a tinge of arousal, only for Decimo to force her to bend forward, “Now, I am sure they will be happy to take good care of you too, right?”

“Right! Say, Oba-san,” Matsuda brushed his twitching cock against Miki’s face, “Don’t you want to suck this?”

Miki bit on her lip, feeling Decimo’s cock in her fold, wanting it but out of her reach. She closed her eyes, taking in the dick of her son’s best friend, feeling her heart twinge and her pussy burning.

She got hold of the other boy, licking his cock, while the drops of liquid, her adopted daughter’s juices, kept falling on her face, turning her on even more. They stroked her head, running their hands over her body, forcing her to suck their cock harder.

Since they weren’t as big as Decimo, it was easy for her to deep throat them, taking them in. She felt a sense of pride, hearing the boy’s moans as she rubbed her tongue all over their cocks, letting her saliva cover them.

“Ahh~!! Oba-san is so great!! Nothing like those girls in the class!”

“Right, right, she is so desperate when she sucks! This is the best!”

“Mughhh!!! Aughhh!!! Gukkk!!! Guhhhh!!! Aghhhhkkk!!!”

“Hey, don’t forget your dear daughter!!” Saji dropped Asia down on the bed, his cum still coming out from her pussy.

“Asia…” Miki rubbed her ass against Decimo’s hard cock, waiting for him to tear her clothes apart and take her, but now Asia was licking Saji’s cock out of sorts.

She had never seen her innocent daughter like this and now watching her act like a slut. It aroused her even more, making her stomach turn.

Since Decimo wouldn’t give her what she wanted, she had no choice but to raise her body and throw herself on the boys, “You boys are always so kind to my son…let me repay you….”

“Oh! Do we get to fuck her!”


The two didn’t wait for her to understand before they raised her, holding her by her thighs, shoving their cocks inside her pussy and asshole. She screamed from the sudden assault, moaning, peeling her eyes away from them to see Decimo smiling at her.

She parted her lips to say something to not moan in front of him, but Saji pulled her head, shoving his cock inside her mouth, “Hey, Oba-san. It’s your turn!”

Decimo walked past them, pulling Asia towards him, looking at her dazed face, “Onii-sama….”

But rather than talking, Decimo turned her over, resting his palm on her shoulder to keep her in place before pushing his cock inside her asshole.

“Aauuuggghhhhhhhhhhhhh~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONNNIIIIIIII-SAAAAMMMAAAAA~~!!!!!!”

Decimo held her head down, brutally ravaging her ass, making her squirt with every thrust. He glanced towards the side, a glimpse, to see Miki’s face that was enough to tell him how much she was enjoying this.

It didn’t take long before the three of them erupted, filling her holes with their cum, and dropping her down on the bed because of her weakness.

Saji fell on the bed, while the other two fell on the floor, leaving a stunned, happy, and dazed Miki on the bed.

Decimo felt reaching the other side of the edge, too, cumming inside Asia’s ass, pulling out to cover Miki’s face, breasts, and stomach with his cum.

“I think the two are ready?”

Decimo narrowed his eyes, dropping Asia in Miki’s arm, with one on her back, and the daughter on her stomach, resting on her arm. There was cum all over their faces and dripping out of their holes, and their faces showed the euphoria.

“Let me!”

Saji took their pics, “Hey, take out your tongues and lick each other’s tongue!”

Asia hesitated, taking out her tongue, meeting with Miki’s in between, looking towards the camera to let Saji take their pictures.

Kuoh Academy, Classroom,

“Woahhhhh~!!!!! Those bastards!!!” Issei jumped on his feet, seeing the pictures of his mother and little sister covered in cum, with visages of men surrounding them.

“Issei! How often have I told you not to use your phone in the class?!” Chisato loudly said, causing Issei to realize where he was.

He clenched his phone, taking his bag to rush out, “Sorry, Ma’am! Family Emergency!!”

Issei ran as fast as possible, using magical energy to cross the distance in a minute or two. His heart was beating so fast that he wondered if it would break out of his chest. Just thinking about Asia and his Mother being used by his friends filled his heart with this feeling. Worst of all, his cock was hard, too hard.

When he entered the bedroom, his mother and Asia were resting on Decimo’s thighs, licking his cock, with Matsuda and Motohama holding their legs up, fucking their pussies.

“Isswei!!!” Miki tried to get up, to speak, but Decimo held her head in place, forcing her to suck his cock.

Saji was waiting for him, grinning, “Hey, you are late. Say, did you know how your mother’s pussy feels?”

“You bastards!! Decimo! How could you let them do that!” Issei jumped on the bed, took off his clothes, and rubbed his hands, “If you were going to fuck mom, I should have been first!”

Decimo shrugged, only to see Issei push away his friend, pulling his struggling mother’s ass, puffing his chest out, “Here I come! Mom!”

He excitedly rushed in, only for his cock to enter the wrong hole, but it was enough for Miki; to have her son’s cock was enough for her to climax.

“Hey! Not fair!” Motohama complained, adjusting his glasses, only to come forward, raising Miki’s arm, putting his cock below her underarm, “Fine! I’ll just use this part! I bet no one used this before!”

Miki cried out in shame, her voice muffled by Decimo’s cock, having her underarm being used as a hole for the first time. Let alone her ass was being fucked by her son.

Afternoon, Living Room,

Rias entered the house to find a refreshed Decimo, reading a book, blinking, “Where are they?”

“They tired themselves out and fell asleep,” Decimo closed the book on the architecture, keeping it on his chest, “How did you know?”

“Teacher Chisato complained about Issei, and you are missing the class.”

“Mm, I was busy. I couldn’t come to the class.”

“I know how busy you were,” Rias rolled her eyes, “Anyway, Rosswiesse’s training is over. She will be joining us soon.”

“Rose will be joining us?” Decimo rested his head on the sofa pillow, “Then it’s a sign of things returning to normalcy. Which means…Loki isn’t far behind.”

Rias sat beside him, caressing his hair, “Did you go to Hueco Mundo?”

“I will,” Decimo closed his eyes, thinking about the Alliance he stuck with Aizen in the last timeline.

Aizen didn’t know who he was during that time, but he did know that Decimo was a hollow born from Jay’s Zanpakutos fragments, not Jay himself.

Either way, in this one, too, he knew that, and they did make a deal. One day, they would kill the Soul King, but that is not what he was interested in.

Even right now, there is a war going on in the Soul Society or one he planned to start.

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