Chapter 2 - Jobs and Requests

Chapter 2 - Jobs and Requests

Apr 09, 2022

At Night,

Decimo was half-asleep, feeling someone's fingers in his hair. He sat up in shock, "Who?"

His eyes looked around, falling on Rias, "Oh, Senpai."

Rais pulled him back down, putting his head on her thigh, "I was worried about you, so I came to see you."

Decimo smiled, turning his body, "What are you talking about."

He turned his body, looking up because his bed was near the window, moonlight fell on Rias's face.

Decimo turned his body, lying on his back with his head on her thigh, looking at her face.

Rias glanced down with her eyes shining softly in the moonlight, "Well, you belong to me now-"


Rias didn't hesitate before continuing, "But I know nothing about you. Just that something attracted me to you, something told me that you had the light that made you shine. You had potential."

"You have that kind of talent...huh..." Decimo asked a rhetorical question.

Rias understood that he was talking to himself rather than her. She stroked his hair as Decimo raised his hand, touching her cheeks.

His body turned, and Rias's breathing quickened. She felt his lips on her panties.

A moan escaped her mouth, "DecimoAhh" Rias's face turned red like her hair. Her body bent as Decimo licked her white panties more and more - her moans became louder.

Even though Rias was moaning, Decimo heard the disappointment in her voice.

He turned his body, sitting up, "Ok, let's talk."

Rias let out a breath, letting her body fall on his, "Thank you..." She took deep breaths while sweating.

Decimo leaned back with his hand stroking her head, "What do you want to know?"

"Why did you stop," Rias asked with a tiny smile on her face.

"Well, I thought the start of our long relationship should be based on trust." Decimo sat on the bed with a warm smile that made Rias's heart beat faster.

She had seen handsome men, strong men, beautiful men. But there was a different charm about Decimo.

He sometimes revealed more about the presence that made him attract her.

She raised her head, "So? Tell me about yourself?"

Decimo looked outside the window, "I am from a different world. But every time I reach a world, my powers hit bottom as the cost. I need to become strong enough to leave that world. But I can smuggle a few items."

Rias raised her eyebrows, "I have heard that there were different worlds out there. But I didn't think I'd meet someone from some different world. And that person would join my peerage."

Decimo put his finger on his lips, "I hope you keep my little secret."

Rias waved toward him, making him lie down on her lap again. She stroked his hair, "Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me."

After a while of silence, she spoke again, "So? Are you strong?"

"Strong…I can't say. This ability…it took everything from me…so I don't like using it."

Rias parted her lips, wondering, when she felt his palm stroke her cheek, "Anyway…tell me about yourself?"

Rias looked down, "I come from the Gremory family; my family rules this area."

"So you are royalty?"

"Yeah, you could say that." Rias smiled, her eyes watching Decimo.

Decimo stopped her, "That's enough for me."

Rias stroked his forehead, "I want to gauge your powers against my peerage; would you mind that?"

Decimo shook his hand, tickling Rias's thigh, making her squirm, "No... I don't."

The next day,

Decimo stood in front of the old schoolhouse, facing Rias, Akeno, Kiba, and Koneko.

Rias took a few steps forward, "Today, we are here to test's Decimo's abilities, so we know how strong our team is."

Koneko raised her hand, "Let me be the judge?"

Koneko's ear twitched; she wanted to use this opportunity to beat the perverted Senpai.

Rias held her head, knowing Koneko's purpose. But she didn't know the right person to judge Decimo's power.

Decimo cracked his knuckles, staring at his fingers, wondering about the fight. It had been a long since he last fought. He shouldn't be too weak. The look on his face just irritated Koneko even more.

But she still stood looking towards Rias, waiting for her orders. Rias knew that Koneko was the weakest of the bunch.

But maybe it was an excellent idea to let her test him. Seeing Rias's nod, Koneko walked to the center, ten steps away from Decimo, "Senpai, I will kick your ass." She spoke earnestly.

Decimo blinked, curling his lips into a smile, putting his left hand behind his back, raising his right hand to curl his fingers upwards, "Come."

Koneko tightened her fist; her body moved at superhuman speed and appeared in front of Decimo.

But Decimo easily dodged her punches. She tried her best to connect with him, but Decimo barely moved, dodging all her punches.

Koneko's raised her eyebrows, her expression didn't change, but the air around her turned irritated.

She punched again, but this time her body turned in the air. Her world turned upside down, "Why there..." She muttered, not understanding what happened to her.

Decimo's face appeared before her eyes; an annoying smile was hanging on his lips, "If you want to fight me, it's a thousand years too early."

Koneko moved on the ground, trying to sneak attack. But Decimo grabbed her leg, standing up. Koneko blushed with her skirt down and panty visible to everyone, "Pervert-Senpai! Let me go!"

Decimo curled his lips, "I don't want to..."

Rias's lips twitched, seeing Koneko trying to get free of Decimo's grip, but he wouldn't let her go.

She glanced towards the sky, watching the sun go down, "How about you go patrolling together?"

Koneko shook her head, "No!"

Decimo let go of Koneko, "Ok, but why?"

Rias smiled gracefully, "It'd be good if Koneko learns something from you."

Decimo's eyes shined when he thought about something, wrapping his hand around a feisty Koneko's shoulder. His smile widened, "Don't worry, I'll teach her everything."

Koneko looked up, and a shiver went down her spine - something felt wrong about the offer.


Koneko walked on the dark road while her body was ready for the attack. But Decimo reassured her again and again that he wouldn't do anything. They patrolled but didn't find any stray devil at night.

It wasn't until midnight that they were at a warehouse, making the last checks - when something happened.

At midnight,

Decimo stood under the bright moonlight, thinking about his existence. He had nothing, but it would be more precise to say that he was nothingness incarnate.

But to manipulate nothingness, he had to give it a physical existence, which allowed him the ability to create. But in its purest form, it was a black sphere. The best thing was that he could control it from a distance. The sphere moved, spreading out, covering the warehouse invisibly.

"Senpai...something feels wrong..." Koneko took a few steps back until her back collided against Decimo's body.

Decimo touched her thin, soft shoulder, whispering, "Don't'll get used to it."

Koneko glanced all over the warehouse; her ears twitched, "Senpaiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!"

She was about to call him. But her call turned into a shout when nothingness liquified, rising from beneath Koneko's feet. It raised her in the air.

She tried to move her body, but the more she moved, the more the slimy thing tightened around her.

While she was struggling, the nothingness moved. She looked towards the front, and her Senpai was sitting on the rubble with a camera in his hand.

The nothingness moved, and she came close to Decimo, front and center of the camera.

With the gesture of Decimo's fingers, the nothingness brought her closer to him. She could feel the nothingness squirm - it invaded her clothes, rubbing against her body. It was different, being touched by something that shouldn't exist, touched by a paradoxical existence; the feeling it gave was different from humans, unbelievably so.

Decimo touched her chin; his lips took her innocent lips, making her shake even more in shame.

Her body reacted to his tongue that invaded her mouth, "Senpai..."

Koneko tried to say to him, "Don' this..."

Decimo narrowed his eyes, "I am not doing anything. Can't you tell; you are against a rogue monster; I am just recording your battle so you can review later."

"Rogue monster..." Koneko muttered when the nothingness changed its shape again. It turned into a loose human form, floating in the air, with its hands wrapped around her body.

But that was not all; its slimy liquid covered her body, burning her clothes off.

"No!!! No!!! Senpai!! Don't record!!!" Koneko tried to shout, telling her Senpai not to make a record of her naked body. But her Senpai didn't budge.

He sat there with an evil smile, watching her naked body. He even walked over and touched her body, "You have such a tempting body; I bet the views would be great when they see a Loli's body."

Decimo rubbed his chin, "Now that I see you like this, I don't want some monster to break you. I want to break you myself..." Decimo whispered in Koneko's ear, causing her to blush and shiver.

Koneko bit her lips in resistance; it was then that she felt something rubbing between her thighs. She squealed, " me...I will do me!!!" Koneko shouted, thinking about her fate if she was left to a monster.

Decimo smiled, pulling her away from the dark figure that disappeared, "Sure...but I'll make sure you do everything."

Koneko kept her body wrapped around him, not daring to step down on the road.

Decimo used his school coat to wrap around her back, "Now, don't move too much...or someone will see."

Koneko gave a minute nod; Decimo walked the dark streets while Koneko kept sticking to him.

His hand was on her butt, his finger rubbing between her thighs. She could feel something hard against her body, but she couldn't move. Or she'd have to walk half-naked on the street.

It didn't take long before they were back at the clubhouse, allowing her to get off his body.

But Decimo held her arm, pulling her with him, "Oh, we have a lot to do before you go."

"Senpai?!" Koneko asked in surprise when Decimo slid down and sat in the clubhouse hallway - pulling her down.

Her naked butt fell on his lap, his hand on her face; turning it up, his tongue invaded her pink lips.

Koneko widened her eyes with a desire to resist, but her body lost all strength.

She could only stay still, kiss her, and let his tongue fill her mouth. His arms went towards her tiny breasts, pulling her nipples, making her moan, "Sen...pain...don't...please..."

"Ahhh...Ehh...No...stop...." Koneko moaned and begged at the same time.

Decimo whispered in her ears, "Don't worry; I'll make sure to go easy on you."

Koneko took a sharp breath after hearing that. It was because, at the same time, she felt a finger invade her body.

"Ahhh~~Ahh~~Ugh~Ah~~ Senpai!!!" Koneko's moan's got louder the deeper the finger invaded her pussy.

She was so tight that the finger was too big for her. She could feel her pussy stretching just from having that finger in her.

Her face twisted in pleasure when the finger started moving; her walls wrapped tightly around it, not wanting to let go.

Her body seemed to stretch and straighten, giving him the chance to finger her more easily.

Before she knew it, he was sitting near her body, his finger fucking her pussy. Her body wriggled on the ground, her juices collected, before she had a climax that wetted the whole floor.

He lowered his head, his lips touched her wet pussy lips, his tongue invaded her sensitive area, "This is purest I have tasted..."

His voice echoes in the hallway, with her moans covering the hallway. Koneko stared at the roof; her eyes became cloudy, "I...can't...go...back..."

The next morning,

When the other club came, their sight went to Decimo and Koneko lying under a tree and sleeping.

Koneko was wearing her dress, so there didn't seem anything wrong. If something was wrong, then it was that Koneko's body was wrapped around Decimo's.

Kiba smiled after watching this scene, "It seems he won her over."

Akeno's eyes shined with lust, "I wonder how..." She thought about it and rushed inside - when the items were not summoned through the summoning circle, they were in the room.

That meant Decimo's camera must be in his room - Akeno couldn't wait to see what happened last night.

Rias looked towards Kiba's groin, seeing a hard-on, "It seems you are curious too."

Kiba smiled without shame, "A little."

Rias glanced towards the two, lying under the tree, feeling the wetness between her thighs, "So am I..." She whispered.

When Decimo and Koneko walked into the club room, a body with massive boobs wrapped itself around them, "Where is it!!"

Koneko tilted her head, suffocating between Akeno's boobs. But Decimo glanced down, looking around in the room, "What are you asking about?"

Akeno looked up with her eyes shining, "Ara-Ara, what do you mean what? The video of you doing whatever you did to Koneko. I was looking forward to watching it and fingering myself."

Decimo patted her back, seeing the disappointed expression on her face, "Oh, we met something last night...but I had to save Koneko since I wanted her the first time. Sadly, there is nothing from last night but a preview."

Decimo sat down on the sofa, "But I have a preview..." He took the laptop, opening the channel he had created.

On it was a trailer, "Koneko Vs. Slime."

Koneko looked at it with a red face. She got pulled by Decimo and made to sit in front of the laptop.

Rias and Kiba also stood up, standing with Akeno watching the trailer.

"Oh, I always wanted to see how Koneko looked naked," Kiba said with a kind smile on her face.

Rias glanced at Koneko, who seemed to want to bury herself. She picked Koneko's face up, kissing her lips, "It's beautiful..."

"Rias-Senpai..." Koneko whispered with shining eyes. She closed her eyes, kissing Rias back.

Decimo smiled, watching everyone take turns and pamper Koneko. The whole day went by - pleasing Koneko. Decimo lay on the sofa in the evening, reading a magazine with Koneko lying on him with a red face. Her clothes were messy after having her body pampered by everyone.

Kiba was doing his homework while Rias was reading a book. Akeno was preparing tea for everyone when there was a sound of the bell.

Decimo glanced over, "Oh, I have a job..."

Akeno's body twitched, "I am going!" Rias touched her cheeks, "Oh, I wanted to go this time."

Kiba rubbed his chin, "I had hoped this would be my turn."

Akeno wrapped herself around Decimo's neck, with a broad smile on her face, "No! I said first!!"

Decimo glanced at her, infected by her smile; a smile appeared on his face, "'s Akeno's turn..."

Decimo touched the summoning paper, and the two disappeared from the room.

At the edge of the city, on the first floor of the house,

Decimo and Akeno appeared in a dark room; they were a young man sitting on his knees in front of them.

Decimo looked around the room; there wasn't much, just a bed and a computer table.

He sat down on the bed, with Akeno beside him; the two looked at the shivering young man, "Why did you call for us?"

"Devil-are-real..." The young man whispered, shivering.

Akeno appeared behind him, putting her fingers in the young man's hair, using her seductive voice to whisper in her ear, "Yes...we are real...and at your service."

The young man screamed in a low voice, crawling towards the door. But Akeno stood up, putting her leg down on his back, keeping him from running, "Don't worry, we devils don't eat humans."

The young man looked over towards Decimo, "You don't?"

Decimo shook his head, "We fulfill human desires."

The young man paused; thinking about it, he said, "My name is Kyousuke Kousaka; there is something I want you to do, will you?"

Decimo smiled with narrowed eyes, "Sure, what do you want?"

Kyousuke bit his lips, "My little sister Kirino! She is always insulting to me; I want you to teach her a lesson!"

Akeno put her feet on his back and walked over to him, sitting on her knees in front of the young man's face, "Oh, you want us to make sure she's respectful?"

Kyousuke glanced up; a black panty came into his view, causing him to close his eyes with a blush on his face, "Yes!!!"

"Fufufufu...I have the perfect idea for that."  But before she could do anything, Decimo touched the wall, "The room next to yours, it's hers?"

Kyousuke nodded, "Yes!"

Decimo glanced toward Akeno, "Stay here..."

Akeno pouted, "Why?"

Decimo's smile twisted, "You'll understand..." He walked out of the room.

Akeno sat on the bed, glancing at the young man sitting on the floor, "You don't have to be so scared; you can use us, devils, to satisfy your desire." She whispered in a seductive voice.

Kyouksuke shook his head, "I don't know..."

Akeno curled her lips but didn't bother teasing him. She lay back down on the bed, waiting for Decimo to give her a signal.

Just as she was waiting, moans started filling the room.

"Ahhh~~ Ahhhh~~ Ehhh~ Ughh~~ Hann~~~~!" Kyousuke stood up, rushing to his bed, putting his ear on the wall, "That's her!!!"

Kyousuke seemed shocked hearing his little sister's moans, "That's not what I meant."

Akeno rested her massive breasts on his back, causing the young man to shiver, "Just listen."

On the other side of the wall,

Decimo was standing behind the girl with orange hair and blue eyes. She had a petite body, suiting a girl her age. She had her hand on the wall, moaning loudly, "So big!! So big!!!"

Her eyes rolled her tongue out of her mouth. She felt the man behind her holding her face, kissing her lips, playing with her tongue, "Call me...Onii-sama..."

Suddenly Kirino, the girl with orange hair, climaxed after hearing the term. Decimo smiled seeing the adult gaming CDs in the room with her Onii-chan and Imouto as the theme; no doubt this girl was into it.

His hips moved, his cock was destroying her pussy, but the girl happily moaned. When he stopped, she started fidgeting, "Please...don't stop."

Decimo whispered, "Say the magic word."

Kirino glanced back with watery eyes, "Onii-sama...fuck your little sister..."

Decimo smacked her ass, "loudly!"

Kirino moaned, "Ahhhh!! Onii-sama!!! Fuck your little sister!!!!"

On the other side of the wall, Kyousuke had his head lowered, hearing his little sister moan.

Akeno knew what she had to do; she kept rubbing his chest, whispering in his ear, "Do it, you know you want to..."

Kyousuke had his hand on his cock, "No... it's wrong..."

Akeno rubbed her nail against his hardened cock, "But she's calling for you..."

Kyousuke's ear twitched, "Onii-sama!!! Onii-sama!!!!"

Before Kyousuke realized it, his hand was moving. Hearing his imouto call for him turned him on more than the devilish woman enjoying his shame and forbidden desires.

"Onii-samaaaa~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" With the loudest shout, he groaned too, cumming inside his pants.

Akeno touched his pants, wiping the cum off it, licking her fingers, "Perfect, we'll come back when you call us."

The next day,

Kyousuke couldn't look into Kirino's eyes the whole day. Kirino herself couldn't stop blushing.

But at night, Kyousuke sat between a magic circle, struggling. But in the end, he couldn't resist; he wanted to hear her moan and struggle. He put his blood on the paper, slamming it down - a depraved smile appeared on his face when the light shined in the room.

"Ahhh~~Ahhhh~~Ahhh~ Too Rough~Ahhh~~ Onii-chan!!!"

Decimo sat on the chair, taking a video of Kirino being violated. He took a closeup of every change in her expression.

Her face wrapped in pleasure, her body trembling with every thrust of her Onii-chan.

But more than her expression, Decimo focused more on Kyousuke, recording the desperate and animalistic expression on his face as he raped his little sister.

With the pace that he was going

It didn't take long before he filled her with his cum.

His tired body fell on her breathing heavily near her ear. Kirino wrapped her hands around Kyousuke's neck, "Good job, Onii-Chan."

Decimo closed the camera. "And cut."

Kirino glanced at him, "Will we be able to see it soon?"

Decimo stood up with a smile, walking over to her pulling her by her hair, putting his cock in her mouth, which she gladly took, closing her eyes, feeling her Onii-chan's cock harden inside her.

Later, Decimo returned home, but there was an unexpected guest when he entered the bedroom.

His eyes went to Rias, lying naked on the bed. Seeing her sleeping face, Decimo squatted next to her watching her face with a smile.

All his worries seemed to have gone away after seeing her face; there was a certain sense of peace. It made him wonder if this was because of Evil Pieces or something else, but this was good…his connection to her made him feel something.

He glanced at her naked body moving towards the other side of the bed, sitting down.

Decimo took his laptop from the side table, putting headphones on his ear. Decimo started editing, by the morning, a video with the name Family Affairs Part 1.

By the time he was done with the editing, the sun outside had risen.

Rias opened her eyes; seeing him, her body moved. She put her head on Decimo's thigh, watching him send the video to the Kyousuke and Kirino.

"Mmm...your new customers?"

"Yeah, they are a nice little family. I wonder if they'd call for me again." Decimo muttered.

Rias turned her body, taking a deep breath; her eyes stared at his face, "What are you searching for?"

Decimo blinked, glancing at her, "Feeling... I can't feel anything, sympathy, empathy, jealousy, even the desire to save or hurt someone for a while now. I am just trying to take things as extreme as possible, hoping that I'd feel something."

Rias gazed at him; sitting up, she took off his clothes. Once Decimo was naked, Rias made him lay down on the bed before wrapping her naked body around his, "Does that make you feel the warmth?"

Decimo wrapped his hand around her squeezing her body, "A little…ever since that piece you put in me…I can feel something."

He took a deep breath, taking her scent in. But nothing, although there was a physical response, it didn't seem to move his heart.

Decimo gave up, lying still until he felt a tongue on his neck. Before long, Rias's hands were moving all over her body - her lips were on his, sucking on his tongue.

She climbed over him, rubbing her wet pussy over his dick. Her large breasts moved as moans came out of her mouth.

She gazed down at Decimo, watching his unwavering gaze looking at him. She leaned down, putting her breasts on his chest, rubbing her whole body against his, "Does you feel...warm..."

Decimo caressed her cheeks, even when she put his cock inside her, moving her hips.

Decimo touched her lips, peering into her eyes, the girl trying her best not to lose herself.

She was trying so hard to stay focused, have her body wrapped around him, and make him feel something.

Decimo watched her move her hips harder, her body vibrating, climaxing. Her body fell on his, her hand wrapped around his neck, her face on his shoulder, "Sorry..."

Decimo stroked her back, "You did well..."

Rias closed her eyes, "One day...I'll make you feel something."

Decimo smiled, kissing her head, "I hope."

That day, after school,

Rias took Decimo to the clubhouse. She seemed to be taking care of him more than regular.

Akeno got them the tree, "Ara-ara, aren't you acting close."

Rias stroked Decimo's head, "Oh, nothing. Decimo just needed some extra attention."

Decimo curled his lips, staring at the laptop's screen, "I am just watching the numbers on the videos go up."

Koneko walked over, sitting on the sofa, using Decimo's abs for back support, "Will you get money?"

"Well, if people are generous, then maybe. But then there is Devil Tube; it pays for the views." Decimo said in a dull voice.

Akeno watched the video, fidgeting, "That's a good video. But it's missing something..." She said, taking out a data drive.

"Mmm," Decimo looked over with interest, putting the USB on. A few files appeared in front of him.

Decimo started the first file, "Ahhhh~ Yes~ Baby~ Right there~~ Right there!"

"Who's the woman?" Decimo blinked, looking at the mature woman having sex with Kyousuke.

Akeno whispered on Decimo's lips, "His dear mother..."

Decimo glanced at her sharply, "Where did you get it?"

Akeno licked her lips, "It's a gift..."

Decimo smiled, "Thank you...this is good." He smiled, uploading the video. But after that, Decimo took the link to the video, emailing it to someone.

Rias blinked, "Why did you do that? Who did you send it to?"

Decimo raised his body with a smile on his face; sitting up, he took a cup of tea, "This will be interesting."

Rias stuck to him, whispering, "Still feel nothing?"

Decimo shook his head, "I think I did for a moment."

He leaned towards her, glancing at Kiba, ordering Rias, "I want to see if that makes me feel something…."

Rias blushed, playing with her red hair, "Fine…if you think so…I'll try."

She walked over, getting on her knees in front of Kiba, who asked back in surprise, "President?"

"Don't worry about it…." Rias whispered, freeing his cock from his pant, sucking it. Her eyes kept staring towards the side, staring at Decimo.

Akeno sat beside him, wrapping her hands around his hand, "Ah, finally, Rias is doing her job to keep everyone in the peerage satisfied."

Decimo nodded, taking a sip of tea and watching the spectacle.

He watched until Kiba couldn't hold it anymore, and it came inside her mouth.

Rias swallowed everything, licking her lips, before crawling back to Decimo. She hugged him, putting her head and hands on his chest, smiling, while she spoke, "Did it make your heart beat faster?"

Decimo shook his head, patting her head, "No."

Rias disappointedly looked down, curling her lip, "Fine…."

At night,

Decimo was lying on his sofa, staring at the roof. He wanted to sleep but couldn't.

He stood up, going to the edge of the window, "Damn it, what the hell is wrong with me. I can't feel anything..."

Even though he did his best to take things to the most extreme levels, As he did in the morning, Decimo teleported his body to Kyousuke and Kirino's house.

On the second floor, there was no noise, but moans were coming from downstairs.

Decimo walked down the stairs with his magic on - Decimo became invisible. In the dining room, his eyes found the people of this house.

Kyousuke was sitting on the chair,

With his mother sitting on him, his cock in her pussy.

But his eyes were glaring towards the front. With his little sister on the table, her face was pleased.

Behind her,

There was a blurry man that was holding her body. The father was thrusting in and out of her with everything he had.

Kirino's body shook with every thrust, "Otto-sama!!! Otto-sama!!!"

Yoshino, the mother of the two children, glanced back, kissing Kyousuke, "Look at the beautiful face your little sister is making. She has grown so much..." She smiled as her hips moved, her walls wrapped around his dick.

Decimo watched the family with a smile; it seemed the family came together nicely. Finally, a little bit of fleeting feeling.

Kirino's father picked her body, taking his cock from her pussy. Kirino didn't even have time to breathe before the same cock was shoved in her ass.


She screamed, squirting all over the table. Her father spread her leg, stretching her pussy, "Come, boy...give your little sister what she deserves."

Decimo stood there, recording till the morning, watching the two men fuck Kirino before fucking Yoshino's holes.

After getting his recording, Decimo left an envelope on the table. The four of them were on the floor, covered in their cum.

Sometime after Decimo left, Yoshino opened her eyes. She stood up, balancing herself by putting her hand on the table.

But her blurry eyes gained a little clarity when the envelope caught her hands.

She frowned, opening the envelope. Soon, her eyes started shining, and she squealed, excitedly waking everyone up.

"Mom?" Kyousuke asked in wonderment.

"It's from your devil lord!! We were awarded a trip to 5Star Hotel and Hot Spring!"

The other three hugged each other, "Yay!!"

Kirino stood up, clenching her fist, "I can't wait to tell all my friends about it."

Yoshino stopped smiling, "One thing, we must send him a video of our whole tour to him."

Kirino's eyes shined, "I don't mind! My videos are already up."

Kyousuke rushed towards his computer, checking the site, "Ours last night's video is also there."

Yoshino rushed over after hearing that. She looked at the views and comments; before long, her body was fidgeting after reading the dirty comments about her.

A smile appeared on her face, "I don't mind sending the videos."

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