Chapter 17 - Heavenly Dragon and The Sho ...

Chapter 17 - Heavenly Dragon and The Show

Apr 09, 2022

After a few days,

Decimo was sitting in the VIP room with Azazel, Sirzechs, and the others watching the game between Rias's Peerage and Sona's Peerage.

There was a lot of chaos in the Underworld after Ophis reappeared. The power that two Heavenly Dragons held was the ability to Divide and Boost.

Each is more dangerous than the others.

Just as he was thinking about all this, the old man sitting behind him nudged him, "What are you thinking about so deeply, boy?"

Decimo glanced at the old man, "About Ophis." The older man that was beside him was from Asgardian Mythology.

Vali talked about the Chaos Brigade's plan of attacking Asgard; it seemed the Devils, Angels, and Fallen Angels decided to invite Odin in hopes of an Alliance against the Chaos Brigade.

Odin rubbed his beard, "Ah, I heard what happened. It was bound to happen sooner or later. We drew out a lot of Chaos Brigade supporters in the time their symbol of power Ophis has sealed away."

"That's not what I am thinking about; Ophis didn't seem evil to me. I found it hard that she could create an organization like Chaos Brigade."

Odin smiled, "she doesn't have to; her power alone is enough to attract people from different forces."

"Hmm, are you suggesting she's a figurehead?"

Odin narrowed his eyes, "Maybe..." His eyes started shining shortly.

Decimo leaned back, glancing at the fight that ended in Rias's Victory, "I will see you later, old man."

Decimo said his goodbyes to other Devils Kings, walking out of the VIP room. He stepped inside the room that was provided to the peerage. He didn't even have time to blink when Decimo entered before two people hugged him.

He glanced down, "Akeno, Koneko..." He stroked their head. Rias crossed her arms, curling her lips, "The two of you, can you stop sticking to Decimo this badly."

Akeno glanced back, shooting a sharp look at Rias's, "No!"

"I saw you fight; the two of you did well using your new abilities," Decimo said.

He turned his eyes towards Kiba, "But I think Kiba deserves to be the MVP of the match."

Kiba tried to hide his excited smile, "Thank you."

Before they picked the other members from the medical room, it took a while, and they returned to the mansion.

It was late August when they took the train back to the human world. It was when they walked out of the train.

Asia was hugging his arm tightly now that she finally had the chance.

Decimo glanced toward the person who drew near them with a smile.

"We finally meet...Asia Argento."

Asia tilted her head in wonder, "Umm?" She had no idea who the man was.

The young man smiled, seemingly not bothered by it, "It seems you have forgotten me." He opened the button of his shirt, revealing a big scar on his chest.

Asia's eyes widened after seeing, "That scar, could it be...?"

Decimo stroked her head, "Yeah, he's the devil you healed. His name is Diodora Astaroth."

The young man turned toward Decimo, "You seem to know me?"

Decimo smiled, shaking his head, "I know much more than you think. It would be better if you maintain your distance."

Diodora stared at him with narrowed eyes, "What might you be talking about?"

Decimo glanced at Asia, raising his hand until his palm was in front of Diodora. Diodora wobbled, his body falling to the floor.

After hearing the thump, Rias walked out of the train, "Isn't that Diodora? What did you do?"

Decimo shook his head, "Nothing you need to bother about; leave him be."

Decimo walked up the stair with Asia, "Won't ask why I did that?"

Asia held his hand tighter, "Decimo-San must have a good reason." She said, looking up with a smile.

After coming to the human world,

Decimo woke up in his bed after a long sleep, sitting up on the bed.

Just as he put his hand on the side, something soft brushed against his hand.

He glanced to the side; Rias was sleeping with a peaceful look on his face.

He glanced to his left, seeing Akeno sleeping there. He carefully crossed over Akeno, standing on the floor.

Shortly, Decimo was standing below a shower, feeling the water droplets fall on his face.

While he was enjoying the shower, a girl wrapped her hands around him. Decimo opened his eyes, glancing back, "Rias."

Rias hugged him tighter, pressing her breasts against his back, "Decimo..."

Decimo turned around, caressing her cheeks, "You still look upset."

Rias put her head against his chest with a sad look on her face.

Decimo raised her chin, kissing her lips, sucking on them, "What is it?"

Rias stared into his eyes before glancing away, "Nothing."

Decimo's thumb rubbed against her waist, kissing her neck. Rias wrapped her hand around his head, moaning lightly, "Decimo..."

He smiled, moving his hand to her thigh, kissing her lips passionately. Rias caressed his hair, holding his face between her hand and kissing him back.

She moaned, feeling his dick rub against her, grinding her hips. Decimo pushed her against the wall, stroking her breast, "You are beautiful..." Decimo whispered, gazing into her eyes.

Decimo gazed back into his eyes, feeling the tip of his dick inside her vagina. She lightly moaned as she kissed him, blushing on her face.

Decimo kissed her softly, "It might hurt..."

Rias put her hands on his shoulder, closing her eyes, "Decimo...I want you..."

Decimo held her thigh in his arms, thrust inside her, causing Rias to let out painful moans.

He raised her other thigh, holding Rias in the air. He slowly slid deeper into her, causing Rias to squirm, "Decimo...move..."

Decimo kissed her lips; his waists swayed forward. Rias's moans from pain turned into pleasurable ones.

"Ahhhh...Mwh...Umm...Ahhh...Ahhh Yes! Decimo! Fuck me!"

Decimo caressed her face, seeing it getting covered in pleasure. He kissed her lips as his cock moved inside her.

Decimo nibbled on her lip, gazing into her eyes, slowing down. Rather than a faster thrust, he moved slowly. Rias wrapped her hands around his neck, biting his shoulder, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Rias's body shivered in his arms; Decimo groaned, "Me too!"

Decimo came inside Rias while she achieved her orgasm at the same time.

"Ara-ara, the two of you seems to be enjoying yourself," Akeno chuckled, watching the two of them barely standing.

Decimo raised Rias's face, watching her eyes, "I thought you would have interfered earlier."

Although Decimo was gazing into Rias's eyes, he talked to Akeno.

Akeno hugged him from behind, supporting her body on her toes, kissing the back of Decimo's neck, "Rias deserved a good first time."

Rias kissed Decimo's lips, glancing at Akeno, "Thank you."

Akeno held Decimo's hand, pulling him away from Rias, "But now, it's my turn." Decimo glanced at Rias, letting Akeno drag him to the bed.

She put him on the bed, climbing his body, licking his neck, "Master's taste."

Decimo caressed her long black hair, glancing at her back, watching Rias standing there, dripping with juices.

She climbed the bed, pushing Akeno aside, putting her hand on Decimo's chest, her breasts pressing against Decimo's arm, kissing Decimo's neck.

Akeno narrowed her eyes, staring at Rias. She used her leg to spread Decimo's leg, leaning against his thigh, rubbing her vagina against his thigh. She pressed her breasts against his right arm, caressing his cheek, kissing Decimo's lips.

She sucked on Decimo's lips, moaning loudly while her eyes stared at Rias's. Rias puffed her face, turning her body, holding Decimo's cock in her hands. She licked his dick before putting it inside her mouth, making Decimo groan. With a smile on her face, she glanced back at Akeno, who could see the smug smile on Rias's face even when Rias's mouth was stuffed with Decimo's dick.

The three of them walked out of the bathroom, entering the room, only to find more visitors sitting on the bed, "Decimo Onii-sama…."

"Asia," Decimo glanced at Asia, wearing nun's clothing, blushing while curling her hair around her fingers.

"I thought…Onii-sama would like the show in the morning…." Asia bit her lip, stroking the cock of the two of the three boys that surrounded her. One of them didn't want attention, so his head was buried between her legs,

Decimo took the tower from Akeno, wiping his wet hair, sitting on the chair nearby with Akeno and Rias accompanying him, "Sure. I'd love a show."

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