Chapter 16 - White Dragon and N.E.D.

Chapter 16 - White Dragon and N.E.D.

Apr 09, 2022

In the morning,

Decimo walked inside a room, glancing at Rias sitting beside a bed, "How is she?"

Rias looked at the little girl in worry, "Exhausted. She over-exerted herself..." Rias said.

Decimo stared at the little girl and her cat ears, "Hmm, so your cat ears are showing."

Koneko's cat ears twitched. She hid with her hands, curling her body on the bed. Decimo sat down on the bed, putting her head on his lap, pulling her hands away from her cat ears before he started stroking them. 

"Umu...Nya..." Koneko squirmed on the bed, trying to get away from Decimo.

"I heard you don't want to use your Senjutsu powers?" Decimo asked her the question she most wanted to avoid.

Koneko glanced up at him, looking away, making Decimo sigh, "I heard the story from Rias's mom about your big sister."

Koneko shook her head, getting out of his grip, sitting up, "No! She's not my big sister!"

Decimo stroked her head, "We'll see about that..."

"I'll heal your exhaustion for today, and from tomorrow are going to teach your Senjutsu, no matter what," Decimo said.

Rias held his hand, "Don't force her too much."

“I’ll take care of her."

Koneko wasn't the only one Decimo was training; Akeno and Gasper were getting trained, and a month passed.

Decimo was standing in a training room; with Rias's parents, Shuri, Millicas, Grayfia, Azazel, and even Sirzechs at the side of the hall. They watched everyone from the Rias's Peerage stranding in front of Decimo. But there was also a guest, one of the young lords, Sairaorg.

"Show me the training results," Decimo said, gazing at everyone.

Rias nervously glanced toward her family before glancing at Kiba.

Kiba smiled calmly, but there was a twinkle in his eyes, "It seems I am first..."

He moved at high-speed, appearing in front of Decimo, slashing towards his neck just as he said.

What he severed dissipated, revealing itself to be an afterimage. When he realized that, he felt it, the presence behind them, the leg that made contact with the back of his knee, forcing him to the ground.

Decimo mercilessly held Kiba’s hair to pull his body up and attacked the back with his knee. The moment Kiba coughed out blood and saliva, Decimo flung him away.  Kiba collided against the sidewall before falling to the ground round, "Your attacks are sharper, speed is faster, the strength behind the attack is strong. All the stats have gone up..."

Kiba dragged his body, standing upon his legs, "Haha, I thought I got stronger..."

"You did..." Decimo said, raising his right white-gloved hand, stopping the sword between his finger and thumb.

He glanced toward the assailant, "Xenovia...I see you can bring out more power of Durandal."

Xenovia was stuck in the air when Decimo kicked her away. She flipped in the air, standing up.

Decimo glanced down and jumped up, turning in the air, using the roof to dissipate the last of the force he used to jump. His eyes turned towards the swords that appeared where he was standing. Only when he lost all force and started falling to the ground did Xenovia propel herself towards him, "Without a proper foothold; you can't stop Durandal!"

Decimo observed her, the sword, but with disapproval on his forehead; his body rolled like a feather when Durandal's edge was about to strike against his shoulder.

He put his hand on the Durandal's ridge, kicking Xenovia's face. Xenovia body shot towards the ground, creating a crater near Kiba.

Decimo landed on the sea of swords, standing on their tip without any difficulty, "Do you know why I frowned?" He walked on the tips of the swords asking Xenovia.

Xenovia coughed, raising her body, "Because we got you cornered?"

Decimo shook his head, "No, it's about what you said, about not being able to stop Durandal."

Decimo walked away from them and stepped on the ground, picking up the sword from the sea of swords Kiba created, "Swords are tools that allow one to bring out power through their skills, but you rely too much on the sword. Itself.”

He slashed down the sword, there was silence, and all the barriers around the hall rose. A large amount of razor-sharp force cut everything in its path; a storm arose in the room, and the sea of swords broke apart. When the storm cleared, Kiba and Xenovia were lying on the floor, their clothes were cut apart, and numerous cuts appeared on their body, leaving them bleeding. Decimo didn't attack them directly. He didn't want to kill them; a storm only hit them.

Azazel narrowed his eyes, rubbing his chin, "Marvelous sword skills."

Sirzechs chuckled, "It seems there is no limit to the number of skills he possesses."

On the other hand,

Rias glanced at Asia, "Go, heal them while we hold him back."

Asia straightened up, "Yes! Twilight Healing!" A warm light shot out of her hand as she spoke, covering Kiba and Xenovia.

Decimo glanced at her with a smile when Akeno appeared behind him, "FuFuFu...I hope you can take this." Two different types of wings appeared behind her.

She mixed thunder, lightning, and light, shooting a beam toward Decimo. He stepped a few steps aside, easily dodging the beam. But another red-dark beam hit Decimo, but what the beam hit was only an afterimage.

Koneko glanced up in the sky, "Up there!" She said, jumping toward Decimo with two tails behind her.

Decimo narrowed his eyes, crossing his arm, blocking Koneko's punch, "Partial Senjutsu."

His body was pushed back, making him turn in the air, landing on the wall. Akeno chuckled, "I got you." She created a bow of lightning, shooting arrows of light toward Decimo.

Decimo ran across the wall, avoiding the arrows she shot, jumping off the wall. Just when he landed on the floor, darkness and bats covered his line of sight. He waved his hand, removing them, and looking in the front.

Issei was standing with his hand raised, "Got you! Dragon Shot!"

Decimo stood up straight, watching the red beam approaching him. Decimo raised his arms; when the beam reached in front of him, Decimo clapped his palms together, crushing the red beam between them, "I see, you are stronger than before..."

He looked up with a gleam, “How about we take it to the next level."

Issei gulped, seeing his best shot clapped away like that, blinking, “How about we don’t?”


Decimo walked over to the fainted bodies of everyone in the peerage. Rias was the only one struggling to stand up, making Decimo stop his footsteps.

He stood in front of her, gazing at her hair, "Can you stand up?"

With all her power, Rias turned over, her eyes staring at Decimo, "I hate you..."

Decimo narrowed his eyes with a smile, and Knights appeared in his hand, which he swung.

In the next moment, everyone in the peerage stood up after being healed, "You did well; you are much stronger than you were before."

Koneko curled her lips, "We couldn't even put a scratch on you...let alone make you use your Sacred Gear."

Decimo stroked her head, "That's fine; you grow fast. One day you just might. Right now, Rias and Kiba aren’t able to use their Sacred Voids, but once Kiba Masters his Balance Breaker, Rias achieves a certain level. They should be able to use their Voids, giving them a boost in power.” 

Suddenly, Decimo turned his head, looking towards Venelana, clapping with a smile on her face.

Sirzechs smiled as he walked over, "Good, I can see you all have gotten stronger since your game against Riser."

Rias glanced down, "I had hoped that we would have fared better."

Venelana hugged her, stroking her head, "You and your Servants fought beautifully."

Sairaorg agreed with her, "Your opponent was just too strong." He glanced at Decimo, "On that note, I noticed that you used physical strength and skills to fight back."

Decimo glanced at him with a smile, "Yes..."

Sairaorg narrowed his eyes, turning towards Sirzechs, "If Sir Demon King doesn't mind. I would like to challenge Decimo here for a fight."

Sirzechs smiled with narrowed eyes with interest, "Well, that would depend on Decimo."

Decimo walked towards the distance, reaching the hall’s center, "Come, I want to see what the best of Young Generations of the Devils has to offer."

Sairaorg walked over, standing ten steps away from Decimo, "I will do my best not to disappoint you."

After he said that, Sairaorg dashed forward, punching Decimo's face.

Decimo raised his hand, stopping his attack with the palm of his hand. There was a blast of air behind Decimo from Sairaorg's attack.

Decimo kicked with his right leg, causing Sairaorg to raise his hand and defend against it.

There was another blast of air on Sairaorg's right side. Shortly, the two were exchanging heavy blows against each other.

Decimo punched Sairaorg's stomach, causing him to take a few steps back. Decimo stopped, "You don't have it, do you..."

Sairaorg laughed, "No, I don't have any special power."

"So you trained your physical body to be stronger than any other." A smile appeared on Decimo's face; Sairaorg reminded him of someone.

"I see, then I'll show you something good." He said, letting go of his stance.

"Come, I showed you power; now I'll show you skills..." Decimo said, seemingly looking relaxed.

Sairaorg spat blood on the floor, watching Decimo with interest, "I would love to see that."

Leading a storm behind him, Sairaorg punched Decimo with all his power. But Decimo raised his forefinger, stopping the punch and firepower in its tracks.

Sairaorg didn't even have time to widen his eyes when his body was blasted back, hitting the hall wall.

Decimo walked over, watching Sairaorg puke blood all over the floor. Sairaorg stood up, trying to attack Decimo again, but none of his attacks connected.

Shortly, he was stumbling on the ground, with Decimo standing over him.

Sairaorg got back on his feet, taking deep breaths; his eyes looked up, "I can't believe it...I never thought I'd feel this helpless in a fight."

Decimo shook his head, "Don't lose your path over this. I can do this because our strengths are similar; a little skill turned the fight in my favor. But you, you are different. With more power, you wouldn't have to worry about this."

Sairaorg got up, "More power..." He bowed, "Thank you for this fight."


Decimo didn't even have the time to sit down on the living room's sofa when Venelana came over.

Rias and Akeno were already sitting beside Decimo, holding each of his hands.

Venelana made Rias shift, sitting beside him, "So, your powers allow you to do most things, right? Can you heal diseases as well?"

Decimo glanced at her, "Who do you want to save?"

Venelana clapped her hands, "Sairaorg's mother."

"What do I get?"


Decimo was sitting on top of the Party Hall provided by the Devil King's reading the novel.

He wasn't interested in attending the party or meeting all those people; this seemed like a great place to avoid.

But something caught his interest for a moment. But he decided to ignore it until Koneko came running out of the Party Hall.

Decimo let out a sigh, following her into the forest, standing on the tree branch, hiding his presence.

"Hello, Shirone."

"Big Sister Kurkoka!" Koneko called out in shock, looking at the woman in front of her.

"What are you doing here?!" Koneko raised her hands in a defensive stance.

"Don't give me that look. The Devils are all holding some big party, right? So, let's just say curiosity got the better of this cat~Nya."

Decimo frowned, appearing next to Koneko, "Rias, Issei, take Koneko and return to the party."

Issei and Rias nearly jumped out of the bushes hiding it, while Koneko looked up in confusion, "Senpai?"

Decimo raised Koneko from her hand, throwing her backward towards Rias and Issei.

The next moment,

There was a magic circle that activated like a trap, and Decimo disappeared with Kuroka.

When the light from the magic circle disappeared, Decimo glanced around, looking at where he was.

It seemed to be somewhere in the Underworld since the sky was still purple. But it was far from where they were, and that was not the only problem he had.

Seeing Rias on her knees, he glanced back, "You shouldn't have jumped in the magic circle."

Rias stood up, glancing away, "I know I might be a burden to you...But, I just couldn't."

Decimo sighed, stroking her head, while his eyes looked at the five people standing in front of him, "You don't think you five are enough to take me on?"

Vali gazed at Decimo solemnly, "Let me introduce you to my team; you must have seen Kuroka."

"This is Bikou, Arthur Pendragon, and LeFay Pendragon."

Decimo glanced at Kuroka, "So you used your sister to draw me out?"

Kuroka chuckled, "I did hear you are the doting type; I was hoping to get Shirone with you, not the little princess."

Decimo glanced at Vali, "What are you trying to pull?"

Vail glanced at Decimo's chest, "I figured, if we pull enough of your power, Ophis might be able to come out."

Decimo narrowed his eyes, "And how do you plan to do that?"

Vali stood there while his four teammates retreated, "I, who am about to awaken, Am the Heavenly Dragon who has taken the principles of supremacy from God. I envy the "infinite," and I pursue the "dream" I shall become the White Dragon of Supremacy."


There was a blast of magical energy that Decimo took head-on while it made Rias cover her face.

Vali appeared from the magic circle, rushing toward Decimo from the magical energy.

Just as his punch was about to land on Decimo, a transparent barrier blocked the damage.

"Divide! Divide! Divide!" White Dragon's voice came out of Vali's gauntlet, erasing the barrier.

Decimo pushed Rias back, catching the punch from Vali, causing his body to be thrown in the distance. 

“Clown Crown: The Crown of God-King.” 

Crystals rose from under them, rising in a spiral with both him and Rias; even though Vali kept dividing them, they regenerated at the same speed. 

“I can fight with you,” Rias wanted to use her void, but she knew she couldn’t even summon it, let alone control it. 

Decimo patted her head, creating a bridge protected by the arc, sending her back, “Go. You’ll only get in the way.” 

Rias bit her lip, clenching her fingers in a fist, “This is the last time! Last time that I will let you protect me. Next time, I will protect you!” 

“You know…that matters little to me,” Decimo said, facing Vali’s onslaught, using the Singer’s Sword to slash a hundred times in one second, but Vali was still able to counter them all. 

"Divide! Divide! Divide! Half-Dimension!"

Decimo felt the dimension around him squeeze and squeeze him with it. It couldn’t be dealt with skill, but he didn’t do that, not with Rias’s powers. 

A reddish-black aura rose around him, erasing everything it touched, even the power and dimension around him. He stepped forward, leaving behind a hole in the Underworld as if something had been torn, erased with no sense of order. 

Vali started at Decimo; there was no change in his size, but seeing the erased dimension made him step back, “Gremory Household’s Power.” 

"Boss, using your power on him doesn't seem good."

“I have to say, you are strong,” Decimo let go of the Knight’s Sword and Singer’s Sword, letting them float behind him. He cracked his knuckled, raising his hands to stretch his body, “Well, this is the best I had to offer. For now, I think.” 

He curled his three fingers, his thumb pointing at the sky, and his forefinger faced Vali, and reddish-purple energy appeared on it, “Spirit Gun.” 

He fired the beam, which enlarged, looking like it was fired from a cannon, covered all five of the White Dragon Team, even though they were standing at a distance from the fight. 

The large beam of reddish-purple energy, with black lightning crackling around it, reached Vali, even though he tried his best to divide it, but Decimo just restored it to its original size. When the five of them were about to be assaulted, the beam divided into thousands, landing everywhere but at them. 


Decimo watched Ophis, who protected them from dying, “I thought you were like me. It didn’t matter if they died or lived.” 

“I made a contract. I will give them power and protect them at times,” Ophis said. 

“In return?” 

“They will return me my silence.” 

“Hm, I can respect that,” Decimo nodded, and the crystals disappeared, “Then till next time, Ophis.” 

“Till next time…Dragon that doesn’t exist.” 

Decimo narrowed his eyes, watching her disappear, shaking his head to look back at Rias, waving at her.

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