Chapter 153 - Start of Pre-Finale

Chapter 153 - Start of Pre-Finale

May 09, 2022

Soul Society, Third Division,

“Captain, wake up! It’s morning!”

“Uhhh…No…I’ll sleep for another year….” The Captain of the Third Division turned around, moving away from the Vice-Captain who wanted to wake him up.

He buried his face in the pillow, feeling lips brush against his ear, whispering seductively from his other Vice-Captain, “Captain…wake up…or I will cut it.”

He abruptly sat up, rubbing his eyes, “I am awake, awake…I am so awake.”

Naori chuckled, stroking his cheek, “Good, now get ready. It’s that time….”

Jay slowly opened his scarlet eyes, “That time…I know…That is why I want to sleep another year.”

Hueco Mundo,

“Lord Decimo, Hollows keep disappearing? What are we supposed to do?”

Decimo slowly opened his eyes, taking in his surroundings at Tier Harribel, kneeling in front of him.

“It’s time for the Pre-Finale.”

“Pre-Finale?” Harribel confusedly raised her eyes to look at the Hollow that ruled above the others. The one with platinum hair and scarlet and green dichromatic eyes watching her.

“Before the Final Disaster, before all hell breaks loose,” Decimo stood up from his throne. Even though he was of an athletic build, even if his height was six, watching him stand up made Harribel feel like a horror of enormous size was standing up.

“Call The Espada’s. We are at War.”

Harribel was confused about what they were at war against, but she didn’t wait, she called for the Espada’s the moment he said, and the Espada’s didn’t waste time filling the chairs.

The Espada’s started entering the meeting room to find Roka standing beside Decimo’s throne.

Roka, the Zero Espada, and the First to greet her was Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, “Yo, do you know what the sudden meeting is about after years?”

Roka silently stood there, shaking her head, waiting for others to come before informing anyone of anything.

Grimmjow clicked his tongue, taking his seat, and slowly other’s started to fill in their seats.

The next one was loyal to Ruler of Hueco Mundo, the only Hollow to have surpassed the Rankings of Espada’s, but out of respect, he stayed as number four, Ulquiorra Cifer.

And after that, one was Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, the current Second Espada, Tier Harribel, and The Third Espada.

And then, the one who he had managed to tie to, at least until the other one didn’t fuse and surpass Espada Rankings altogether. The other is First Espada, Coyote Starkk, Lilynette, and lastly, the Fifth Espada, Szayelaporro.

But they weren’t the only ones who came; Aizen sat down at the principal seat towards the door, opposite that of Decimo, with Orochimaru sitting beside him as Decimo sat on the main seat.

Just when the meeting was about to start, and everyone thought everyone was there, another man walked in, with snake-like eyes, “Hohoho, such a big meeting? Even Lord Aizen is here?”

“Gin, take a seat,” Decimo lightly said, having called the man himself.

Gin himself was in a strange place, he couldn’t go back to the Soul Society, and he didn’t find a place to belong in Hueco Mundo, so he lived alone most time.

“Yes, Lord Decimo,” Gin took his seat, leaning forward, “What is this about? Are we attacking Soul Society?”

“No, I called you because we are at war.”

“War against what?” Grimmjow leaned back, crossing his legs, yawning.

“The Quincy.”

“You mean that guy…? The one with glasses? He was pretty weak. Should I go kill him?”

“Not him, The Quincies are a Race, and they have stayed hidden for a long time, and their King is awake; they are here to rule over all worlds.”

“Heh, sounds stupid.”

“Their King…he’s as strong as Aizen, if not more,” Decimo looked towards Aizen, sitting with a smile on his lips. His spiritual pressure had all but disappeared.

If he wasn’t wrong, the man in front of him was different; he had managed to evolve again, hidden from his sight.

Although Aizen himself didn’t react, the other Espada’s stood up or leaned forward. Even Starkk, who hadn’t been paying much attention to anything.

“Is that why the signatures of Hollow are disappearing?”

“Yes, although the newer world is out there, and it has made it more stable, if they kill enough, Hollow, they should be able to cause the point of merging to become destructive, and the two worlds will start destroying. Each other.”

Aizen watched him with a mysterious smile, “But you already predicted that, didn’t you? Isn’t that why the souls that should have been destroyed are reappearing?”

“Yes, it doesn’t matter how many times they try to kill. As long as I have enough time to erase the cause or effect, whichever I choose, I can keep reviving them. The problem is, that has me tied down, and they would soon realize that I am stopping them from achieving their goal….”

As he was speaking, undulating pressure covered them, one of those not of this world, and Decimo tapped his finger on the arm of the chair, erasing the distance between the new portal and this room. The walls disappeared, and they were sitting in the open, surrounded by sand, looking at the shadow portal from which the Quincy Army poured forth.

“You must fight.”

“Finally! This is where I can run wild!”

“Gee, this is so troublesome,” First Espada, Starkk scratching his head, asking his other half, “What do you think, Lily?”

“Hmph, don’t ask me. It’s annoying pests, nothing more, nothing less.”

One after the another, they stood up as three Quincy came out of the portal. Even though it was just one look, Decimo and Aizen could tell even in the Quincy Army they were more than foot soldiers, and once they came out, another man arrived, with wild black hair, and red eyes, looking towards the Hollows in amusement.

His eyes landed on Aizen and Decimo, greeting them, “Aizen, Decimo. You must already know me, but let me introduce myself. I am the King of Quincy, Yhwach.”

“The one who slept for nearly a thousand years,” Decimo resting his cheek on his curled fingers, narrowing his eyes, “Since you aren’t fighting, what are you seeking?”

“With your powers, you can hide Hueco Mundo. No, rather erase it from existence, so it is not involved in my plans. If you do that, my Army and I will not attack here.”

“You think we are scared of you?” Grimmjow stepped forward, stunned by Decimo’s following words, “Ok.”

“Lord Decimo?”

Decimo looked towards Yhwach, nodding, “Ok. Now leave.”

Even Yhwach gave him an unexpected look, “Hm, you are more intelligent than I thought.”

Decimo watched him leave, and soon, his powers started covering Hueco Mundo, erasing it from existence.

“Lord Decimo! Why are we hiding out here?! I thought we would fight!”

“You will, but not now.”

“Then when?!”

Decimo closed his eyes, and a smile covered the corner of his lips, “When they are dead.”

Karakura Town,

“You brought strays home,” Jun leaned against the bed, with his ear covered by his hand to stop it from bursting because the guy Ichigo brought kept screaming.

“He’s not a stray…they were fighting against powerful Hollows!” Orihime brought over bread for all to eat, sitting in front of him and beside Ichigo.

It wasn’t long before Uryu, Chad and Tatsuki came, and even the girl they saved with this guy. He knew this might look like a peaceful moment, but it wasn’t. The Quincies had already started the battle, and it probably won’t be long before one of them would arrive here.

“Come to think if it…I still haven’t asked your name?”

“Very well, then allow me to answer, Ebern.”

“Or would you prefer my full name? Asguiaro Ebern? Any other question?”

Ichigo narrowed his eyes, realizing the same thing as others. They had come across this type of teleportation through the Shadow, “I don’t know who you are…but I think you’d better get off my bed.”

“I don’t think I heard quite correctly?”

“I think you heard me fine. I said I don’t know who you are…but you better get off my bed.”

“I think not,” The Quincy had a smug smile.

Orihime hastily opened the window as Ichigo kicked towards the Quincy, who backed away, going outside to dodge the kick.

“Who is that?”

“Arrancar, maybe? Looks like that from the mask. Anyway, I will go take care of it,” Ichigo turned into Shinigami, with his twin swords on his waist as he left.

“Jun? What is with that face,” Tatsuki’s words brought others’ attention, only for the room’s door open.

“Aunt?” They could tell that the woman who was always brightly smiling was saddened beyond measure.

Masaki closed her eyes, breathing in, “It’s time, isn’t it?”

“Yes, The Quincies have launched the War…He has awakened. The Thousand Years Old War…” Jun rose to his feet; his feet left the floor as he moved towards the window, “It begins anew.”

Soul Society, First Division,

Chojiro held his Zanpakuto tightly, looking at the five or six people, their bodies covered in white and their faces hidden by a solid white veil. As someone who had been alive for more than 2000 years, he could tell what they were, the Quincy, pureblood at that, and it was no wonder they were so strong.


One of the five raised the medallion, “Sea to Clouds, Clouds to Rain, Rain to Mist. That with Form to that unseeable. We rejoice and lay down our goblets! Now!”

“Aaagghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!” Chojiro screamed, feeling his power leaving him; his Bankai, which he polished so long, had disappeared.

The Quincy that stole his power created a spear of bluish light, throwing towards him, too fast for him to react, too strong for him to defend, but before it hit him, someone’s fingers dug inside the blade, stopping it in its place, “Now, now, can you not go around killing people. That is rude, especially when you came without invitation, you know?”

“Captain of Third Division,” The one in the front furrowed his brow, “To think you would be able to reach sooner than any other. Or should I say that is expected of you? We are here to declare war on Soul Society, you from another world-”

The speaking one took a step back in surprise, only to see the Medallion he held gone, “Huh, something that steals a Bankai…that’s a dangerous weapon.”

“You!” The Quincy formed arrows only to see the scarlet karma on the Captain’s forehead spread and his fingers pointed towards themselves. They fired the arrows, but with that came numerous bones like arrows that hit against the arrows, destroying them. One of the bones weaved through the arrows, hitting one of the Quincy, eradicating his body, leaving behind dust.

“Be careful of those bones!!” They spread out, looking at him cautiously, “We are here to give the message of Quincy King!! In Five Days Soul Society would be destroyed!!”

They opened the portal from their shadow, disappearing from their sight.

“Captain Jay…thank you for saving me,” Chojiro gasped for breath, “We must warn Captain Commander.”

“No need, I heard,” Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto walked out with a scowl plastered on his face.

He glanced towards Chojiro, who warned him, “Captain, they can! They can steal Bankai!”


Jay threw the medallion towards Yamamoto, which he caught, frowning, “This is?”

“The thing that houses Vice-Captain Chojiro’s powers.”

Yamamoto raised his eyes from the medallion, seeing the scarlet karma spread even further, and his skin became paler, and his hair became more extended, “You…?”

The Karma mark turned into a line on his forehead and opened, revealing the Rinnesharingan, as a smile appeared on Jay’s lips, “Since they declared war. It’s only fair we visit them. If you don’t mind me returning the favor, Captain Commander?”

Yamamoto narrowed his eyes, “Go.”

Jay submerged in the portal, having left a mark on the guy that stole Chojiro’s Bankai, and the place he appeared was the Hidden Empire, the Base of Quincies.

The ones that had attacked the Soul Society were standing below him as he looked at their shocked face.

“How could you?” The one who asked the question was a broad individual, with double the height of a Shinigami. His black hair stretched down to his beard.

A black staff appeared in Jay’s right hand as he drew on the power of the Karma, taking every last bit of Kaguya’s powers controlling the Truth-Seeking Balls as they circled the staff. He smiled at him, “I thought, it’s only fair to return the favor, right?”

He pointed the staff towards the Quincy with a beard, and the other than came with him. The truth-seeking balls moved at speed they could not dodge, going through their bodies, destroying the arrows, and their defenses, creating a hole in their bodies but didn’t kill him or the others. It did cause them to fall on their knees, blood covering their body.

Jay landed in front of them, smiling smugly, “Let me inform you. In five days, Wandenreich will be destroyed. Till then, I will do you the honor of living and waiting for your death.”

“You…YOU BASTARDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Jay smiled, turning around, opening the portal to step inside the Soul Society, “Tell Yhwach. I’d be the end of him.”

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