Chapter 15 - Young Lords and Ressurected ...

Chapter 15 - Young Lords and Ressurected Human

Apr 09, 2022

Next morning,

Decimo was with Rias and others in the old royal capital, Lucifer. Rias walked in the front, talking, "We'll be meeting other young lords now. No matter what happens, stay calm. These guys will be our rivals going forward, so we don't want to act unseemingly."

"It seems like a waste of time," Decimo whispered.

Rias glanced back, "Decimo, try to hold yourself back."

Decimo didn't answer back, making Rias even more worried about him.

"Oh," Just then, someone caught her eye. "Hmm," While that, someone also seemed to have noticed her.


"Long time no see, Rias."

"Good to see you as well." Rias shook his hand with a smile on her face. She glanced back, "this is Sairaorg Bael, my mother's cousin."

"But what are you doing out here?"

Sairaorg looked away, crossing his hand, "Being in there was a waste of time, so I stepped out."

Rias glanced back at Decimo before looking at Sairaorg in confusion, "A waste of time?"

She just said that a 'boom' came out of the room. Zephyr and Seekvaira got here early and started going at it.

Rias coughed, "Zephydor, that troublemaker."

Decimo gazed at Sairaorg, turning towards Issei, "You could learn a few things from him."

As he said, he walked inside the room, sitting down at the edge, taking out a novel to pass some time.

Shortly, it was just the servants in the room while the six young lords went inside a room with a council or other Lords from surviving seventy-two families.

Just as they were waiting, the door opened, and Rias peeked out of the room, "Decimo."

"Yeah?" Decimo asked, glancing up, "They are asking for you." She was nervous since she didn't know why he was being called.

Decimo walked inside with Rias, looking at the face of the Lords that were sitting in the room.

His eyes went to the front table, and his eyes went to Sirzechs, "What is it?"

"Hey! Kid! Don't be rude to the Devil King!" One of the Old Lords shouted.

Sirzechs raised his hand with a light smile, "Rias and Sona have agreed to have a game against each other."

Decimo glanced at them, "You want me to sit out of the game?"

Sirzechs rubbed his chin, "That wouldn't be bad..."

"No!" Sona shouted, shaking her head, "I will face Rias's whole peerage, even Decimo."

Decimo let out a sigh; abruptly, the pressure emerged from him. The ground inside the room cracked, and the room started shaking. Other than Sairaorg, the other five had their faces against the floor.

"Don't be foolish," Decimo said as the pressure disappeared. He glanced at Sirzechs, "I'll sit these games out and let the kids play." He turned around, going for the gate.

Once he left,

Sirzechs looked towards Rias, patting the dust away from her body, "Sorry to make your Pawn sit out."

"Pawn?! How is that guy a Pawn; that's a monster!" Zephyr said, getting up.

Rias shook her head, "That's fine...I understand."

Serafall chuckled, "Decimo-chan is much stronger than last; did he do special training?"

Rias narrowed her eyes, "If you could call lazing around and reading novels training."

Sirzechs chuckled, "Leaving that aside, all the best for the games."

The next day,

Azazel started training the peerage, but Decimo was sitting aside. He stayed in the castle, in his room, and on the first day, Akeno was also there.

She was lying on the bed, buried in the pillow.

Decimo sat beside her, rubbing her back, "You ok?"

Akeno sulked, "Azazel told me to use my other side of power."

"Hmm, I thought we had it covered when we revived your mother."

Akeno glanced at him, glancing away, "It's hard...I don't know..."

Decimo stroked her head, "It seems we would have to think of something else."

Just as he was talking, the room door flung open, and a crying Gasper rushed in.

Decimo glanced at him, "What happened?"

Gasper hid in his box, "I can't do it! I can't be confident like that and use my power without a device!"

Decimo frowned, "Why are you two here?" He glanced at Akeno, but she looked away, making him call out to Gasper, "Gasper."

"Eeek, Azazel-sensei told me to come here!" Gasper spoke in fear.

Decimo sighed, "So he threw the problem children to me?"

Akeno put her breast on his thigh, "I am a child to you?"

Decimo glanced at her, "Mmm, maybe you two problem children can take care of each other."

"Gasper, come here, Now." Gasper stood up, shocked. He walked over near the bed.

Decimo glanced at Akeno, "It's about time you teach Gasper how to be a man."

Akeno bit her lips, pushing her body against his, "What, you bored of me?"

Decimo stared back into her eyes, whispering in her ears, "Forgetting your place?"

Akeno kissed his lips, staring into his eyes with hunger, "No, I belong to you."

Decimo pecked her cheeks back, "Then be good."

Akeno glanced at Gasper, "Alright, boy, get up." She said, picking him up and putting him down on the bed.

"Ah!" Gasper screamed like a girl while his hands were trying to keep his skirt down.

Akeno raised his skirt, seeing a large hard cock coming out of his panty. It made Akeno lick her lips, "Mmm, I didn't think he would have this package. It's the biggest after yours..." She said, glancing at Decimo.

Akeno bent down, licking Gasper's cock, making Gasper close his eyes, "No! Don't!"

Decimo glanced at Gasper, "It's necessary if you want to turn into a man."

Akeno put his cock inside her mouth, "Guh...this is good stuff; I'll make sure I thoroughly turn into a big man Gasper." She smiled, jerking him off while she started licking at sucking.

While Decimo watched her suck with a smile, his eyes turned towards the opened door.

The woman that walked in looked at the scene and paused, "Oh my...Akeno..."

Akeno glanced up in shock, "Mother?!"

Decimo patted her head, "Continue." His words were like orders that made Akeno continue, even though her mother watched.

Decimo walked over to her, pulled her in, closing the door behind her. Shuri glanced at him, "I-I heard your voice?"

Decimo watched her, "Yeah, it seems your daughter has some troubles. You are here to help me solve them."

In Decimo's room,

Even though Akeno was sucking on Gasper's cock, her eyes were stuck on her mother and Decimo.

Her mother was lying on the bed with Decimo over her, kissing her passionately as she kissed back.

"Mom! Stop doing that!" Akeno couldn't take it anymore, "Aren't you a bit ashamed doing this behind father!"

Decimo stopped, glancing at her, "I thought you didn't think of that man as your father..." Decimo pushed up his knee between her thighs while his white-gloved hand fondled Shuri's breast.

Shuri moaned, biting her lips, making Akeno even more frustrated.

"Decimo, leave my mother alone! I get it; I'll use my powers!" Akeno shouted, requesting.

Decimo tilted his head, "Oh." He waved his fingers, and Shuri's body moved. Her arms rose, tied to the head of the bed with a magic circle.

He glanced at Akeno; her body floated, her hands moved back, tied up with a magic circle. Her body fell on Shuri's with her face in front of Shuri's.

Akeno turned towards Decimo, "Decimo, please!"

Decimo stroked her head, "I didn't break you enough..." He said with a smile.

Shuri glared at him, "Leave her alone! Do whatever you want with me!"

Decimo put his white-gloved fingers in her mouth, making Shuri's body vibrate. Her face turned red, filled with lust, "You will be much easier to break..."

Akeno shook her head, "No! Master! Stop!"

Decimo pulled out his fingers, using his black-clawed hand to caress Akeno's face, "You girl...have one hell of a night ahead of you."

He glanced at Gasper, who shook, "Use that tool to fuck her."

Gasper shivered, getting up, looking at Decimo's cold eyes; he straightened up. He put his cock in Akeno's pussy, making her moan.

Decimo stroked Akeno's back with the claw on her back, "Now, how about we push it to newer heights."

Decimo cut his wrist, and darkness rushed out of it. It floated at the top of the room; small round mouths appeared, sucking and eating on Akeno's nipples and clit.

Her moans became louder and sharper; Decimo turned her mouth and put his cock in her mouth.

Akeno opened her mouth wider as Decimo's cock invaded her mouth.

Shuri watched with wide eyes as her daughter got fucked. Saliva from her daughter's mouth dripped over her; the breasts rubbed against hers as Akeno's body moved.

Gasper groaned, moving inside out faster and faster. Decimo looked at Shuri squirm below her daughter; a tentacle appeared from the darkness, invading her mouth.

"Guhhh...Aghhh...Ughhh...Might...." Akeno's eyes widened as she watched her mother's mouth being helplessly fucked.

Soon, that tentacle moved out of Shuri's mouth and found its way to Akeno's asshole, "Ahhh~~~Master~Ahhhhh~~Uhhhhh!!!"

Gasper groaned, cumming inside Akeno's pussy.

He fell back on the bed, taking deep breaths.

An hour later,

Decimo watched Akeno covered in cum, while her orgasms had covered her mother's body with her juices.

What he found interesting was that Shuri came twice, just by having her body rubbed against Akeno's.

Her face was flushed with shame and hidden lust. Decimo gazed at her, releasing her from her bonds.

Shuri sat up on the bed, wrapping her hands around Akeno, patting her dazed face in worry, "Akeno? Sweety?"

Decimo pulled Akeno away from her, raising Shuri's, taking her lips, "Don't worry about her...worry about yourself."

Shuri stared into his eyes, "What do you want?"

Decimo smiled, narrowing his eyes, "Nothing."

By the evening,

Gasper was sitting away from the bed, on the sofa in the room.

Decimo sat with Akeno and Shuri on the bed, licking his cock together.

Decimo stroked their heads, "Akeno, do something for me."

"Yes, Master." She said, looking up while she licked with more intensity.

He caressed her cheeks, "Don't you like playing a little dominant; I think...your mother needs a firm hand."

Akeno's smile turned naughty, "Yes, master." She rose, getting behind her mother, cupping her ass.

Her skimpy dominatrix outfit appeared on her body with a whip, with which she smacked Shuri's ass, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" Shuri moaned loudly.

Decimo watched Shuri's face, raising it, "Harder."


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Shuri's whole body trembled with her face being caressed by a white-gloved hand.

Her whole body was brimming with pleasure and getting her ass smacked by her daughter.

Decimo put his thumb on Shuri's lips, and she eagerly licked and sucked, getting more sadistic pleasure, "Her pussy."


Akeno grinned, smacking her mother's pussy, sending her into a powerful orgasm.


Shuri's body fell on Decimo's, but she didn't stop licking his hand. Akeno chuckled, "That must have felt good."

A box appeared beside her, from which she took out a few toys.

She licked a large plug, licking it, "Mother, be ready for this." She said, shoving it inside her, one ball at a time.

"AhAhAh~Ah!" She moaned, talking Decimo's fingers in her mouth.

Akeno shoved up two vibrators in her mother's pussy, shoving them deep in.

She whipped her ass while pulling the plug, "I want to see her face!"

Decimo smiled, turning Shuri over, making Akeno bend down and kiss her.

Akeno moved away, whipping Shuri's breasts, "How do you like that?"

Shuri moaned, biting her lips, moaning, losing herself. She orgasmed again; her daughter used her body, whipped her, fucking her holes with toys, and enjoyed it.

Decimo gazed at Akeno, "You still have a problem using your powers..."

Akeno grinned, sitting down on her mouther's face, rubbing her pussy against her. She held Shuri's hair, "No, I know how to bring our family together."

"Do invite me."

Akeno's eyes shined, "Yes, Master."

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