Chapter 14 - Underworld and Mother

Chapter 14 - Underworld and Mother

Apr 09, 2022

A few days before the summer vacation started, Decimo walked into the training room.

Azazel was sitting on a bench, half-asleep. At the same time, the members of the peerage were busy training.

Decimo walked in on them; a magic circle appeared in front of his mouth, "Pause the training for a moment."

Azazel opened his eyes, glancing at Decimo, "Come on, you don't come to train, and now you are stopping them?"

Decimo shrugged, "There are a few things I created; I wanted them to experiment."

Azazel sat up with interest, "You build something? So soon?"


Issei gazed at him with shining eyes, "Is there anything for me?"

Decimo glanced at him without answering, "Gasper."

"Y-Yes!!!!" Gasper shouted out, coming to a few steps forward. Decimo put rectangular specs on his eyes, "There is a small button on both sides; click on it."

Gasper's curiously clicked on the button, his body shook, and the time stopped.

Decimo patted his head, "This will help you control your outbursts and help you use your power in all circumstances." The time started moving again.

"It won't take long before you get used to that feeling of your power activating and take control over it." He said.

Gasper widened his eyes, bowing, "Thank you!"

Before he could rise, Azazel took the glasses away, "Let me have a look at that!"

Gasper tried to jump up and take it back, "Give it back! It's mine!"

Decimo shook his head, moving on, "Kiba."

"I have one too?" Kiba came forwards with a calm smile on his face.

He took out a sphere, clicking on the blue button; a sword appeared as a hologram with its intricate parts showing, "You might have to study these schematics and try to copy them. It would be massive progress if you can copy even one percent of the powers from these mythical swords when you make them."

He threw the sphere towards Kiba, who caught it, "Thank you!"

But Azazel took it away in moments, "Let me see that too!"

Decimo sighed, "Issei, here take this." He threw a wristband toward him.

"You can arrange the gravity on this thing. It will help you train your physical strength and stamina faster; go crazy. I can heal you even if you are half-dead."

Issei felt down, "I thought I would get something fancy like them."

Azazel narrowed his eyes, "It's simple but perfect for you. The rate at which you get stronger will increase too."

Decimo threw a similar but feminine wristband to Asia, "You need more stamina."

Asia looked at the wristband embarrassedly, "Yes."

Decimo turned towards Koneko, tapping his finger on her forehead. Koneko sat down with her eyes closed; when she opened it, she took a few steps back, "How?!"

Decimo glanced at her without answering before turning towards Xenovia, "I'll teach you how to use Durandal myself later."

He glanced at Rias and Akeno; they expected something, but Decimo shrugged, "Sorry, I don't have anything for you."

"Oh," Rias said with a smile, but anyone could tell she was upset. While Akeno pouted, "Seriously?"

Decimo shrugged, "I will build something for you; it might take time."

That night,

Decimo entered Akeno's room, closing the door behind him. He slipped into the bed, wrapping his hand around her waist, "Still sulking?"

Akeno opened her eyes, curling her lips, "No...but...I could have used a boost in power."

Decimo looked back into her eyes, "So you don't have to use your fathers?"

Akeno got angry, "He's not my father!"

Decimo rubbed her back, and her wings came out, one devil while the other of a fallen angel.

He rubbed her fallen angel wing, "Do you mind me seeing why you hate him?"

Akeno closed her eyes, leaning on him, "No..."

Decimo took out a bookmark from his numerous voids, using the Book of the End, the one he created out of necessity, to pierce her body and step into the past.

He lay on his back, watching the roof while Akeno wrapped her body around him.

"Would it change things if I revive your mother?"

Akeno raised her body, holding his body tightly, staring at him, "What are you talking about?"

"Your mother, if she is revived, will you make up with your father?" Decimo asked her again.

Before he realized it, Akeno's tears were falling on his face, "Can you? Do that?"

"I can do most things."

Akeno hugged him tightly, "I'll do anything! Please!"

Decimo stroked her head, "You already belong to me. So don't worry, I'll do anything if it makes you happy."

He stood up from bed, adjusting his long coat, picking Akeno up, and glancing at her nightgown.

Decimo took her and walked out of the house,

But a magic circle appeared in front of him, and Rias emerged.

Rias crossed her hands, "Where are you going?"

Akeno jumped down from Decimo's arms, rushing into Rias's arms. Decimo stood in the distance while the two talked.

Shortly, Rias was beside Decimo, holding his arm, "You can do that? Are you sure?" She was more worried about Akeno's heartbreak if Decimo failed.

"Just come with me." He said.


Decimo, Akeno, and Rias were standing in the shrine where Akeno used to live.

Rias glanced at Decimo, "What now?"

Decimo gestured the two to follow and went inside the shrine. There was a bedroom inside, "Why are we here?" Akeno asked, looking at her mom's bedroom.

Decimo put his hand on the bed, creating a magic circle over the bed, making it rise in the air.

Akeno bent down, touching the metal gate under her bed, "How did it appear there?"

Decimo opened the door, revealing a piece of machine chamber that held Akeno's mother's body.

Akeno bent down, touching the glass on the machine, "Mother!!!"

Rias covered her gaping mouth with her fingers, "Will you explain what is happening?"

Akeno jerked her head back, looking at Decimo with teary eyes, hoping to hear an answer.

Decimo sighed, "It's called Book of the End. However, it has the word Book in the name. But it is not a book; it's a sword that allows me to see the people's past. When I saw Akeno's past, I also used the sword to insert a timeline in which I preserved her mother's body after death. Sadly, the weapon has limits; I couldn't directly revive her mother."

While he said that, he put his hand on the glass, and the lights in the machine turned on.

The glass opened, releasing the body of Akeno's mother.

"I also made sure to bind her soul to the body so that I don't have to go to the underworld and steal a soul from Hades."

Rias's eyes shined after hearing, "If that's true, I can reincarnate her as a Devil."

The Knights Sword transformed into a long Katana, "There is no need. Tenseiga, a weapon that can revive a hundred people with a single swing."

Just as he was about to swing the sword, Rias held his hand, "Wait! We need to talk about this! Do you know how much chaos it would cause if you revived her like this! We need to talk to Onii-sama and Azazel; we would have to hide the fact that you revived someone that died seven years ago!"

Akeno stood up, wiping her tears, "She's right..."

Decimo freed his hand, slashing the sword, "It's the same thing; we talk now or later."

Rias and Akeno gasped when Shuri, Akeno's mother, opened her eyes.

Akeno got on her knees, holding her mother's hand, "Mama!"

Shuri opened her eyes, looking around, hearing Akeno; she turned her eyes towards her, stroking her cheeks, asking in confusion, "Akeno?"

Shuri raised her body, looking at her daughter with a smile, "You have grown up into a beautiful young girl."

Akeno wrapped her arms around her mother, crying, "Mama!! Mama!!!!"

Rias covered her mouth, looking at the shocking scene. She closed her eyes, "This is going to raise storms."

"It will if it came out." A fourth voice echoed in the room.

Rias and Akeno stood up in shock, looking back, seeing the man with darker than black wings floating, standing there, "Azazel-sensei?"

Azazel rubbed his head, "Decimo..." He glanced at Decimo before turning towards Shuri, "It's good to see you again, Shuri."

Shuri stood up, smiling, "Azazel, it's been a while since I last saw you."

Azazel took out a phone, "Let me call your husband; he'd be overjoyed after knowing this news."

Shuri saw the change in Akeno's expression and shook her head, "Can you hold off on that? I want to stay with Akeno a little longer."

Azazel glanced at Akeno, "Ok, I'll try to think of a way to get control of the situation. I am going to have to meet your brother." He said, looking at Rias.

Once Azazel flew away, Rias walked toward Shuri and Akeno, talking to them.

And so, a few days later, in the underworld, Decimo was standing inside Gremory Castle with other members of Rias's peerage and Shuri.

"Lady Rias, Welcome Home."

"Eep, So many people!" Gasper shivered, looking at all the maids and butlers.

Kiba smiled, "The land that the Gremory family rules is of the same size as Japan."

Rias walked forward, "As a part of the Gremory family, you will get land too."


"We get some land as well?"

Rias smiled happily, "You can decide which territory you like."

When they walked in,

"You've arrived early," Grayfia said, looking at them with a smile.

"Auntie Rias," A kid came running, hugging Rias.

Rias patted his head with a warm smile on her face, "Good to see you, Millicas, how you have grown."

She patted Millicas's back, "This is Millicas Gremory, my brother's son."

"Devil King's son?!"

"Nice to meet you," Millicas said with a polite smile.

"The pleasure is ours,"

"Fu-Fu, The title Devil King can't be inherited. Millicas is part of the Gremory family and is next in the line of succession after me."

Grayfia pointed in a direction, "Supper is ready; let me show you. And Mrs. Shuri, please, this way."

Rias stopped, "Is there something wrong?"

Grayfia shook her head, "There is a meeting among four demon kings and Azazel in the underworld. They want to see if there is a side-effect to the revival and what they can do to hide Decimo's involvement. There is already a big target on his back because of Ophis; we don't want to give Chaos Brigade an even bigger incentive to target him."

Decimo wasn't a bit embarrassed after hearing all the trouble he caused.

Shuri stroked Akeno's head with a smile, "Why don't you have something to eat; I'll be back."

Akeno nodded like an obedient little girl as Shuri walked away with Grayfia.

As Grayfia walked away, a woman walked down the stairs, "Oh, You are here, Rias."

Rias looked up in surprise, "Mom, I am home."

Decimo narrowed his eyes, looking at the woman coming down the stairs; a smile rose on his face.


Decimo was sitting on the sofa when Rias's mother came by and sat beside him. She looked at him with a smile, "I thought you would be studying with Issei-Kun and Millicas."

Decimo's eyes kept moving across the lines of the novel, "I don't want to; it's a bore."

Venelana tilted her head, putting her face against her hand, "Mmm, but it's necessary. You might embarrass Rias in front of the other young devils her age. Don't you care about that?"

Decimo paused for a moment, "No, not really."

Venelana narrowed her eyes, "You are not loyal to Rias, are you?"

"I will be if she is ever strong enough to make me submit."

"Why chose her?" Venelana asked with curious eyes.

Decimo closed the novel, glancing at her, "Mm, I'll show you."

Just as he said, the surroundings changed, and Venelana appeared on a park bench with Decimo.

Venelana looked around, "Why are we here?"

Decimo pointed his finger towards the center of the park.

The was a crack in the space, and Decimo's broken, and the bleeding body fell to the ground.

He lay there, staring at the sky, "I…am…Decimo…?"

Decimo sat up, confusedly watching the palm of his hand, "I have been…divided for some reason?"

It seemed impossible, since he was a singularity, even when his body was divided into seven different beings, his mind and consciousness remained the same, even though he had more bodies and souls. This was the first time he had been genuinely divided across worlds, which presented problems.

Before, it didn't matter what power he had; its adverse effects were countered by the powers of his other bodies and souls—or sometimes divided enough that they were barely a limit. But this time, the side effects of this strength were insane. He couldn't seem to feel anything, not even worry over what happened.

"Well, it might be helpful in such circumstances…." Decimo glanced towards the ground, manipulating matter to create clothes on his body.

Once reconstructed, Decimo stood there, looking at his hand, "So weak..."

He took a deep breath, walking out of the park. When he was at the park gate, two girls passed by him.

Venelana squeezed her eyes in surprise, "Rias, Akeno..."

Decimo from the present looked at them, "Yeah, they were the first people I saw after my rebirth. I found it interesting, almost like it was fate that humans talked about. So when I needed to become a Devil, I chose her."

He and Venelana appeared back in the castle, "Anything else you need?"

Venelana leaned on him, "So you are from another world? Marvelous. Why did you leave your world?"

Decimo narrowed his eyes, "Because I could. Is there a need for another reason?"

Venelana gazed at him, "I would have liked to meet you when you still had emotions."

"If you did, then we wouldn't be talking."

Venelana narrowed her eyes as she stood up, patting his head, "Don't get ahead of yourself, Kid."

Decimo held her hand, raising on his feet, whispering in Venelana's ear, "This kid has a lot to offer."

His left hand turned into a claw, rubbing Venelana's back as he said.

Venelana's face turned red as she involuntarily let out a moan, "You..."

Decimo stepped back, walking by her, "Rias..." He said, looking at Rias walking from the corner.

Venelana was about to say something but stopped hearing him call out to Rias.

She turned around with a smile, "Rias, what are you doing here?"

Rias pulled her hair back, "I just came to see you weren't disturbing Decimo."

Decimo patted her shoulder with his right hand, cupping Venelana's ass with his claw, hiding behind her, causing her face to become flushed, "Don't worry, your mother and I had a good talk."

Rias smiled and nodded.

At night,

Decimo was sitting on his bed, turning a rubrics cube, waiting for the door to open.

Shortly, the door opened, and a shadow walked in.

Decimo put the cube on the side table, looking up, "I have been waiting for you."

Venelana closed the door behind her, narrowing her eyes, "There is something I don't understand. Why were you so forthcoming about your information? Aren't you worried; what kind of reaction might it cause?"

Her question put a smile on Decimo's face, "Mmhm, it might be a bit troublesome. But not as troublesome as a mother constantly digging into something for her daughter's safety."

Venelana smiled happily, "Happy to hear that."

She was about to say something when Decimo disappeared in front of her in the blink of an eye. She felt his presence behind her; she felt an electric current through her body. His hands were on her waist while the other claw caressed her chin and cheeks, "But you are not here for that, are you?"

Venelana cringed, "I just wanted to ask the question..."

Decimo forced one of his clawed fingers inside her mouth; Venelana shivered, and her body tightened. She ground her hips against Decimo as she squirmed, her tongue wrapped around the clawed finger, "Mmmm...ahhhh...ahhhhh...umu..."


"Ahhhhhh~~Ughhh~Ahhhh~Mmmmhhh~~~Yes! That's the spot!!" Venelana held the side of the table that her back was on. Decimo was hugging her legs, ramming her harder and harder.

Venelana arched her back, climaxing again as her body lost its strength.

Decimo pulled his cock out of her, walking to the other side of the table. He held Venelana's face, sliding her body until her head was leaned downwards, "Open your mouth."

Venelana opened her mouth, but Decimo pried open her mouth even more. He slid his cock inside her mouth, "Gugh...Aghh...Ughh...Aghhh..." He moved, closing his eyes as he to fucked her mouth.

He took a deep breath, pushing it deep inside her mouth, "Gughhhh!!" Venelana gagged before Decimo pulled back. She coughed before Decimo drove it back inside her mouth, trying to go as deep as possible.

Decimo held her face, moving faster, fucking her mouth harder.

He closed his eyes, filling Venelana's mouth with his cum, pulling out.

Decimo stood there, watching Venelana, who had been fucked for hours. His left hand turned into a black claw that he dragged against her body.

Venelana's body twitched, but she couldn't move. Decimo smiled, "I want to break you so badly..."

He wore his clothes walking out of the room. Shortly, Venelana stood up, fumbling to the bed, lying down. She turned her body, staring at the roof, "Uhh, a little more...I really would have broken..."

She closed her eyes, falling into a deep sleep.

"Ahhh...Umm...Ugh...Ahh..." Short moans escaped Venelana's mouth when she opened her hazy eyes.

Venelana's pleasure shot through the roof when claw-like fingers were inside her mouth, moving in and out. Her eyes became apparent when the claw left her mouth, looking at Decimo leaning against the bed beside her.

"You are back..." She whispered, but suddenly her eyes widened, "Wait, who?"

She sat up, seeing Millicas in front of her with his dick inside her, "No! Millicas!" She shouted, about to push him away when Decimo hugged her from behind.

His right hand turned into a white glove with a nasty smile on his face.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" With her breasts rubbed with both hands, Venelana screamed, climaxing. Her juices hit Millicas, wetting him.

Millicas blinked, "Grandma, is she ok?"

Decimo raised Venelana's face, whispering, "Your grandson is asking something? Won't you answer him?"

Venelana took deep breaths, but her mind was already gone, feeling the sensual pain from the right hand and the immense pleasure from the left claw, "Yes, Baby...Grandma is fine..."

She pulled Millicas over her, touching his wet shirt, "Mmm, Sorry...Grandma made your shirt wet."

She opened the buttons, kissing Millicas's chest, licking it, but Decimo pulled her back, "And here I thought you were against it?"

Venelana held Decimo's cock, adjusting it as she put it inside her asshole, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~~~~~~~Aaaahhhhhhhh!" She moaned, leaning back on Decimo. Her hands covered both his hands, squeezing her breasts harder, "I don't care...I don't want this pleasure to stop."

Decimo spread her legs, looking at Millicas, "Millicas, didn't you like it? Being one with her? Go on."

Millicas stared at Venelana, "Grandma, can I?"

Venelana bit her lips, making Decimo remove his hands. Venelana shivered; she moved her hands, using her fingers to open her pussy, "Yes, Baby. Could you put it in? Fuck me!!"

Millicas made a happy smile, putting his cock inside her. Venelana moaned, holding Decimo's hand and licking them.

She moved her hips, fucking her asshole while her grandson held her breasts and fucked her pussy.

Decimo watched her eyes; they slowly lost their sanity as she became addicted.

He nibbled on her ear, "I wondered, will you tell me about our little chat in the afternoon?"

Venelana shook her head, "No! I can't afford to lose you..." She stared into his eyes.

Decimo moved his hand, using his white-gloved hand to rub her clit. Venelana reached her orgasm again.

Millicas wasn't far behind her, cumming inside her pussy. But Venelana didn't seem to mind anymore.

Decimo stroked her head, "You belong to me..."

Venelana closed her eyes, leaning on him, "Yes..."

"Grandma?" Millicas looked up, staring at her.

Venelana stroked his head, "Baby, you did well. This will be our little secret."

"I am afraid that would be hard," Another woman's voice echoed in the room.

Venelana shook, glancing towards the side, "Grayfia!"

"Mom!" Millicas smiled, running and hugging Grayfia.

Grayfia smiled, patting his head, "Good job, you did well." Millicas pointed at his cheeks, "My reward?"

Grayfia smiled, "You get better rewards now." She started kissing Millicas's lips. She held his face, pushing her tongue inside his mouth.

"Grayfia?" Venelana looked at her in shock. Grayfia kissed Millicas's forehead moving towards Venelana and Decimo, leaving a shocked Millicas behind.

She didn't glance at Venelana but at Decimo, "Master, I would have preferred if you told me before borrowing my son for this."

Decimo stood up from the bed, making Grayfia bend down with her face on the bed. He pulled her skirt up, "Or you wanted to be his first?"

"Mom! Big brother, don't hurt mom!" Decimo pulled Grayfia's skirt down, "Don't worry, your Mama needs something, just like your Grandma. Are you a man enough? Millicas?"

Grayfia's face turned red, "Master..."

Decimo rubbed her wet pussy, "Your body's honest." He looked toward Venelana, "Face her and spread your legs."

Millican's body shook as he put his cock in his mother while Venelana turned on Decimo's order.

Decimo stared at Grayfia, "Cleaning your son's mess while he makes another must be tough on you." He said, looking at Venelana's pussy with leaking cum.

Grayfia sucked on Venelana's pussy, making Venelana moan while she moaned as Millicas fucked her.

Decimo sat beside Venelana, watching the family show with a smile. Venelana glanced at him, keeping her moans down, "Why would you do this? Aren't men possessive of their woman?"

Decimo narrowed his eyes, "Jealousy it's one of the easiest emotions to invoke. I want to use it as an iron bar to open the door behind my other emotions. Forbidden things like these easily invoke emotions at a much larger scale."

Venelana closed her eyes, "So we are"

Decimo stroked her head, "More, you are toys."

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