Chapter 13 - Sona and Sister

Chapter 13 - Sona and Sister

Apr 09, 2022

The next day,

"He will be Occult Research Club's adviser," Sona said, pointing at Azazel, standing next to her.

Azazel had a grin, "Just call me, Azazel-Sensei!"

Rias watched Sona with cold eyes, "What is going on?"

Sona tried to look away, "Sirzechs-sama believed he is quite able and would be perfect for the role."

"And you agreed based on that?"

Sona turned around, "My sister would show up instead. Good luck, anyway."

Rias crossed her hands, watching Sona's back with cold eyes, "You sold us out, huh."

When Decimo entered the room, the atmosphere looked bleak. He looked at Azazel, "What are you doing here?"

Sitting on Rias's seat, Azazel laughed, "I am here to advise your club and teach everyone how to use your Sacred Gear. Also, to keep an eye on Ophis.

Decimo nodded, sitting down on the sofa, taking a novel from his bag.

Azazel stared at him, "What about your Sacred Gear; would you let me study it?"

Crown Clown emerged from his body, floating in front of Azazel, but it wasn't the upgraded version formed when he used Rias's void and the Power of Kings, "Mm, I want to see your research on Sacred Gears about how you make them."

Azazel narrowed his eyes with a smile, "Hoh, I can give you. But what will you give me in return?"

Rias couldn't take it anymore; she stood up, slapping her hand on the table, "Are you trying to exploit Decimo!"

Azazel leaned back, closing one of his eyes, looking at Rias, "Hmm, my research is priceless. Even Michael and Sirzechs agree to that."

Rias was taken back, biting her lips in anger; she glared at Azazel.

Decimo rubbed his chin for a moment, and the Knights' sword appeared in the palm of his hand, "Crown Clown alone is a wonder and in some ways enough to make an exchange. But The Power of Kings, that Sacred Gear, allows me to create more Sacred Gears from the hearts, wills, personalities, and people's deepdesiressire. Also, it allows me to use the voids that I created."

"Oh," Azazel took out a notebook, writing everything down and narrowing his eyes.

"But more than that, when I combine The Power of Kings and Crown Clown, it allowed me to take Kiba's Sacred Gear, upgrading it by combining it with his Void, allowing me to create this Knight's Sword. One that has achieved a state which is beyond Balance Breaker. Longinus among the Longinus, a sword that allows me to recreate any sword-type weapon. This all should be more than enough, right?"

Azazel looked at the sword, the crystal, the sentient Sacred Gear, hogging the three in his arms, "I'll give you my research as soon as possible!"

He disappeared as if worried that he would take them back.

"Was that too much to give?"

"Not really. Not for what I want."

The next day,

Decimo walked inside the main building to the nurse room, unlike other days.

The moment he entered, a woman wearing a sexy nurse uniform said, "Welcome!!" She said with a massively happy smile on her face.

He walked over, "Lady Serafall, what are you doing here?"

Serafall wrapped herself around him, rubbing his chest, "Oh, I am here for Ophis. Everyone was worried that Azazel wouldn't be enough."

There was a bitter smile on her face, "In a way, no one would be enough to take her. But we could at least take you, kids, away."

"You don't need to worry about it. Ophis seems to be resting, so it would take a few months before she does anything."

Serafall gazed at him in a daze before pushing on the bed. Touching his body, "How do you keep someone that powerful inside? Without flinching?"

Decimo caressed her cheeks, looking into her eyes, "Want to take a peek?"

Serafall bit her lips with curious eyes, "Can I?"

Decimo drew near her, "What do I get?"

Serafall kissed his lips, "Me?"

The moment she kissed, she appeared in nothing, and her eyes were drawn to the endless dragon, resting peacefully in this void. It felt their presence and kicked them out.

On the bed, Serafall turned, lying, "Oh my, that was a surprise! Ophis is asleep."

Decimo glanced at her, "She might be asleep for a long time."

Serafall curled up, cuddling with him, "Thank you for doing this."

Decimo turned his body, wrapping his arms around her; He raised her head and kissed her lips. He put his tongue in her mouth, which she reciprocated.

His arm reciprocated on her bare thigh, raising her dress and pulling down her panty.

He nibbled on her ear, "You being one of the four Devil Kings, let me introduce you to something new."

He turned from over her, getting to the other side, using his left claw to rub against her wet pussy.

Sera raised her hip, moaning loudly, "Ahhhhhh, Ahhhhh, Yeah!!!"

He put the claw tip inside her, trying to find her G-Spot. Although he didn't need to, the claw was an aphrodisiac enough.

Decimo raised his body, watching Serafall moan louder and louder; it turned into a woman's cutesy voice.

Decimo bent down, moving his tongue around her nipple, sucking on it.

He nibbled her nipple more, pulling on her breast, making her back arch even further.

He moved his claw faster, reaching deep inside her, making her moans turn into screams as she reached her orgasm.

Decimo pulled his claw out, licking it; he spread her legs, shoving his dick in her in one go.

Serafall had a lustful smile as her body rose, wrapping her hand around Decimo's neck, moving her hips, "Oh, yeah, boy, you are so good! I love it!"

"Ahhhh!! Ehhh!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!! Ummmmm!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!! Ahhhhh! Yeah!!!"

Abruptly, the room opened and closed back, "Onee-sama!! What are you doing?!"

Serafall didn't stop, "Sona!! Ahhh! I can't stop!! Sona!!!"

Sona blushed, "Everyone outside can hear you!!"

Serafall's body shivered, "Ahhhh!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Decimo smiled, "That turned her even more."

At night,

"Ahhhh!!! Ahhhh!!! Ummmmm!!! Ehhhh!!! Uhhhh!!!! Ahhhhh!!! Onee-chan!! Onee-chan!!!!"

In the student council office,

Sona was sitting on her chair with her legs spread, with her fingers shoved inside her vagina.

She arched her back, cumming. She seemed to have lost all her strength as she leaned back, resting.

"So, you want your Onee-chan more than you show?"

Sona felt a hand holding her jaw, raising her face when she couldn't move her body.

She became flustered, her eyes wandering, trying to see the face of the intruder.

Her eyes met Decimo, watching him look at her with those scarlet eyes.

He walked in front of her, leaning against the table, kissing her lips. She wanted to resist, but she didn't have any strength in her body.

A part of her also didn't want to resist. She felt the thickness and warmth against her pussy.

She tried to push him away, but Decimo grabbed her hands, raising them above her head.

She felt herself being stretched; she loudly moaned in his mouth.

Her eyes widened as she felt the thick cock go inside her. There was pain, but shortly it turned into pleasure.

Decimo let go of her mouth, thrusting in and out of her, "So you desire your Onee-chan?"

"Ahhhh~~Ahhh~~~Ummmm~~~ Ehhh~~~ Ahhhhh~~~ Yeah."

Decimo narrowed his eyes, watching Sona being surprisingly honest.

He stopped with his whole cock in her. His thighs, touching her butt, "You are honest..."

Sona held onto his chest, clenching his shirt, "Move...please...fuck me..."

Decimo raised her chin, watching her captivated face, "Did you ever do it with your Onee-chan?"

Decimo abruptly felt her cum a little as he said those words. She became even more flushed, "No..."

Decimo leaned in, whispering, "You want to?"

Sona's body shook even more as her eyes widened, "No!!"

Decimo curled his lips into a smile, thrusting harder and harder.

Sona's moans turned into screams, her back arched, and Decimo held her hand tightly, groaning. When he removed his cock, Sona's pussy was filled with cum that was leaking.

Decimo stood there, waiting for something, and in a few seconds, a magic circle appeared in the room.


Serafall rushed towards her, ignoring Decimo, standing at the side. She held Sona's face between her hands, "Sona-chan!! Are you ok?"

Sona looked at her with hazy eyes, "Onee-chan?"

Serafall hugged Sona's naked body tightly, "Oh!! Sona-chan just called me Onee-chan!!" She grinned happily.

Decimo glanced at Serafall, "She was shouting your name before too. When her fingers were jammed in her pussy."

Serafall's jaws nearly slammed into the ground, "Really!! Sona-chan! Is that true?!!"

Sona glanced away, closing her eyes. Suddenly, her eyes opened and widened when Serafall kissed her lips.

"My dear, you just needed to come and ask Onee-chan...I would have given you everything, even my body." Serafall sucked on Sona's lips.

Decimo walked behind Serafall, raising her magical girl skirt and pulling down her panty.

Serafall spread her legs while her tongue invaded her little sister's mouth.

"Ahhhhh~~~~~" She moaned loudly when Decimo thrust inside her in one go.

While Serafall's breasts moved to and fro, Sona held her sister's face this time, kissing her back. Serafall moved up, shoving her breasts on Sona's face.

"Sona-chan, don't you want to suck on that?! I have seen you staring."

Sona closed her eyes, sucking on Sona's nipples like a baby, "Onee-chan's breasts."

Decimo smiled, a small magic circle appeared on his palm, and a lotion bottle appeared.

Decimo put the lotion in Serafall's ass, "Ahahaha, lovely choice...I have needed some attention there."

Decimo put his dick inside her ass, "Ahhhhh~~~Ahhh~~ Yeah~~feels good~~Sona-chan, suck harder!!"

Sona used her hand, squeezing her breasts, sucking on harder, while Decimo plowed her sister's ass from behind.

He slapped her butt, fucking her harder, "Ahhhh!!!! Yeah!!! I am cumming from my ass and boobs!! I am cumming!!!!!!!!!!!"

Decimo pulled her hair, raising her body; when she climaxed, all her juices hit Sona's body.

Even though she had just climaxed, Serafall was ready to go, with Decimo whispering in her ear, "Which one do you want to lick first, yours or mine?"

Serafall scrutinized her sister's body, answering back, "Yours."

She leaned down, holding Sona's thighs, licking her pussy, "Mmm, it's tasty."

Sona tried to push away Serafall's head, "Onee-chan!! No, don't!!"

Decimo patted Sera's head, "Do you think she's ready to take in the other hole?"

Serafall laughed, "No way..." She licked her finger, putting it inside her asshole.

"There is no way that she can take your cock inside that hole."

Decimo narrowed his eyes, "Mm, we can always arrange someone else?"

Serafall glanced back, licking her lips. She wrapped her legs around his waist, putting his cock in her pussy, kissing his neck, "I like the sound of that."

After an hour,

Decimo was sitting on the chair, watching the two girls at the table. The things that should have been on the table were on the ground.

The two were out of energy while Decimo looked at them, thinking about what to do.

But there were still a few things that he had planned.

As he looked outside the window, a smile appeared on his face, "Yeah, that should work."

In the student council president's office,

Decimo watched the two sisters kiss each other while sitting at the table.

Decimo created darkness, causing Serafall to stop, "What are you doing?"

He smiled, "I thought of something interesting."

Darkness rushed out of his palm, covering Serafall and Sona. Slowly, their body emerged from the darkness.

Their bodies were hung in the air with their hand and feet inside the darkness.

Serafall looked around, "What is this?"

"My familiar, more like an extension of myself. I can manipulate however I like, and best of all. I feel everything."

He said with a smile on his face. Small balls of darkness with a mouth and teeth appeared from the darkness. They were connected to the wall with a small thread. The mouths latched on to Serafall's clit, and nipples, "Ahhhh~~~Oh~~~this is good~~~So good!!"

Sona became uncomfortable, "Me too..." More mouths appeared, latching onto Sona's nipples and clit just as she said.

More appeared; tongues appeared out of these mouths, licking their pussy and assholes simultaneously.

Serafall moaned loudly, "Ahhh~~~Yeahh~~~~Lovely~~~ I knew you were the best!!"

Sona didn't have as much capacity as her sister. She climaxed, screaming at the top of her voice.

Decimo watched her tentacles appear out of the darkness; they invaded her mouth while the other invaded her pussy.

Sona's eyes widened, moaning; the mouth didn't stop sucking on her nipples and clit.

Once the tentacle in her mouth was wet enough, it drew itself out and invaded her asshole.

A new tentacle appeared, going inside her mouth. The three tentacles fucked her holes while the mouths sucked on nipples and pussy.

"Oh no! Oh no! Too much!! Too much!!!" Sona screamed, her eyes going in a daze as she continuously climaxed.

Serafall took deep breaths, "I want to see her me..."

Decimo was sitting with his eyes closed, feeling the heightened pleasure he was getting. The wall moved, turning, with Serafall and Sona ending face-to-face. Serafall was near enough to kiss Sona's twisted face, "I want that too, fill my holes too."

Decimo groaned as more tentacles appeared, filling Serafall's holes. He pointed his cock at Serafall, covering her body with cum.

But even though he came, the pleasure that his body was going through didn't stop.

By the morning,

The three of them were lying on the floor, covered in sweat, cum and juices.

Decimo was staring at the roof with hazy eyes. Before, even though he indulged in sex, he always made sure not to lose himself.

But today, it felt good losing control.

In some ways,

He controls the situations before they get out of control. And he was always making sure that there were not many ups and downs. That might be one of the reasons why his emotions hadn't come back.

Today, he felt something, more than just a moment, even though he could feel it slipping away.

After a while,

Decimo and Serafall got up and got dressed. Serafall glanced down at her little sister still lying on the floor, "Sona-chan, get up."

Sona glanced at her, "I don't think I have the strength." She took a deep breath, relaxing as she lay there on the floor.

Serafall smiled, "Bye-bye, Sona-chan! Decimo-chan! Onee-chan will come and see you later!"

She teleported out of the room. Decimo glanced down at Sona, sitting on the chair.

Sona stared at the roof, "You are not leaving?"

Decimo smiled, "I am waiting for the show."

Sona's eyes were filled with doubt, but the next moment the door opened.

Sona stood up in shock, her eyes wide open, looking towards the door.

"President?!" Saji shouted out loud while Sona stood up with clothes appearing on her.

She turned back at Decimo, "You knew?!" Decimo shrugged, teleporting out of the room with a smile on her face.


He appeared in the clubroom, "Oh, welcome! I heard you enjoyed your night."

Azazel had a knowing smile on his face as he said that.

Akeno jumped up from behind, "If there were a party, I would have liked to be invited!"

Rias watched him with sad eyes and looked away.

While Asia hugged him from the front, "Lord! Don't forget about me!"

Decimo stroked her head, "Mmhm, I will care for you." Asia looked up, watching him smile; she was fascinated by it.

Azazel narrowed his eyes, "Almost feels like there are emotions behind that smile."

Decimo looked out of the window, "Mm, fleeting, but they were there."

Akeno narrowed her eyes, "Your feelings? It seems you enjoyed a beautiful night."

Decimo glanced back, kissing her lips, "Yeah, I did."

Azazel cleared his throat, "You are late for your training."

Decimo glanced at him, puzzled, "Training?"

Azazel held his head, "To get stronger?"

Decimo narrowed his eyes, "I am strong should worry about their training."

Azazel narrowed his eyes, "I have to say you are strong, but there are much stronger than you. Gods from other mythology, are you sure you don't want to train?"

Decimo rubbed his chin, "I'll manage. Right, what about your research?"

Azazel sighed, snapping his finger, a magic circle appeared, and with it, tons of books, "All my research is here."

Decimo looked at them, "Thanks."

He created a magic circle, teleporting to his home. He put his hand on the ground, using the Apocalyptic Virus to erase the land, shape it, and even manipulate matter to create pieces of equipment.

Stairs appeared before him as he walked in more profound; the walls lightened up.

At the end of the stairs, Decimo walked into a futuristic-looking lab. He raised his hand, and the books appeared in the lab.

"This will be interesting. I wonder what I should build next.

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