Chapter 10 - The Knight and the Knights ...

Chapter 10 - The Knight and the Knights Heart

Apr 09, 2022

Everyone from Rias's Peerage was in the middle of the road, staring at Freed.

"Howdy! It seems like the gang is all here!!!"

"You!" Issei was about to shout at him and ask about Kiba. But Rias stopped him, "Don't bother about him. The one that we should be worried about is up there." Rias said, pointing towards the sky.

Decimo saw a man's shadow with five wings stretched out.

"Pleased to make your acquaintance, daughter of Gremory, your crimson hair is as lovely as they say! It reminds me of your troublesome brother, though. My apologies; it makes me sick to my stomach."

"How do you do, Kokabiel - leader of fallen angels."

Kokabiel narrowed his eyes, "I wanted to bring a present for you, three rats that reached our stronghold. But something managed to save the three."

Rias shouted in anger and relief, "Devil king, maybe my brother, but he has no political connection to the family! If you are looking to make a diplomatic deal, your efforts are wasted!"

Before Kokabiel could answer, Decimo interrupted the talks, "That is not what he wants."

"Oh, who are you, boy?"

Decimo glanced at Kokabiel before looking in a direction towards his left.

Kobabiel looked towards there, frowning, "What are you doing? Buying time?"

He looked towards Decimo but got no answer. When he was about to lose patience, he felt something coming toward here.

It looked like a person was flying toward them, but with his eyesight, Kokabeil could see, "It's the thing that saved those brats!"

The cowl appeared, reaching Decimo, dropping Irina, Xenovia, and Kiba on the ground.

Asia bent down, "Kiba-san!" She started healing him.

Kokabiel glanced down with narrowed eyes, "So you saved them."

Decimo yawned, "Well, it would be troublesome if you got hostages."

Kokabiel curled his lips, "And what do you think I want?"

Irina, Xenovia, and Kiba got on their feet, "Sorry, we failed. He was too strong."

Decimo glanced towards them, sighing, "Choosing a town where Devil King's sister lives; you want to irk the devil king. Using the holy sword and fallen priests, you want to drag all three sides into it. That is probably one of the reasons why the church sent these two as a sacrifice, so they can sit out the war and join in when the devil and fallen angel sides are weak."

"Hahahahahahahahaha, Brilliant!! You are an intelligent kid! How about working for me! We could do great things in war!"

Decimo narrowed his eyes, "Can you stop what you are doing? And leave?" He stepped forward in front of the group.

Kokabiel laughed madly, "Hahahaha, no way! There is nothing I'd like more than war! I thought that just stealing Excalibur's

would be enough to make Michael wage war...all he sent were puny exorcists and two little girls! How dull, how unfathomable dull!! I have come to lay waste to Sirzechs's kid sister's lair! Come now, don't that sound like fun?!"

Decimo let out a sigh, "I see, so that is your choice." He glanced back at Rias, "You guys, stay back. I thought this would be good training for you, but this one is too much for you."

"Decimo-sama..." Asia muttered his name.

While Irina shouted, "You can't fight him alone; he's too strong!"

Rias frowned, "Decimo..."

Decimo narrowed his eyes, "This is my fight; that is the end of the discussion."

He turned, looking up at Kokabiel, "Crown Clown!"

With his voice, the cowl appeared, covering his body, his left arm turned into a giant black claw with the cross engraved at the center. While a white glove appeared on his right arm with it and the marks on his right palm shone, metallic-purple strings came out of the center of his palm, forming a sword, "Singer's Sword."

Kokabiel narrowed his eyes, "Hoh, that sacred gear of yours-"

Just as he was about to continue saying - his wings moved on the instance and blocked the metallic slash from Decimo.

Decimo was standing where Kokabiel was while Kokabiel was pushed back.

"Hahahaha...that was quite the strike; it reminded me of war! But this is not the place to fight; you wouldn't want all these humans around to die? There, the school was attended by the sisters of Sirzechss and Leviathan. It's pulsing with magic energy; surely, causing a bit of chaos within would be so fun. It's also the perfect battleground on which to unleash the power of Excalibur."

"Ha-ha, my boss is the best, huh? Just nutso enough to suit my needs. He made me the happiest little camper; just look at all the goodies I got from him!"

"Here, Excalibur Rapidly! Excalibur Nightmare! Excalibur Transparency! And from the two over there, Excalibur Mimic and Excalibur Destruction! And with the factor that Old man Valper gave me. I am oomp'd to use it all!" Freed laughed joyously.

Kokabiel looked down at Freed, "Seeing how well you have been doing, Valpers Excalibur research must be real."

Rias couldn't take it anymore, "What do you want to do with the Excaliburs?!"

"Come after me if you want to know! Let's start a war, Rias Gremory! Sister of Devil King!"

"Opsy daisy!" Freed threw a flash bomb on Rias and others. While Kokabiel looked at Decimo, "Won't stop me?"

Decimo raised the mask, his red eyes staring at Kokabiel, "I'll play your game."

Kokabiel laughed, flapping his wings; he flew away.

Rias's face was wrapped in anger, "I will contact Sona! Everyone, get ready for the fight!"

Sometime later, near the academy,

Rias's peerage was standing in front of Sona and Saji and another girl, "The student council will place the barriers around the school to reduce the damage. But to be completely frank, if Kokabiel let his powers lose, he could wipe out the city. And it seems he has been preparing to do that. We will do our best to keep the barriers up."

Rias nodded, "Thank you, Sona, leave the rest to us!"

While walking towards the school entrance, Sona glanced back, "Rias, the opponent is a monster in a league of his own. Shouldn't you contact your brother?"

"Why don't you contact your sister."

Sona sighed, "In my case..."

Akeno smiled, "I have informed Sir Sirzechs!"

Rias looked back in shock, "Why would you?!"

Akeno held Rias's hand, "I know you don't want to ask your family for help, but let's accept the help of Devil King!" She stared into Rias's eyes with conviction.

Rias stared back before giving up, "Very well."

Akeno smiled, seeing Rias agreeing to her.

While Rias encouraged others, Decimo walked inside, watching what would happen; the others caught up with him.

Kiba glared at Valper with hate, "What are you doing?!"

Valper glanced at everyone, "I am combining the five Holy Swords!"

Kokabiel, sitting on a throne floating in the air, spoke, "How long, Valper."

"Another five minutes!"

"Well, who would it be? Sirzechs or Serafall?" Kokabiel asked the question looking at Rias's.

"Me, you get me." Just when Rias was about to say something, Decimo wearing the cowl and the sword on his right, appeared in front of Kokabiel.

Decimo slashed his sword, causing Kokabiel to use his wings to stop it. But a few of his wings fell, making him narrow his eyes, "Oh, it seems you have potential."

Decimo raised his right hand, blue veins appeared on his right hand, and multiple voids that he copied appeared, forming into one. A triangular construct appeared on his right wrist, creating massive energy on the palm of his hand, firing right in the face of Kokabiel.

Kokabiel's head got pushed back, but he moved his face forward without a single burn, "Hah, is that all you can do? That is nowhere near enough, kid."

He created a light spear that passed through Decimo's waist, anchoring onto him, until he hit the floor, trapped by the spear.

"Hm," Decimo watched the dark sky, raising his right hand, "Hah, it's still weak."

He got this one because of a few abilities of the people of that world, like the shears that could cut anything, bonds, life, injuries. Or the bandages that could heal anyone.

"Heh, just a boy with a big mouth," Kokabiel fired more spears of light, but a complicated gun appeared in Decimo's left hand, which he raised to reflect the attack, but just as he was about to, he let go of his hand. The spears pierced through his arm and legs.


"Decimo!" Rias, Akeno, Kiba, Koneko, Issie, and Asia rushed over, surrounding him.

"Lord!" Asia worriedly looked at him, using her powers to heal him, but Decimo stopped her.

"I have no motivation for a tough battle."

"Huh?" Rias was caught off guard, seeing him close his eyes, and her energy became uncontrollable. She turned around, bending down to pick on his collar; her energy destroyed the light spear, pulling him up, "You! You are my servant! And I am ordering you to fight and do your best! And above all!! Don't get hurt!!!"

Decimo opened his eyes, seeing tears appear in her eyes, "How…how do you feel those emotions so easily…no matter what I do. I can't…."

He put his palm on her chest, and the purple-blue lines spread over her body; his fingers entered her body, "Let me touch you."

Rias felt a surge of energy through her body; crystalline lines rose from the ground, surrounding her, feeling more naked than she ever felt, yet she didn't resist.

But rather than void, crimson energy entered his veins, spreading all over his body, covering it and then even the Sacred Gears he created.

Kokabiel had been kept busy for a few seconds by Akeno and Koneko while Kiba fought against Freed with Issie's help.

Kokabiel pushed both of them back, narrowing his eyes at the pillar of crimson energy filled with destructive power, "What is that Sacred Gear."

When the energy disappeared, Decimo was floating, standing in the air, in front of Kokabiel. His silver-white hair swayed with the air at high altitude, and his scarlet eyes felt an emotion, just one, but there was one, worry over the other members of the peerage.

The Crown Clown, which covered it, had another layer on its fur and coat, a crystalline layer, and his left arm, black metallic, had purple veins, and so did the right hand. He raised his right hand, taking off the mask with a crystalline crown above it.

"To feel again, it's a pleasure of its own."


He looked down at a slightly weakened Rias, hugging her in his arm, "Thank you. Your power to erase existence allowed me to erase the boundary between the two Sacred Gears."

"Oh," Rias closed her eyes, resting her head on his chest with a smile on her lips, "I am glad that was helpful to you."

"You changed a bit, and that aura is so different. What is that sacred gear?" Kokabiel was intrigued, asking.

Decimo raised his right hand, which had turned into a crystal under the white glove, curling his fingers, making a first, "My Left Hand housed the power of Crown Clown: The Crown of God, which gave me the power to bring Salvation to Demons and Humans alike. My right hand housed the Power of Kings, Void Genome, allowing me to bring out the power of wills from any being. Now that the two have finally become one…."

Crystals separated from the cowl, forming a palm double the size of Decimo's whole body, and held Rias, taking her below, facing Kokabiel, "Now, it's the Crown Clown: The Crown of God-King."

The crystals formed 11-foot long Singer's Sword with his words, and crystals appeared out of thin air, forming spears behind his back, pointing at Kokabiel, "Time for a rematch."

"Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!! God-King?! Crown of God-King?! A perfect sacrifice for my Holy War!"

Decimo blitzed forward, leaving behind a trail, sometimes silvery, or the other times a purple metallic, clashing with Kokabiel on equal terms that went on for a while,

"That's amazing..." Xenovia muttered, looking at the light show in the sky. There were lights with massive power colliding all over the place.

Kokabiel and Decimo both were covered in light, nowhere to be seen.

Irina blinked, "How did you get such a powerful servant? Moreover, I couldn't hear it; what is that Holy Power radiating from his Sacred Gear? Why is it shaped like a cross?"

Rias lay on the hand, made from Decimo's powers, healing her. She didn't know the answer to most of their questions but knew one, "He got bored...of being human."

Akeno chuckled, "But we have our problems to deal with."

She said, looking at the Cereberus that Kokabiel had summoned to trouble them. So they could not stop the ritual.

Rias glanced back, "Issei, focus on transferring powers to others!"

Xenovia bowed, "Sorry, we can't help without our swords, but we can still fight."

Rias frowned, "No, stay back and don't get in the way."

Koneko rushed forth, punching one of the Cerberus's three heads. It was pushed towards the far right before Kiba jumped and cut the head.

"Akeno!" Rias shouted out loud.

"Fufufu, I am ready! Lightning Storm!" Akeno raised her hand in the air, and massive lightning poured down on the Cereberus dog.

At the same time, Rias felt power transferring from the arm to her, and she used it to create a giant orb of ruin, destroying another one of Cerberus's heads.

But before they could focus on Valper, the Cereberus's body attacked them again.

"Issei! Now, boost both mine and Akeno's power!"

Issei looked towards his gauntlet, "Here goes! Boosted Gear Gift, Transfer!"

Akeno stared at the Cereberus, "Unleash your roar!" a flash of powerful lightning hit the Cerberus, putting him down.

Rias created another orb of ruin that was half the size of her body, pushing it towards Valper.

But Valper said at the same time, "It's complete!"

The ruin collided with the newly created Excalibur and dispersed, causing Rias to frown.

Valper grinned, "The ritual to unite the five holy swords is complete. The city will be reduced to rubble within twenty minutes."

"What?!!" Everyone looked at him in shock.

Valper laughed, "If you wish to abort, you should wish that your friend defeats Lord Kokabiel."

He turned his eyes towards Freed, "Freed, why don't you test out the sword?"

Watching Freed, Kiba walked up, holding a sword in his hand, "Valper Galilei, I am a survivor of Holy Sword. That is to say; you killed this body of mine. I was revived as a Devil that I stand here before you. I need to know, what possessed you to do it?"

Valper narrowed his eyes, "Hoh, a project survivor?"

He explained uncaringly, "I was fascinated by the holy sword to the point I dreamed of them. Even as a child, I was reading about them. So you can imagine how crushed I was when I learned that I didn't have the aptitude for them. Lacking that is why I admired him so much. Those feeling propelled me into researching about creating artificial Holy Sword users."

He laughed, "Thanks to your fellow test subjects, I achieved the goal!"

"Achieved your goal! You decided we were failed experiments and threw us out like trash!" Kiba shouted in anger.

Valper scoffed, "I realized that a certain factor allows people to wield Holy Sword, but it's too weak in many, like all the test subjects. So I came up with a theory; I posited that perhaps the factor could be harvested and combined."

Xenovia growled, "I thought as much, the thing placed in wielders body during blessing is?"

"That's right, I created Holy Factors like this one," He said, taking out the crystal.

"So you killed my friends to extract their essence?!" Kiba's face was twisted in anguish and anger.

"Well, I have this one; you can take it." Valper threw the crystal toward Kiba.

Kiba got on his knees, picking up the crystal, "My friends, forgive me."

Suddenly, the crystal shined, and Kiba was enveloped in the light.

In the air, Decimo and Kokabiel stopped fighting.

Kokabiel glanced down, "Oh, it seems the boy's Sacred Gear is progressing."

Decimo narrowed his eyes, "It's about time; I thought he'd never be whole. I guess I have to thank you for that?"

Kokabiel scoffed, "Like that will change anything."


Kiba had a calm expression on his face, "Freed Sellzen, I won't allow you to sully the spirits of my comrades trapped in those crystals any longer. These tears of mine will be the last thing you will ever see.

His left hand shone white, while his other hand shone black, "Come forth, sword embodying my friends. Respond to my will, and come to me."

"Sword Birth - Balance Breaker, Sword of Betrayer! I will end you with a blade that combines holy and devil magic."

In the air,

Decimo stayed in the air, watching Kiba fight against Freed. Xenovia joined in between, bringing out Durandal.

It was a close fight, Xenovia created an opportunity, and Kiba cut Freed.

Decimo pointed the sword at Kokabiel, creating a crystalline prison. There were thousands of layers of prison trapping Kokabiel in it.

A disk appeared on the bottom of his feet, and he shot downward, stopping in front of a kneeling and bleeding Freed.

Akeno rushed near him, "Decimo? Kokabiel?"

Decimo narrowed his eyes, pointing upward, "That will keep him trapped for a few minutes."

Decimo glanced at Rias, Kiba, Koneko, Xenovia, Irina, Issei, Asia, and even Valper and Freed watching him before he sighed, "Well, you see, I have been waiting for this."

Decimo lifted the cowl's hood and touched his chest, "You see, this cowl, its first owner's desires are still in it. There is something that it has been crying out for."

Decimo squatted in front of Freed, creating a cross in the air with his right hand.

Suddenly, Freed's body started shining, "No!!!!!!!!! No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is this!!!!!!!!!!!! What is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Freed screamed as his skin burned.

But the souls came out of him one after the another.

"Thank you," "Thanks," "Thank you for saving us," "Thank you!"

Soon, the voices of souls filled the field, and their souls dissipated into small particles.

A warm, natural smile appeared on Decimo's face, "I see, that does feel good. The Cowls Emotions."

Just when he was done, the prison keeping Kokabiel trapped broke. But Kokabiel didn't attack him; he looked at Decimo like a ghost, "You! What did you do?!"

Decimo looked down at his hands, the two so different from each other, "You see, once there was a boy, an exorcist, fighting against the demons. It was his desire that created this Sacred Gear."

His voice seemed to echo in the large area, seemingly showing them the image of the boy fighting against the demons.

"But he pitied the demons; sympathized with them, felt their pain. But at the same time, his mission was to save the humans. He didn't want to betray the humans, but he didn't want to keep killing the demons."

Decimo smiled as if remembering something, "And then one day, he came across the demon that he couldn't defeat, the demon killed him, or nearly killed him. At the end moments of his life, he decided something blasphemous if God wouldn't save them, then I will."

Decimo gazed into Kokabiel's eyes, "Crown Clown, the sacred gear has two names. Gods Clown, or the Crown of God. Depending on who you talk to. You didn't understand when I said this name before, did you? You thought it was a joke?"

Kokabiel clenched his fist, staring at Decimo as he would at some anomaly, "What did you do?"

"Didn't I tell you? The boy decided that if God doesn't save them, then he will."

Decimo smiled, hearing the gasps, raising his hands, "The right hand is to save humans, to grant them salvation! While the left is to save all the fallen beings, to grant them their salvations! That is the power that my Crown Clown holds."

Valper took a step back in shock, "That's impossible, first that Holy Demon Sword and this Sacred Gear. That means not only the Devil King died!"

A light spear was about to enter his body when a piece of cloth clashed against the spear, breaking it.

Kokabiel narrowed his eyes, "You are trying to save him?"

"No, his life belongs to Kiba," Decimo said, glancing at Kiba.

Kiba walked toward scared Valper, "No, wait! Don't kill me!! I can tell you the biggest secret that the three powers are hiding! The reason why you can make that sword!"

Kiba stared at him with steely eyes, "This is for my friends!" He pushed down the Holy Devil Sword in his heart, falling on his knees, watching Valper take his last breath, "I have avenged you, my friends."

Kokabiel laughed, "Valper was a great man; he figured it out at the end of his life." He turned his attention towards Decimo, "Come, let's continue our fight."

"Hm," Decimo observed Kokabiel, turning his eyes towards Kiba, and he put his right arm on his chest, "Let me borrow your power for a moment."

Kiba was surprised but smiled and nodded, "Please do; thank you for freeing my friends."

Metallic strings came out from the point of contact, and Decimo put his hand inside Kiba's heart, taking out his scared gear, empowered by Kiba's will and the power of Crown Clown: The Crown of God-King's power. It didn't take the form of a Holy Sword, Demonic Sword, or Holy Demonic Sword, but a metallic appearance much like the Singer Sword, but in the form of a knight's weapon.

Kiba fell on his knee, his cheek and neck filled with sweat, but there was zeal in his eyes when he saw the Knights Sword in Decimo's palm and Singer's Sword floating beside him, "That's…Sword of Birth?"

"Sword of Birth? No, this is another mode. I'd say it's Beyond Balance Breaker."

"You are interesting, one toy after the other, but now it's time to fight!" Kokabiel got impatient, throwing immensely powerful spheres of light at him to bring devastation to this city. Still, the Singer Sword pointed towards them, firing a canon that overpowered them, forcing Kokabiel to cover himself in wings and defend.

When the light cleared, Decimo raised the Knight's Sword, pointing at Kokabiel, with a smile on his lips, "Sword of Birth, a Sacred Gear that allows its wielder to create Demonic Swords. Its Irregular Balance Breaker allows for the creation of the Holy-Demonic Sword. What do you happen when it reaches beyond Balance Breaker?"

The sword started changing, from the palm of his hand to the tip, transforming, "Excalibur, since you like it so much. Let me show you what the real one can do."

"Excalibur?" Kokabiel took a step back, "Impossible! How can a Sacred Gear recreate Excalibur! I don't believe it!! I don't believe it!!!!"

He showered numerous pikes made of energy and devastating balls of energy. Still, Decimo raised Excalibur, enveloped in the bright light that covered the night sky, brightening it, "Excalibur: Sword of Victory."

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