Chapter 1 - Decimo and Devils

Chapter 1 - Decimo and Devils

Apr 09, 2022

Kuoh Academy was once an all-girls school but recently changed to Co-ed. 

Decimo, a sixteen-year-old boy with platinum hair, scarlet eyes, and a face pretty enough to turn necks, joined this academy. His height was a tall figure, lean with broad shoulders.

At first, Decimo wasn't sure about joining this academy, but after entering, his view changed. 

Reason? Simple, there were beautiful women everywhere. He wouldn’t mind having women in his arms, and there were many quality women here. 

But the first one that he started with was from his classroom. 

Currently, in the girl’s locker room, 

"Ahhh~~ Yes~~ I love it!!! Master!! Fuck me more...fuck Kiryuu's perverted pussy more!!!" 

Decimo’s body was covered in sweat, his platinum hair shaking with every thrust, his scarlet eyes watching the young girl.

She had gold-colored eyes and messy brunette hair; her naked body was raised in the air. Her pussy was getting pounded by the massive dick that Decimo had. 

Her face was twisted in pleasure, but the words didn't stop coming out of her mouth. 

Aika Kiryuu wanted more; she wanted to get fucked harder, have her pussy pounded more. 

And that was what she was getting. Her hands-on the bench, her ass in the air, her pussy pounded. 

She laughed with her face filled with lust, her eyes shining, "Yes!! Master!!! Fuck your whore more!!! Enjoy my body!!! I love it!!!" 

Decimo smiled at her response, but suddenly his eyes shifted. He raised her body, making her face the window, "Oh, we have guests that want a show." 

Aika was startled for a moment, but the perverted smile on her face increased, "Really? Decimo-Sama?" 

Decimo looked towards the window, moving his hips, his legs colliding against her ass. Her juices squirted out with every thrust, "Yes, why don't you introduce yourself?" 

Aika moaned, opening her mouth, and looking towards the window; her eyes met three pairs of eyes staring inside with wide eyes. 

Her smile only grew, "Hii!!! My name is Aika Kiryuu; I am Decimo-Sama's slut! I would do anything for him. I love that someone is watching my lewd body getting fucked. Please watch me to your heart's contents and pleasure yourself while thinking about my body." 

Decimo nibbled on her ear, holding her breasts, fucking her faster and harder. Aika's body squirmed, arching her back; she climaxed, her moans turned into screams. 

Her body shivered; her whole body felt the earth-shattering orgasm before falling back into Decimo's arms without any power. Decimo threw her body on the bench, sitting beside her, taking a deep breath, "Ahh, that was good." 

Aika shivered; her body turned, falling to the floor. She clawed up, crawling to his feet, licking his dick, "I can' cleaning." 

Decimo stroked her head, "Good girl." 

After a while, Decimo stood up, leaving the room, leaving a naked, covered-in cum Aika behind. 

While he left the room, the girls in his classroom passed by him; they all looked at him, giggled, and started walking faster. 

Happy with their reaction, Decimo waved back with a smile, waiting for the squeals that resounded when the other girls reached the locker room. 

It wasn't something new; Aika loved showing off that she got fucked. 

He walked back to the classroom, but the classroom wasn't peaceful; three boys were standing around his table, waiting for him. 

"Oh, it's the three of you; did you enjoy the show?" 

The three boys looked at him with shining eyes, "That was the best live porn I have ever seen. Here take my money!!" 

The three put thousands of yen in his palm, looking at him with a smile, "When can we see more?" 

Decimo sat down with a smug smile, counting the money, "If you can get enough money, you can do much more than just watch." 

Decimo counted the money with a smile on his face; this was his part-time job, an easy way to earn money. 

The standard process was breaking a girl, using her body to his heart's content, and when he got bored of her. Then put her up for prostitution and earn money off her. 

Many boys in the school had a crush on some girl. Decimo made them collect money for photos, videos, or a night with the woman they liked using their budding feelings. 

Aika Kiryuu was the next in line; once she became a cock enslaved person, she would love to sleep with the perverted trio and get him some money. 

Although he said part-time, this was what helped him earn money and eat.


After school was over, 

Decimo walked back home. That wasn't that far from the academy. It was a two-story building; once you entered, there was a big room with a camera and lights on the left. 

Every room, even the bathroom, was covered with a camera and lights. 

It was the second floor that was mostly empty, 

Other than a bed, table, and laptop. 

On the side of the laptop, 

there was a small piece of square paper with a diagram on it. It looked like something from the books and novels, which allowed to summon devils. 

He picked it up, cutting his finger; a drop of blood dripped down on the paper. 

The paper shined, falling on the ground; a woman appeared where the document fell. 

It was a beautiful woman with white skin, red hair, and a voluptuous figure. Her breasts were 39, her waist 23, and her hips were 35. 

"It's you again." 

The woman spoke with a frown on her face. It was the perverted boy that was famous for breaking a woman's mind in school. 

This wasn't the first she was called; she knew what he wanted. But she didn't do those kinds of contracts. 

"I told you-" 

Decimo appeared in front of Rias with superhuman speed, surprising her. She narrowed her eyes, staring back at the scarlet eyes looking down on her, "I want to become a devil and enter the supernatural world. I am bored of normal human women." 

Rias's eyes shined after hearing that, "Ok..." She whispered since this was something Sona wanted. With this, she would be one step ahead of Sona's team. 


The next morning,

Decimo woke up with a naked body wrapped around him, turning his eyes and looking at the red hair, "Yeah...I remember now."

He raised his body, looking at his hand that was much smoother now, "I became a devil."

He glanced to his left, where a naked Rias was lying. Her pawn mutated when she tried to make him a devil.

That was a good thing since he had more potential now.

But other than that, there wasn't much change in his body, maybe increased stamina?

He looked towards the side table, picking up his mobile. Decimo pointed the camera at Rias, taking photos of her naked body.

She opened her eyes as if she realized the photos of her naked body were being taken.

"What are you doing?" Rias asked, covering her body.

Decimo smiled, squatting in front of her, "Nothing, just something to remember you by."

Rias curled her lips, touching his nose lovingly, "Now, I am your master; you'll be working for me."

Decimo curled his lips, smiling, "We'll see..."

Since the day Decimo became the devil, a few days passed. There was a guest at his house; it was Aika Kiryuu.

Decimo welcomed her inside; after taking off her shoes, Aika started taking off her clothes, but Decimo stopped her, "No, wait...that is not why I called you."

Aika blinked, "No?"

Decimo smiled, calling her in, "Come with me."

Aika walked inside, standing near the dining table, "Decimo-Sama, why did you call me?"

Decimo hugged her from behind, kissing her neck, "I have guests coming over, so I wanted someone that could entertain them."

Kiryuu took a deep breath, "Entertain? How?"

"Mmm...not sure what my new guests would like; I was thinking of using you like a plate. You wouldn't mind that?"

Kiryuu shook her head, "No...Decimo-Sama...I would love that."

After a while,

There were a few magical circles that shined in the house.

"Ara-ara...having cameras in the rooms, just what you'd expect from our boy."

"Those are some costly cameras; it's just like the rumors."


Rias curled her lips, glancing back at Akeno, Yuuto Kiba, and Koneko, "Be polite when you meet our new member. We need to make him feel welcomed."

She walked inside towards the dining room, from where the sounds of footsteps were coming from.

But something caught her off-guard; it was the young girl, lying down on the table, naked. Food kept on her body, "Why is she here?"

Rias asked, looking at the boy sitting near the girl with chopsticks in his hands.

"Oh, she's here to entertain you?"

"But she's?"

"A regular human? I know, don't worry, she won't speak."

Rias frowned, "That is not how things work."

Akeno patted her best friend's shoulder, "Don't worry; I think we can remove her memory in the morning."

She walked forward, sitting on her knees beside the table; bending her body, she took a bite of sushi from Aika's body. Her tongue licked Kiryuu's skin, "Mmm, this is delicious."

Kiryuu smiled without being surprised by what they were talking about. She heard about it from Decimo before the other members came, "Thank you, please enjoy your heart's content!"

Akeno giggled, "Guys, our new member has prepared a delicious sacrifice."

Rias stood with her arms crossed, "Well, come, enjoy yourself tonight."

Koneko and Kiba sat down near Kiryuu's legs while Akeno and Rias took her breasts.

They picked up their chopsticks, taking the first bite, "Mmmm...this thing is delicious. Did you cook it?" Rias asked, putting her hand in front of her mouth, opening her eyes in surprise.

Decimo used his chopsticks to pick a lobster, breaking it; he used Kiryuu's pussy juices to cover it, "Yeah, I like good food, since there are times when you can't get it. I learned to make good food myself."

Kiryuu bit her lips, feeling chopsticks on her body, her juices being used like sauce. She whimpered, trying her best not to let anyone notice her presence.

But the more she did that, the more Akeno teased her. She was using her chopsticks to pinch her nipples, making her moan inside her mouth.

"You know that us devils have jobs?" Rias sighed, letting her peerage enjoy Kiryuu's dilemma.

"Ah, Yeah, but the customer can't force you to do things you don't want to...Oh, I should say we now. Also, this girl will be my first customer. So this works, and you don’t have to erase her memories.”

Rias nodded, "Fine, but you can follow someone and learn how the jobs work."

Decimo looked around, seeing Koneko blush as she pulled some food out of Kiryuu's pussy, smiling - he asked, "So which one of you has the most interesting jobs?"

Akena pushed her breasts out, "You can come with me; most of my jobs make me act like a dominatrix. They want me to dominate them."

Decimo opened his mouth, "That's interesting; I'll come with you if your client is a woman."

Akeno grinned, "Deal!"

Kiba raised his hand, "Since you like cooking, then you can try my clients. They are usually businesswoman who likes having their food cooked since they are too tired to make themselves."

Decimo narrowed his eyes, "Office woman...good target."

His eyes turned towards Koneko, "What about you?"

"Creepy people want to dress me up," Koneko said, pouting. She didn't have anything interesting to show the new guy.

She chomped down on the food before her, showing her dissatisfaction.

Decimo tilted his head, "I’ll go with Akeno-senpai's female clients."

Akeno clapped her hands together in joy; she stood up, sitting beside him. Her hands found their way to his crouch, "Lovely; my clients would love this."

Decimo glanced down with a smile, "I wonder if you'd like it?"

Akeno narrowed her eyes, looking at him, "I already about tomorrow? Because I can't wait any longer."

"I can't wait too."

The next day,

After school was over, Decimo was standing at the school gate, watching the girls of their school leave.

Just looking at them made him happy; there were so many options.

He raised his head, watching Kiryuu pass by him with two of her friends. Seeing them, Decimo slipped a summoning paper to her, waving at her.

Her friends Murayama and Katase were with her; they were also his next target.

Well, next after whoever was Akeno's client today. The summoning ticket was to call him on the next sleepover. That would make things much more manageable.

Decimo narrowed his eyes, waiting until Akeno came, "You could have waited at the club?!" She wrapped her body around his hand.

Decimo pushed his elbow out, squeezing her breasts with his elbows, "Yeah, there was something I had to do. So? Where are we going?"

Akeno giggled, "We wait for now."

After a few hours of roaming the streets, a magic circle appeared. Akeno and Decimo disappeared on the road. The two of them appeared in the apartment.

It was dark, making Decimo narrow his eyes, looking around. A beautiful woman was sitting on her knees.

Akeno chuckled, "Welcome..." Her clothes changed, and a dominatrix's outfit with a whip appeared in her hand.

The edge of the whip touched the beautiful woman's face. She had a figure of 38-24-36, but what made his cock twitch was the wedding ring she was wearing.

"Meet Olivia, a horny housewife, and mother of two; you like her, don't you?" She spoke at the whip went inside Olivia's purple hair.

"Yeah, I'd love the show." Decimo chuckled, watching Olivia close her eyes in shame.


Decimo listened to the loud moans of the married woman. Olivia's purple eyes were staring at Decimo.

There were magic circles on her nipples and clit, vibrating. Decimo turned his eyes towards Akeno, "So satisfying horny married woman, that's all there is to the job?"

Akeno chuckled, walking in front of Olivia. She glanced down at Olivia, who bent down, licking Akeno's toes, "No way, there is much more to the job."

She raised her legs, putting down on Olivia's face, "Mmm, you see, my duty is not only to her but also to her husband. She wants to be satisfied, while he wants her to be satisfied and watch it. So I am preparing everything for that."

A few magic circles appeared, and tripod camera's appeared that Akeno went and adjusted.

"We will create a video that her husband could watch when he comes home in the morning."

She sat down beside Olivia, "Tell him, Baby..."

Olivia opened her mouth, staring at Decimo with eyes filled with lust, "Yes, Mistress will make good use of my body. I love being played with by the mistress; she treats me like a slut, spanks me, even uses my body roughly, just the way I like it."

Decimo patted her head, but there was a loud snap the next moment, and Olivia moaned involuntarily, "Mistress!!!"

There was another smack on Olivia's ass, making her moan louder, and Decimo watched as Akeno kept smacking her again and again with shining eyes.

Olivia moaned, but her moans got interrupted with an even louder one as Akeno smacked her harder, "See, this woman likes getting smacked. She loves it..."

Akeno squatted down, pushing her fingers inside Olivia's pussy, "It makes her wet."

She waved her hands, and two dildoes appeared in her hand, which she shoved in Olivia's pussy, "Making it easier to fit it inside her."

Olivia's moans became louder and louder as Akeno walked and sat beside Decimo, "See, this is initial preparation."

Akeno snapped her fingers, and the lights turned on, focusing on Olivia, the camera recording her whole body that was being stimulated.

Akeno leaned towards Decimo, kissing his neck with a light blush on his face, "Now this is where you come in..."

Decimo raised his head, "You want me to break her?"

Akeno blinked, licking her lips, "Isn't that what you are best at?"

Decimo put his fingers in Akeno's hair, raising her face; his tongue found its way inside her mouth, "Yeah..."

Akeno groaned, kissing him back before there was a face started rubbing against Decimo's crotch.

He looked down, watching Olivia with a hungry expression on her face. Akeno had a lusty smile as she freed his hard cock from the pants. It hit Olivia's face, making her squeal, "Oh my god! As expected of a devil's cock."

Decimo whispered in Akeno's ear, making her bring a hand cam, focusing on Olivia, "I have decided to start documenting these things. So if you don't mind, I want you to introduce yourself." He smiled.

Olivia widened her eyes, "This video...?"

Decimo narrowed his eyes into a smile, "This one is for me, for my collection. I hope you don't mind? I will name it... Cheating housewife, making a video for her husband? Or something like that."

Olivia bit her lips, "No...I don't mind..." Her face was flushed red after hearing that.

Akeno giggled, "That's great; as a reward, take this." A candle appeared in her hand. Akeno moved, sitting on top of Olivia's ass; the hot wax from the candle fell on Olivia's body.

"Ughhh!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Hot!!!!!!"

Decimo opened the cam, recoding her face, and Akeno took one of the dildoes in her hand, moving it herself, trying to push it deeper into Olivia's pussy.

"Oh, Yeah...I love a married woman's screams!" Akeno licked her fingers. It seemed she would climax just from torturing Olivia.

Olivia couldn't wait anymore; she raised her hands, wrapping themselves around his cock.

But Decimo caressed her cheeks, "Introduction...first."

Olivia's eyes shook, rubbing her face against the cock; she looked at the camera, "Hello, boys and girls! Do you like the naked body that you are watching?! My name is Olivia Grey; my husband is in the nearby room, watching his wife suck on another cock."

"I love cocks; they are my favorites!" She said, sucking on the cock that was in front of her. She gagged when she tried to greedily swallow more than she could.

She pushed the cock deep into her throat, her lips moved down, her tongue wrapped around it.

Decimo raised his eyebrows, "Your husband is here?"

Olivia nodded, "Ahhh!! Yes!! He wanted to watch with his own eyes!"

Akeno glanced towards a room on the right, "You don't mind? Right?"

Decimo's smile became even wider as he stood up, "Not at all..." He pulled Olivia's hair, making her crawl on her hands and knees. He brought her in front of the room that her husband was supposedly in.

Akeno changed the angles at which cameras were recording the film. Decimo raised her body with one hand, whispering, "Put your hands on the door and raise your ass."

Olivia put her hands on the door; she could see a pair of eyes looking at her from the gap.

Suddenly, her mouth opened, her tongue stretched, "Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soo!!!! Big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much!!!!!!!!!!"

She screamed at the top of her voice, "Honey!!! A devil's dick!!! I have a devil's dick in me!!!"

Her breasts moved to and fro with every thrust; her moans seemed to have lost control. Akeno walked over, smacking the whip on her body, "Honey!! A cock other than yours...Ahhh!!! I love it!!! Honey!! Are you watching me!!!"

Akeno put her fingers in her asshole, "I want to fuck this hole."

Decimo rubbed his chin, but his hips didn't stop moving, "I can't think of a position; I want her husband to watch everything."

He pulled her hair, kicking the door; there was a squeal. An average man appeared in front of the three, "Honey!!!" Olivia climaxed the moment her eyes met with her husband.

Decimo raised her body, smiling, seeing the man shiver as his wife's juices fell near him, "See, this is wouldn't be if you covered the view."

Akeno bit her lips, hugging Decimo from behind, "Make up for me...since I have nothing to do..."

Decimo glanced back, kissing her lips, "Later."

In the morning,

Akeno and Decimo sat on the sofa, rehydrating themselves as they watched Olivia. Her holes were dripping from semen, her husband supporting her.

Her face was twisted in pleasure, her lips shivering, "Cock...Cock..." Her lips moved like a broken record.

"Thank you!" Her husband bowed as Akeno and Decimo disappeared from the room.

Decimo smiled, waving his hand, "Have fun..."

When he reappeared, Decimo was in some club room. Sitting on the sofa, he stretched his body, "That was a fun job."

Akeno sat beside him, pouting, "You stole my job..."

She got on her knees, pulling out his cock, "I want you to take responsibility!"

Akeno wanted to suck some cock, but Decimo pulled away, getting dressed, "It's time for classes; there is something important I have to do today." He said with a smile on his face.

"Oh, would you mind if I join you in this something important?"

Decimo shook his head, "No, it's a new business I am starting; I would love a partner." He curled his lips, narrowing his eyes.

Akeno's eyes shined, "You have a lot of ideas in that head of yours."

Decimo smiled, "Yeah, after all, life would be boring without doing anything fun."

He walked out of the club building, stepping into the main campus. While walking through the main door, his eyes fell on the woman that entered with him, "Teach!"

Decimo greeted, watching the woman enter the building. She was wearing a green sweater and a mini-skirt with stockings below it.

Decimo walked over, his hand touching her butt, "You are early."

Chisato slapped away his hand, "You are early, Decimo."

Decimo glanced at her with a scheming smile, "I heard your birthday is coming closer."

Chisato twitched when his eyes fell on her body, "Yes."

Decimo chuckled, patting her back, "I will prepare a nice surprise."

Chisato stood there in shock; her green eyes looked at his back. Her pink lips shivered, wanting to tell him not to do anything like that, but the words didn't come out.

A sense of dread and thrill covered her body when she thought of her birthday in a few days.

It made her wonder what he'd make her go through. Just thinking about what he did last time already made her body shiver and her face flush.

Decimo walked into his classroom, waiting for the end of the day. It didn't take long before three shadows came running to him. A smile appeared on his face after seeing them.

In the evening,

Kiryuu was standing at the center of cameras and lights with a blindfold on her eyes.

Decimo was standing behind her; his breath made her shiver, "Decimo-Sama..."

Decimo touched her butt, "Don't worry, girl - you'll be the first one to star in my new series."

Kiryuu turned her head, even though the blindfold kept her from seeing anything, "What series?"

Decimo smiled, "I have decided to start a company. You know, creating porn movies and all that. You are the first actress that I am launching." Decimo said with a smile on his face.

Kiryuu's face was covered in shame and excitement, "I'll be a porn star!"

Decimo knocked on the wall, "Yes, you'll be my dear porn star. Aika Kiryuu, the porn star with a nice ring to it."

He didn't give Aika a chance to talk, "Today is the first episode, Aika Kiryuu Vs. The Perverted Trio!"

Decimo walked over to Aika, removing her blindfold, "Do you want to watch the three have their way with you...or you'd rather go blind."

Kiryuu breathed heavily; her face was covered in lust, "I... blindfold."

Decimo put over the blindfold, tearing a paper. With a bright light, Akeno appeared in the room.

She raised her eyebrows, wondering what was going to happen. But before she could question, Decimo asked her for help, "Can you help me shift this to the classroom?"

Akeno licked her lips, "Sure!" Teleportation Circle appeared, and Kiryuu, with other equipment, teleported to the classroom.

Decimo and Akeno were also there, but something else surprised Akeno.

Decimo went over, talking chalk; he wrote on the blackboard, "Kiryuu Vs. the Perverted Trio."

Akeno put her hand on her mouth, "Ara-Ara, what are you planning?"

Decimo narrowed his eyes, "I plan on starting Kuoh Porn Company, creating the best and most realistic porn. I will put it on P-Tube and make money off it."

"You can just borrow money from Rias?"

"I just need a hobby, don't worry about it." He said, waiting for the sound of footsteps coming closer.

"Oh, they are here on time." Decimo smiled, glancing towards Akeno, who sat at the back table, behind the cameras.

"We are here!"

Decimo looked over while Aika Kiryuu shivered; there were three voices, Issie, Matsuda, and Motohama.

Decimo switched on the camera with the lights pointing at Kiryuu in a swimsuit, "She's all yours!"

Motorama jumped first, wrapping his hands around Kiryuu's waists, "Yes!! Time to lose my virginity!"

Akeno whispered, "You are staring at three virgins in your first porn movie?"

"For authenticity! Real porn turns on people more than fake porn."

Akeno shrugged, "Maybe. We'll see."

While Motohama was smelling Kiryuu's body, Matsuda appeared behind Kiryuu, rubbing her breasts, "Ahhh...yeah!!" Kiryu moaned, trying to get her body out of their grasp.

But Motohama had his face buried in her pussy. He removed the swimsuit covering her pussy, moving his tongue all over it like a roughly.

Kiryuu raised her leg, "Ohh!!!!"

Decimo focused the camera on Kiryuu's pussy, while Akeno stared at Issei, "Why isn't he participating?"

Decimo glanced over, "Maybe he'd join later? I want to see what they do, naturally."

While he said that, Matsuda had his cock out of his pants, rubbing on Kiryuu's asscheeks; his fingers were pinching her nipples, "Mmm!! A real girl's body feels so different!!"

Motorama stood up, taking out his dick, rubbing against Kiryuu's pussy, "Ohh!! I might just cum from this!!"

Kiryuu wrapped her hands around his neck, climbing her body, "No!! I want to be fucked!! Put it in me, fill my womb with that cum!"

Motorama tried to maintain balance, but his body fell. Kiryuu didn't mind that; she spread her legs, putting the dick inside her. While leaning forward - she spread her ass, "Matsuda, take this one! Decimo-sama made sure all my holes are ready to be fucked."

Matsuda swallowed, "Sure?"

Kiryuu licked her lips, taking deep breaths, "Yeah, I want cocks in me!" She removed the blindfold, staring toward the camera.

Her eyes went towards Decimo, recording her; behind him was Akeno, fingering herself.

Her eyes turned towards Issei as her body started moving on her own. Her two holes were being fucked simultaneously; her moans wouldn't stop coming out.

She held Issei’s body close to her, taking his dick out while he was in a daze; she put it in her mouth.

Her eyes started towards the camera with all her holes filled, keeping eye contact while her body vibrated, "Ahhhh!!!! Too much!!!" She climaxed, but the two boys fucked her boyishly and roughly.

The two gave everything they had without stopping, "Ahhh, this is what a woman's body feels like!!! It's great!!"

Matsuda held her ass, thrusting faster and faster. Because of the medicine he took before, he could last till now, or he would have cummed long ago.

"Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He came inside her, filling her up.

Kiryuu came again, feeling the hot cum inside her, "Damn! Fuck!"

Decimo heard the sound of Akeno fingering herself, recording the whole video, "Wow, that was good." He said when all three of the boys had filled Kiryuu with cum.

Akeno leaned over, "Although you say that, you didn't seem turned on?" She had hoped he would get hard so she could get something to suck on.

Decimo shrugged, "This is pure business, not pleasure."

Decimo edited the video at night, putting it on P-Tube, "Episode 1 - Aika Kiryuu's First Tripple Penetration!"

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