Aug 13, 2021

You decided to have a look at Nomad Community because you are either interested in travelling one day, are travelling full-time already and need advice, or are wanting to know more about who these Nomad people are...

Well, we set up this site in the hopes that it will be able to serve all the above people in the following ways:

  • That it will supply those wanting to start travelling with the correct information they need without having to surf the entire messy internet to find it;

  • that those already travelling will realise that there is a huge community of like-minded people out there ready to encourage and support them;

  • and then to explain to those who do not know what Nomads are, exactly how we live and dream and travel.

It is also a site to support those Nomads that are putting in so much time, and energy into their fantastic sites, to let them know how much we appreciate them and thank them for supplying us with such awesome info!

We are constantly working on the Nomad community site: finding more time to improve it, learning how to structure it better to make it easier to navigate, adding information to it on a daily basis, and hoping that it will eventually become our full-time work (as it includes our number one passion: travelling and learning from the amazing world we encounter).

Unfortunately, to take it to the next level and to be able to focus on it more whole-heartedly, certain equipment and funding are required. That's the reason we set up this Buy Us A Coffee link...

Thank you for your interest, and for supporting this project!

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