I bought Marvel Comics 1st appearance of ...

I bought Marvel Comics 1st appearance of Rogue!

Sep 11, 2022

I'm buying the 1st appearance comics that are must-haves for me. I've wanted to do this for years. First one down, Avengers Annual #10 1st Appearance of Rogue (also Madelyn Pryor 1st App as well)!

This is technically my second 1st appearance comic as I already have Captain Marvel #8, the 1st appearance of Star. I actually might have one or two others, but I'm not positive.

I also want both 1sts of Harley (canon and non-canon), Gambit, Silk, Laura Kinney, Aquaman, & Mera. There are others I want, I'm sure, but those are the must-haves for me!

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