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How to connect 000webhost to a Hostinger ...

How to connect 000webhost to a Hostinger domain

Jul 06, 2023

Today, in this tutorial, we will learn about, how to connect a free web hosting website with a paid domain.

Basically, as I have hosted my website free, on 000webhost, and I registered a domain on hostinger.

So, all you need is:

for web hosting: 000webhost

for domain: Hostinger

Step-1: Kindly go to 000webhost, click on manage website.

Step-2: Click on "tool" option, in the left side.

Step-3: Click on option "set web address."

If you want to buy a domain, you can go with first option.
But here, I have already bought a domain from Hostinger.

STEP-4: Click on connect a domain I already own.

STEP-5: Click on park domain.

STEP-6: Kindly write here the domain name and save it. Your domain will be parked.

STEP-7: Copy these name servers of 000webhost and will paste into Hostinger's DNS.

NAME SERVER to be copied: 



Step-8: Go to domain setting webpage on Hostinger dashboard. 

Step-8: Click on manage.

Step-9: Now replace DNS of Hostinger here by DNS of step-7)

Now, wait for 24 hours to get updated. I hope that you will get to know how to point a domain to a web hosting. 

If still you have any queries regarding this, please watch this tutorial. Thanks.

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