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Monthly Membership is Now Live!

Monthly Membership is Now Live!

Apr 01, 2021

Hello everyone,

I have been posting handpicked domain lists on since April, 2016. Since then, many people have supported my work by purchasing names from my lists and sending donations. A huge thanks to all those who supported me actively or passively and sent me countless suggestions to improve content in my daily lists.

I am now moving forward and starting a paid monthly subscription model where anyone will be able to subscribe to daily lists after getting a monthly membership plan. I will stop posting new daily lists on thread.

There are four membership levels:

  • Bronze - $10

  • Silver - $15

  • Gold - $20

  • Platinum - $25

You can get a monthly membership from my profile page. Once you subscribe to a membership level, you will support my work by sending me money every month. You will be able to cancel membership anytime.

When a new list goes live here on my profile page, a notification will be sent to all subscribers. There will be a minimum of 25 lists every month. All members will have access to daily lists regardless of membership level they subscribe to. So you can pick any tier to get access to posts published here.

Each daily lists will contain two sub-lists: "$11 GoDaddy Closeouts Names" and "Names Available for Hand Registration". First daily list for members is already live and can be accessed from here. If you want to have a look at my previous lists, check out this page.

You have supported me in past and I need your help once again. I am looking forward to your participation and will continue to improve daily lists so that you can get maximum value out of them.

If you have any question regarding daily lists or membership plans, please send me a PM on NamePros or leave a comment on my NamePros thread. After you become a member, you will be able to send me message from this platform itself. It doesn't seem to allow public exchanges of messages yet.

I am sending this post via email to all those who are following me on Buy Me a Coffee platform. Apologies in advance if you find it intrusive, please ignore this message.


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