Time for you

Time for you

Nov 03, 2020

Tibetan Singing Bowls, Guided meditation, tarot readings and the like. What are they? Sure there are many out there who regard this as being new age hippie crap, but it isn't. It is a viable means of recovery using cognitive and behavioural methods and contemplative methods for the purposes of assisting in a very real recovery from trauma, anger issues, stress and a wide variety of problems that beset us. Sure, we all need help from the doctors for physical and psychiatric issues from time to time, but that doesn't mean to say that we shouldn't take responsibility over our well being and thus to care for our long term prosperity as we work on ourselves.

There are specialists in the world who are there to help us and we should never be ashamed to get help for whatever the problem is. I have in my life seen councillors and therapists of a wide variety of types and numerous healers and I still see them.

Most recently, I have been struggling with my mood and have been getting help for that, but there is a limit to what they can do. The rest has to be up to me. And it has to be up to you too.

Sure there are many free ways to get help, but you have to learn how ot use them and in what ways. I enjoy listening to relaxing sounds of nature during my day, Tibetan Singing bowls are my latest fad. Did you know that the bowls are sometimes tuned to specific chakras? You can find the recordings on YouTube for free.

I have started using a mindfulness meditation app on my phone in the mornings and meditative binaural beats on my phone with my headphones in while chilling out to some TV at the end of the day.

We all want to make the world a better place, but we often forget to turn that attention inward to our body's and minds and instead we try and regulate everyone else.

Instead, let us work on what we have. Our own body. Body scan mediations, whereby the body becomes the source of our focus and holding our attention on the different body parts, hands, feet, legs, arms, then the pelvic area, the trunk of the body, the chest and then the neck and head. Its a process whereby we control through relaxed meditation or prayer, loving concentration on what we are.

Also working with breath control. The state of mind is similar to prayer. And it is a method to take care of a part of creation that is us. Do you forget that you are part of creation? In your body life you might do!

Advertising makes us intensely excited about products we don't need, TV is full of too much drama, the news makes us scared of things that don't affect us. (and even the local BBC news suggested that to manage stress we need to reduce our news exposure!).

Our entire society is driven by inflammation. And don't get me started about the sugar in take-out coffee or our fast food!

It is not selfish to take care of yourself. It is an investment in how we treat others. Jesus told us to take care of others the way that we take care of ourselves and to treat others the way that we treat ourselves. So if you aren't treating others well, maybe that is a reflection on the way that you are treating YOU!

Sure, you have to find a method that suits YOU. The right form of expression to help you to relax and unwind.

Meditation recordings and even ASMR recordings are regarded as a low risk method. Singing in Church is another (after all, Hymns are a form of new age music from a different time and in a different way). But stretch out your perspective. Look broader. God has given us different methods from all across the world. Mindfulness strengthened with fragrant incenses from the east, prayer with Chinese symbols, those tuned singing bowls. Crystals that remind us where we come from and speak to us about different energetic things.

Remember, this is all about recovery and healing of the mind.

Take time.

Take time for you.

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