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Ui Design: Last Minute Cottage Deals

Ui Design: Last Minute Cottage Deals

Dec 11, 2021

A short while ago I had the opportunity to design a cottage rental website. This particular client gave me the freedom to design as I felt fit best, and the ability to do the branding as well.


Design a website intended for cottage owners to list last minute rentals available due to cancellations or vacancies.

The users pay for their accounts at a subscription rate, and can upload as many listings as they like. The cottage owners can sponsor their listings for an additional cost, which would give them a priority listing on the page.

General items available for listings would be the gallery, details, price and what is included. Once the rental is spoken for, the owner is connected with the renter and able to finalize the booking.


This site was built in roughly 3-4 weeks. The timeline was then extended due to a change in scope which ultimately ended up meaning re-writing a majority of the functionality. 

The CMS that was used is Joomla, which was really a first for us (Niteowl Creative) and that was a great learning opportunity. Yes 

Where now?:

Currently at the point of writing this, the client is reworking their business. The site was taken down at the start of Covid due to restrictions based on closures dictated by health professionals.

You can expect this to be back up and running early 2022, and with a greatly refreshed outlook.

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