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Help Consignia unlock my 1,100-word revi ...

Help Consignia unlock my 1,100-word review of The Flatterers

Sep 28, 2022

Consignia did a show at the Edinburgh Fringe, entitled The Flatterers.

I reviewed it.

It may be found here: NICK AWDE’S REVIEW

There are four levels to unlock the review. Two in Japanese, two in English.

I have already unlocked the first: nine minutes of audio in Japanese.

I have a VIRTUAL BUCKET and as it fills up to at least £120, level by level the review will be unlocked as it hits £40 targets. Since I'm an unpaid desperate critic, I may go for less, who knows.

Is it art? Extortion? Or the UK economy in a nutshell?

Whatever it is, if no money, then the levels get deleted one by one... forever.

Pic by @frogmorris

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