First public app released - Zuzmó App

First public app released - Zuzmó App

Jul 23, 2022

After a few weeks of work and several more minor struggles, I have managed to build a complete "blog-like" app for a small team of teachers in Hungary. They help parents improve their kids' skills and help early (pre-school) education. These activities are always created as .pdf files. So the app contains user management and posts listing and search functions. Also includes selecting favorite posts for later easy access.

As this is the initial launch, there are still lots of work to do with the bug checks and similar activities; However, so far no major issues were found.

Find a few screens of the app here:

Figure 1. Dashboard and single activity details view

Figure 2. Login and user pages

As it is with this type of app a CMS (Content Management System) is also required. I have built a custom CMS for this team as well. The complete ecosystem is based on the Firebase backend.

The Team was thrilled and welcomed this addition to their portfolio, as before this they were simply posting their activities on Social Media, now they have a way to funnel their users and have some sort of marketing for them. Already they are motivated in future functions like these:

  • Email and push notifications

  • Premium activities for a subscription

  • Options to allow share or printing the pdf-s from within the app.

Finally, as they have a website as well (developed by me), they requested to create a clone of this app in a web app format so that we can embed that into their website. I can't wait to work on that.

Cheers :D

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