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Returning the Empties

Returning the Empties

Jul 22, 2023

Saturday morning and Liz & Teresa are returning their crate of empty moonshine jars for a refill, the moonshiners having set up a temporary shop and store in the little used goods shed at Catcott. Note Liz & Teresa’s tatty old heap of a car, the various shades of primer, rust and faded paintwork help it to blend into the dry summer landscape when they’re on nefarious exploits. They have different coloured cars for different seasons of the year by the way.

PC Rob Banks has been waiting for them in the corrugated iron loo and has popped out to flex the long arm of the law. Though we must remember that he’s only around an inch high, so it’s actually quite a short arm. It’s also made of plastic, so flexing isn’t really a thing either.

In retaliation, Liz knows his superintendent well, her husband being in the same Masonic lodge as the superintendent, and politely reminds him that he’s not wearing his police jacket. Poor Rob is already under warning for not dressing properly when on duty…..

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