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Just Imagine

Just Imagine

Oct 21, 2022

September 1994, and a somewhat more mature Terry Tuttle-Thomas-Smythe and Ivan Locksmith are heading for Highbridge. They no longer drive due to them both losing their licenses due to constant excessive speeding. ‘Oh my gawd’ Oliver, having finally passed his driving test at the age of 56 after 27 fails thought he’d never see the day that Terry and Ivan take the train.

Put your rose tinted glasses on, and just imagine if the Somerset & Dorset line across the Somerset Levels never closed? With Glastonbury Festival being open 51 weeks of the year as a permanent music festival, a sort of ‘Butlins’ for musos, hippies, eco types, vegetable fanatics and Guardian readers. It of course now has its own railway station, that opening in the late 1970s due to demand and the fact that Glastonbury town is nowhere near the festival site

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