Review: Heart-On by Bella Jewel

Review: Heart-On by Bella Jewel

Apr 29, 2021

Heart-On by Bella Jewel is an MC romantic comedy. It's the second book from the Turf Wars series.

This one is about Ramona, Eve's best friend, and Adan a member of the biker club. Ramona has recently finished nursing school and her

first job was Adan. He had burned his hands during the fire in the garage and he needed a nurse to help him out during his recovery. When

they had first met there was an attraction between them but that seemed to change while they were living together. They pissed off each

other daily. Ramona, during one of their stupid arguments, struck a deal with him. If she gave him a boner in two weeks he would be nice to her if not she had to "relief his pain". Both were determined to win but Ramona was willing to play dirty. Her plan backfired and

accidentally gave her heart to him. Would the playboy be able to love her back?

After reading the first book of this series I was anxiously waiting for this one. This series doesn't disappoint, it was as incredible as

the Biker Schmiker. This one wasn't as hilarious as the previous one, although it had its funny moments. It was more deep and emotional.

The plot is great and has a different pattern, which is good for a series, I don't like when there is repetition. Their fights and her

sexy antics were my favorite parts. I couldn't recall much about Adan from the first book but Ramona was as feisty and devious as i

remembered. Still, the one character that will stand out during this series is Doris.

Heart-On is a must-read. Hurry on and buy it you won't regret it. I will rate it with 5 stars.

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