Introducing Membership - Untold Life Eve ...

Introducing Membership - Untold Life Events and Advice

Aug 15, 2020

Hello Everyone

I am pleased to announce the membership program as an open book to read about my life. I picked this membership option to restrict only for my supporters to explore more about me and seeking my relationship advice. I would talk about a variety of relationship facts, factors and problems which I encountered starting from being into the first-time relationship to first sight love and managing the relationship with my partner after the marriage.

I follow a firm belief of fighting with a problem, not just to escape and look for other possibilities. Sometimes alternative also works but when? I will discuss this part as well only to my supporters.

I would like to reveal some of the important moments of my life being in a relationship. It is just a start. The list goes on.

New posts will be available on Monday and Thursday every week directly in your inbox.

  • What was my first impression about my partner? (Available Now)

  • How did the relationship start? (Available Now)

  • What did I like or love about my partner? (20-Aug-20)

  • Do I still like what I loved about my partner and why? (24-Aug-20)

  • Am I happy with the intimacy I share? (27-Aug-20)

  • Do I feel the same the way I felt for my partner at the beginning of the relationship? (Coming soon)

  • Am I positively affecting each other’s life? (Coming soon)

  • Have I started to do something because of each other’s influence? (Coming Soon)

  • How often do I laugh together?

  • When was the last time I dreamt about my partner?

  • Do I like spending time with my partner’s friends and family?

  • How often do I talk on the phone with my partner?

  • How often do I think of my partner?

  • Do I smile when I relate something from my daily life with my partner?

  • Can I recall the most romantic moment with my partner?

  • Do I get each other’s feeling without the need to say anything?

  • What was the best moment in my relationship so far? (Am I smiling while recalling that moment?)

  • How do I show my love for each other?

  • When was the last time I said “I love you” to my partner?

  • Have I ever changed anything for my partner?

  • How much I understand my partner?

  • Have I not let your partner do something just because I feel jealous or angry?

  • How do I feel when others find my partner attractive?

  • Do I feel jealous, if my partner hangs out with a friend of the opposite sex?

  • How serious are we taking this relationship?

  • Do I bring up arguments very often, and why?

  • Do I make sacrifices for my relationship?

  • Have I ever apologized for what I’ve done wrong to my partner?

I am looking forward to engaging with you.

With Love,
-Naya Jones

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