I Figured out Why My Husband Cheated Me

I Figured out Why My Husband Cheated Me

Jul 28, 2020

His answer was simply amazing. He replied to me with elegance. He explained-

When I saw you for the first time, it was your beauty that attracted me to start the first conversation. When I met you, I liked your sense of humor, the maturity of handling life. It excited me to know more about you. Similarly, you involved in the conversation.

You are waiting for the office to get over so that you can see me, talk to me. It was the initial spark of love which was inside us but never expressed. We were taking our time to know each other.

Our feelings were aligned to us; it was not a coincidence; it was us, changed our understanding to match with our likings and dislikings. Our friends involved in our lives and the way we represent our relationship in front of them always made a couple like made for each other.

We dated and roamed many places together. You arranged many surprises during travel, which made me feel special. Similarly, I did. We planned vacations sometimes short and sometimes long. It was just you and me.

If you remember, a few times, we didn’t go out of our hotel room and embrace each other. The love was at its highest level. You tried to understand my feelings when the time was not in my favor.

You made me understand how to handle the situation. Now we are married, we still love each other. We are in an official relationship, but we are now seeing each other for a long time: the same behavior but a bit fewer feelings. We are busy in our life; I am more occupied in my daily routines. Similarly, you are busy with your work.

Our vacations are feeling like a family trip. We are busy sightseeing over spending time with each other.

Over the period, the spark is getting fade. A human will start looking for the same love outside the home.

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