How Did I Catch My Friend Checking Out M ...

How Did I Catch My Friend Checking Out My Husband?

Aug 12, 2020

My husband and I attended my best friend's gender-reveal party at a resort. I was jazzed up about joining my old friends after such a long time. A few of my friends were meeting my husband for the first time.

Lara was one of them. The moment she greeted my husband, I rolled my eyes at her lustrous gestures. She had an attractive figure and glamour to impress anyone easily. She was the show stopper of the party. Gentlemen were staring at the beauty without a wink.

Everyone was enjoying the party. I was busy with the hosts. My husband went to use the washroom, which was located next to the lounge. Lara had also followed the way, holding a glass of wine. It didn't sound right to me. I made a fake call and walked towards her to capture the scene.

Lara was flitting around the lounge, waiting for my husband to come out. The glossy smile on her face was an invitation to my husband to spend a moment with her attraction. Being a gentleman, my husband greeted her well and participated in the conversation.

My presence made Lara uncomfortable. She was like a deadhead. I asked my husband to join me for the dance.

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