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Micro-Season: "The Grasshopper Sings"

Micro-Season: "The Grasshopper Sings"

Oct 21, 2022

on a branch

floating downriver

a cricket, singing.

(translated by Jane Hirshfield)

We have entered the micro-season of “The Grasshopper Sings”.  This is the second micro-season of the mini-season of Cold Dew.  The micro-seasons within Cold Dew are:

  • The Geese Arrive (Oct 08 - Oct 12)

  • The Chrysanthemum Flowers (Oct 13 - Oct 17)

  • The Grasshopper Sings (Oct 18 - Oct 22)

In our recent blog post, we explored this micro-season by learning about grasshoppers and stridulation. Then we read seasonal haiku by Basho, Issa, and Buson.

You can read the full post here.  

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