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Meet my baby ☺️

Meet my baby ☺️

May 10, 2023

My good friends! My dear! 😍

We are fine thanks to you! 🙏

This winter was very difficult. We suffered, but survived it. It was cold, dark, scary, hungry... 😩 And that's over! Your help means a lot to me and my children! 🥰

Look what a baby was born to me two months ago!))🤩 He is strong and healthy and we like to walk on spring days under the warm sun.☀️ There are a lot of flowers in my yard right now and they heal my soul.🌷🥰

Zakhar is the name I chose for my son. 🥳 We send you hugs and smiles! Thank you for your help, support and prayers❤️🫶🙏

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